Chapter Fourteen – Family

Chapter Number: Fourteen

Chapter Name: Family

Page Numbers: 323-341

Date of Chapter: March 11th 2006

Summary: Bella hides behind Jacob while they wait for the pack to meet them at the place where Jacob first taught Bella to ride her motorcycle.  When they looked toward the trees four large half-naked boys walk out; Bella thinks of them as quadruplets as they walk in sync with each other, have similar musculature, skin tone, and hairstyle – short cropped black hair.

As soon as the pack sees Bella they all became furious in the same moment.  Sam, the oldest and biggest ,is angry with Jacob for sharing the secret with Bella, but it’s Paul that acts on his anger.  Jacob tries to tell the pack that Bella can help them, but before he can explain any further, a shouting match erupts between Jacob and Paul, which eventually turns into a physical fight.

Paul morphs into an extremely large dark silver wolf and Jacob runs headlong into him morphing on the fly into a large russet wolf.   The “Jacob-wolf” is able to push the “Paul-wolf” into the forest away from Bella.  Sam orders Embry and Jared to take Bella to Emily’s house while he supervises the fighting wolves.

After Embry and Jared bet on who would win the fight between Jacob and Paul, Embry takes the driver seat of Bella’s truck, while Bella tries not to be sick, and they head to Sam’s fiancée’s house.  Jared warns Bella not to stare at Emily without any further explanation.

They arrive at Emily’s house and find her putting muffins on a paper plate.  When she turns to look at them Bella understands Jared’s warning.  Emily is beautiful with “satiny copper skin” and long black hair, but three thick red scars mar the right side of her face.  

Sam, Jacob and Paul finally return and the first thing Sam does is make his way over to Emily and kiss her lovingly, something Bella finds harder to watch than a romantic movie because of the intensity and sincerity of their feelings.

Once the group is settled in Emily’s kitchen and eating the breakfast she prepared, Jacob explains that the “redhead” is after Bella, her mission – avenge the death of her mate.   He explains to them that the “black-haired leech”, Laurent, was not her mate, and that her mate was actually killed by the Cullens.

The entire room is shocked to learn that a vampire is after a simple girl and Jared suggests using Bella as bait, to which Jacob responds by throwing a can opener at his head.   Sam suggests a strategy where by they will split up hopefully creating an opportunity to surround her.  Bella notices the look on Emily’s face at the thought that Sam has divided the boys up in a way that he will be in the smaller group – consisting of Jacob and himself.

Embry mentions that Quil is very close to becoming like one of them and at that the room becomes somber – none of them wish the their own fate, on their friend.

Jacob wants Bella to stay in La Push as much as possible, while Billy and Harry keep Charlie busy with “March Madness”, which Bella agrees to.  

Bella spends the rest of the day in La Push and later in the evening Charlie joins her for dinner at the Blacks’.   After dinner Charlie and Bella head home in their own vehicles and once home Charlie questions Bella about the fight she had had with Jacob and the gang she was so concerned about.   She brushes it off as the mystery of teenaged boys.

Bella lies in bed wondering if Edward had been the one killing hikers in the forest – if that would have kept her away from him. She surmises that even that wouldn’t have kept her away, as love was irrational in her eyes.   She falls asleep and dreams that she is in the forest again, only this time she is holding Emily’s scarred hand and together they “face the shadows and wait for their werewolves to come home”.

Characters Involved: Jacob Black, Bella Swan, Sam Uley, Paul, Embry Call, Jared, Emily, Charlie Swan

Character Mentioned: Laurent, The Cullens, Quil Ateara, Billy Black, and Harry Clearwater

Places Visited:  Road where Bella learned to ride her motorcycle, Emily’s Home, Jacob’s Home, Bella’s Home

Memorable Quotes:
““This one survived,” Embry said, holding up a white sneaker. “Jake can hop,” he added with a laugh.”  
~Embry to Paul about Jacob’s shredded clothing

“Well, the wolf’s out of the bag now.”
~Embry to Jared and Bella

“So you’re the vampire girl.”
~Emily to Bella upon meeting her for the first time

“Yes. Are you the wolf girl?”
~Bella’s reply to Emily

“Save some for your brothers”
~Emily says to Embry after he shoves his third muffin into his mouth whole.

“Wolf thing”
~Jacob to Bella regarding the quick healing abilities of werewolves, more specifically Paul after their fight in the woods.

“You’re silly.  Hunting vampires is fun.  It’s the best part of this whole mess.”  
~Jacob to Bella before she leaves his home after dinner.

“If I’m silly, then you’re dangerously unbalanced.”
~Bella to Jacob in response to the quote above.

Important Information learned:  
Billy can’t afford any more new shoes for Jacob.

Jacob phases on the fly and attacks Paul in a half second and Embry deems that a gift.

Emily is Sam’s fiancée.

Emily’s face was scarred by Sam who got angry one day and phased when she happened to be too close.

The treaty can be broken by either the werewolves attacking one of the Cullens off their land (La Push) or the Cullens biting a human.

The pack was more of a family than anything else – the wolves are like brothers, and they are very “at home” in Emily’s house.

Werewolves heal very quickly.

Chapter Prepared By:  ECABS