Countdown to Breaking Dawn: Which Twilight Star Has Breakout Potential

BooBoo-as-Seth-218x300Laura’s latest column is up at This week she looks at which stars have breakout potential. Check out and see if your favorites matched up.

“The first three movies certainly shot Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson into the stratosphere, and Taylor Lautner joined them once his role increased starting with The Twilight Saga: New Moon. So does The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 have the potential to showcase anyone? Consider the first part of the novel Breaking Dawn. Two characters leap to the forefront as major players: Seth and Leah Clearwater. Seth has that endearing, boy-next-door quality, and Leah is every fan’s favorite, female bad-ass. Assuming page time equals proportionate screen time, Booboo Stewart as Seth and Julia Jones as Leah have the potential to get to that next level…

On the other hand there are other actors who are Twilight Saga connected from the previous films whose careers are really starting to take off. Rather than just go with what my ideas were, I decided to put out a call on Twitter and ask some of my fellow fans and fan site operators from around the globe what their thoughts were. Overwhelmingly, it came down to three people: Anna Kendrick, Jamie Campbell-Bower, and Kellan Lutz.”

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  1. Jamie campbell-bower will probably breakout and become more popular

  2. rhiannon says

    this may not be a popular opinion but i never saw leah as a bad ass, just a raging bitch!

  3. I think Anna Kendrick is going to go on to be the best actress, personally, and I have this feeling Kristen is going to slip back into indie movies, but she’ll have a solid career for a long time. Rob will also probably have a solid career, with some A-list movies and then some ones with smaller studios. And obviously, Dakota Fanning has never needed any help – she was a star before Twilight, and she’ll be a star long after. Taylor strikes me as the kind of guy who will end up going into action movies and rom-coms and become a low-profile actor again, albeit one people have heard of.

    I don’t know about the rest of the cast. It seems like now is the pivotal point in their careers to choose some really good movies if they want to rocket to the top and stay there. Either way, I hope the best for all of them.

  4. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I agree that Anna Kendrick is and will be the best actress of the group. She was AMAZING in Up in the Air and can definitely hold her own with any great actor. I’m not so sure who will break out next. I think it really does depend on how much screen time Booboo Stewart and Julia Jones get in BD1. And, I do fear that Taylor Lautner is going to suffer decline. I REALLY hope I’m wrong because I think he is a good actor, but he needs things besides just action flicks.

  5. kristen is the best actress..and she will go on to be such a big star and eventually win an oscar