Chapter Seven – Repetition

Chapter Number: Seven

Chapter Name
: Repetition

Page Numbers: 159-180

Date of Chapter: January 19 – 25

Summary: Bella wants to see if the Cullen house is as empty as she feels and it is. The feelings of loneliness and being forgotten bear down upon her so she drives out to see Jacob to try and push those feelings away. Motorcycles are discussed and a schedule is set up for homework so they don’t fall too far behind.

A few days after gracefully turning a date with Mike into a friendly movie night the following week, she hears from Jacob that the bikes are ready. While driving out to their practice spot, she sees cliff divers and learns that they are Sam Uley and his “followers”. Jacob tells her his fears about his friends being recruited into some type of harmful group and is upset that he doesn’t understand what is going on with them.  He wonders why Sam seems to be fixated on him all of a sudden and why his old friends are now ignoring him.

After a friendly hug on Bella’s part, they drop the subject. With one comment about her pale skin, she remembers why she wanted to ride the bikes in the first place.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Mike Newton, Charlie Swan

Characters Mentioned: Edward Cullen, Billy Black, Sam Uley, Embry Call, Quil Ateara, Jared , Paul, Harry Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Renee Dwyer

Places Visited: The Cullen’s home, Newton’s Outfitters, Charlie’s house, Jacob’s home, La Push

Memorable Quotes:
But, wouldn’t it be worse if there were no change? If the couches sat just as I’d last seen them, the paintings on the walls—worse still, the piano on it’s low platform? It would be second only to the house disappearing all together, to see that there was no physical possession that tied them in anyway. That everything remained, untouched and forgotten, behind them. Just like me.
~ Bella pondering the empty Cullen house.

“Here’s to responsibilty,” he toasted.  “Twice a week!”
~ Jacob to Bella

"And recklessness every day in between."
~ Bella responding to Jacob.

"Sometimes you’re a little strange, Bella.  Do you know that?"
~ Jacob on Bella’s desire to go cliff diving.

Important Information learned:
Jacob hints heavily to Bella that he really likes spending time with her and in more than just a friendly way.

We learn about the history of the La Push gang and that Jacob doesn’t approve of it.

The LaPush gang has begun treating Jacob like he’s something very special, and that creeps Jacob out.

Jacob is Bella’s distraction from Edward.

Chapter Prepared By: Jazzygeorgie