Chapter Twenty Seven- Travel Plans

Chapter Number: 27

Chapter Name: Travel Plans

Page Numbers: 525-539

Date of Chapter: Oct.-Nov. summary of events ending on Dec. 11, 2006

The first half of this chapter begins with Bella reflecting on her first three months as a vampire. She is elated and had not anticipated several things: Quil and Embry are joining Jake’s pack, Sam and Emily being cordial, Sue and Leah Clearwater accepting her change and hanging around the Cullen residence even though they don’t feel comfortable, and the tension between the vampires and werewolves decreasing due to their mutual love for Renesmee. Bella has also become closer to Jasper too, which she was at first annoyed with because he constantly hovered over her. Edward reassures Bella that everyone in the family knows she can control her thirst and Jasper gravitates toward her because she is so happy.

Along with being happy, Bella is also very scared and concerned, especially when she notes Renesmee’s alarming progress. At one week old, her daughter said her first word and sentence. Fewer than three weeks, she could walk. At three months old, Renesmee could pass for a big one year old or even a small two year-old. At this stage, she can speak perfectly, run, dance, and even read. In order to make sense of Renesmee’s development, Edward and Carlisle are researching everything can they find about the Ticunas and the legend about children like Renesmee. Edward, Carlisle, and Bella believe that a trip to Brazil is important; but before making travel plans there, Bella is reminded about the Volturi when she receives an extravagant necklace and congratulatory note from Aros. She knows that she must face the Volturi and prove that she has been changed into a vampire. Bella declares that she will go to Volterra by herself, but Edward adamantly refuses and slowly gives in when Carlisle suggests accompanying Bella. All three of them refer to Alice to see if there is any trouble with this arrangement, but Alice doesn’t foresee anything except a new trend in the stock market, a possible visitation by Irina, a snowstorm, and a phone call from Renée.

The second half of this chapter takes place in the forest around the Cullen residence. Bella, Jacob, and Renesmee are on the hunt together. Although Renesmee can eat human food, she doesn’t like it and only likes it a little better than animal blood. While Renesmee plays in the forest, Jacob tells Bella that he also wants to come along on the Brazil trip. Bella also feels that Jacob should join her, Edward, and Carlisle. Bella doesn’t get to vocalize this to Jacob because he has already challenged Renesmee to a hunting contest and turned into a wolf. Bella notes that Jacob is the only one who can get to Renesmee feed on animal blood because he makes hunting like a game for them.

Meanwhile, Bella spots a figure in the forest, who turns out to be Irina. Bella assumes that Irina has seen Jacob (in wolf form) and Renesmee feeding on their kill. Bella tries to approach Irina, but Irina growls at Bella and disappears. Within in minutes, Bella calls Edward on her cell phone and reports the incident. Shortly, Edward and Carlisle appear in the forest. They will try to find Irina in the forest and talk to her. The chapter ends with Bella, who is carrying her daughter, running beside Jacob, Seth, and Leah in wolf forms back to the Cullen residence where Renesmee will be safe and will resort to feed on donated blood.

Characters Involved: Bella Cullen, Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Renesmee Cullen, Jacob Black, Irina

Characters Mentioned: Charlie Swan, Rosalie Cullen, Alice Cullen, Jasper Cullen, Emmett Cullen, Sue Clearwater, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Embry, Quil, Sam, Emily, Aro, Jane, Alec, Caius, and Renée Dwyer.

Places Visited: Edward and Bella’s house, Cullen Residence, and the forest around the Cullen Residence

Memorable Quotes:

“Momma” –Renesmee’s first word , pg. 527

“I so look forward to seeing the new Mrs. Cullen in person” – Aro’s note to Bella, pg. 531

“They won’t hurt me…They have no reason to. I’m a vampire. Case closed.”
“No. Absolutely no.”
“Edward, it’s the only way to protect her” –Bella and Edward’s exchange about the Volturi, pg. 532.

I saw Irina, and she saw me, but then she saw Jacob and got mad and ran away, I think. She hasn’t shown up here- yet anyway- but she looked pretty upset so maybe she will. If she doesn’t, you and Carlisle have to go after her and talk to her. I feel so bad.” – Bella to Edward, pg. 538

Important information learned:

Leah is Jacob’s second in command in his pack.

Quil and Embry have no joined Jacob’s pack.

The tension between the vampire and the packs has decreased due to their love for Renesmee.

Renesmee is developing at a rapid rate and there is no information found yet on her condition.

The Volturi wants evidence that Bella has indeed been changed into a vampire.

Travel plans to Brazil and Volterra are in the works.

Irina has made an appearance and has possibly seen Jacob, in wolf form, and Renesmee.

Chapter prepared by: CullenGirl