Chapter Eleven – Cult

Chapter Number: Eleven

Chapter Name: Cult

Page Numbers: 252-277

Date of Chapter: March 5th – March 10th 2006

Summary:  After learning that Laurent and Victoria are hunting her, Bella is shocked to find herself alive each morning. She’s also worried that in the course of hunting her, Charlie could be hurt or killed. Charlie himself is worried at how jumpy Bella has become and believes it to be because of Jacob’s prolonged absence.

Bella hopes that Jacob would call her to give her news about Embry but he doesn’t communicate with her. Instead, on Tuesday, she calls him but no one answers. The next day she calls every half hour until eleven at night but, again, no one answers. On Wednesday, she sits in her car for an hour debating whether to go to La Push but is afraid to do so. She believes that by doing so she would lead Victoria or Laurent (whom she supposes has already joined up with Victoria again) to Jacob and she cannot allow herself to bring him into danger.

Wednesday night, Charlie again calls Harry Clearwater to ask him if the Blacks were “out of town”. Harry told him they were not.  Friday afternoon, Bella realizes that Jacob must have fallen into Sam Uley’s group. Bella decides to call Charlie in case the police need to get involved. However, Charlie tells her that Sam Uley is “a great kid” and that if Billy isn’t concerned, she should not be worried either. He also mentions that two tourists had gone missing because of wolves, leading Bella to believe that Laurent outran the wolves but did not fight them.

Bella next calls Billy and finds out that Jacob is with Embry. She drives to La Push, determined to wait outside his house the entire day in order to talk to Jacob. When she enters La Push, she sees Quil—who looks bigger than before—walking alone along the street. She pulls up and offers him a ride. She asks him about Jacob and Quil tells her that he is a part of Sam’s. He also confesses his worries about Jacob and his fear that he may be next.

Bella drops him off at his house and returns to the Black’s to wait for Jacob. She doesn’t have long to wait before there is a sharp rap at the glass and Jacob questions her as to why she is in La Push. Bella is shocked at how different Jacob is; his hair is cropped short, he’s bigger than before and his expression is no longer warm but closed and resentful. Behind him, she sees Sam with the rest of his group and Bella is overcome with an urge to hit Sam. She controls herself and tells Jacob she wants to talk with him alone. Jacob turns to Sam who nods his head and says something in the Quileute language before leaving with the others in tow.

Bella gets out of the car and they walk to a fringe of trees. Jacob tells her that Sam isn’t who he had believed and that Sam was helping him. Bella blames Sam for Jacob’s change but Jacob blames the Cullens. When Bella asks him why, he hisses, “For existing”. This prompts Edward’s voice to warn her against making Jacob angry and tell her to try and calm Jacob down. Jacob turns to walk away and Bella screams after him that Quil is worried he’s next. Jacob looks hurt but continues walking away telling Bella that he can’t be her friend anymore and runs to his house. Bella is terribly hurt and waits for him but only Billy comes out to tell her that he told Charlie she was on her way home.

When she gets to her house, Charlie is waiting for her. He’s horrified when he sees her face, blank like when she was in her zombie-stage. Bella says that Sam told Jacob he could not be her friend anymore. While she showers, Charlie calls Billy who blames Bella for leading Jacob on. Charlie quickly defends Bella and warns him that he’ll be watching Sam and his gang.

Bella falls asleep and dreams of the new Jacob walking alongside her. As she watches, his features change until he becomes Edward. When she reaches out to touch him, Edward vanishes.   She wakes up suddenly to a strange sound at her window, one of fingernails scratching glass.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Billy Black, Charlie Swan, Quil Ateara, Sam Uley

Character Mentioned: Edward Cullen, Victoria, Laurent, Harry Clearwater

Places Visited:  La Push

Memorable Quotes:
“Jacob didn’t want to be a part of this…cult. …I don’t want to be next.” 
~ Quil to Bella,

“Are you…breaking up with me?”
~ Bella to Jacob

“I’m sorry that I couldn’t…before…I wish I could change how I feel about you, Jacob. Maybe…maybe I would change. Maybe, if you gave me some time…just don’t quit on me now, Jake. I can’t take it.”
~ Bella to Jacob

Important Information learned: 
The attacks on humans continue.

Jacob is a part of Sam’s group.

Bella wishes she could love Jacob but can’t stop loving Edward.

Jacob cannot be friends with Bella anymore for a reason he won’t share wit Bella.

Chapter Prepared By:  Alcyone