Chapter Twenty Three- Memories

Chapter Number: 23

Chapter Name: Memories

Page Numbers: 452 – 470

Date of Chapter:
September 13, 2006

Summary: After  Edward apologizes to Seth we come to find out that Bella attacked Jacob, who didn’t try to defend himself, but Seth jumped in front of him to protect him.  Bella broke Seth’s collarbone and shoulder, but as Carlisle patches him up, he assures her that he’ll be fine in no time.  Bella is frustrated because they won’t allow her to apologize and continually tell her that she is doing far better than anyone would have ever expected.

While Seth is mended, Edward and Carlisle fill Bella in on what she missed while she was “burning.”  It seems that the pack has a rule that no wolf may cause harm to another wolf’s imprint.  Which means Jacob’s imprinting of Renesmee has effectively resolved the issue between the packs and since Jacob, as the “rightful Alpha” allowed Bella’s transformation; the treaty was still intact although the feelings between them may not be as amicable as they were before.  Another interesting development is that the Alpha between two packs can communicate in wolf form.  Not only can they communicate over long distances, they only communicate only those thoughts they wish to share.  As much as Bella is grateful to Jacob, she still wants to be angry with him over the issue of Renesmee.

As this issue is resolved, Bella’s mind goes to another issue: Charlie.  It seems Charlie has been keeping in contact with the Cullens quite frequently trying to ascertain Bella’s condition.  The Cullens feel that the best thing to do is to let Charlie think Bella has died and move away for a while.  However, Bella is not comfortable with this, she hopes with her control that maybe they would just leave for a year, long enough for her eyes to change and then she might reunite with Charlie.  She really doesn’t want to leave Forks.  Bella remembers, barely, when Edward left her, how she wished that Jacob could be her brother so they could love each other with out pain or confusion and wondering who would Jacob end up with, knowing she wouldn’t be good enough.  It is then that Bella wonders how long could Jacob go without being near Renesmee.  Are the other wolves able to be without their imprints for day?

Bella is then interrupted from her thoughts when Rosalie and Jacob enter the living room with Renesmee.  It seems at a precise time, four times a day; Renesmee is measured to track how quickly she is growing.  Bella then realizes and fears that Renesmee’s growth may not be as good and wonderful as it seems.  However, Jacob says that the growth is beginning to slow and Carlisle confirms it, even though it is a minute reduction.  Even Bella is able to discern the very small physical changes Renesmee has undergone since seeing her an hour ago.  Renesmee seems to put up with these measurements but doesn’t really enjoy it.  However, when it is over, she desperately wants to see Bella, a feeling she conveys to Rosalie.

After a discussion of Bella worrying even though she feels in control, Edward and Jasper reassure her that she’ll be okay.  Rosalie hands Renesmee over to Bella and as she reaches to take her, Renesmee smiles brilliantly.  She immediately places her hand on Bella’s face.  Even though Bella knew what to expect, she lets out a gasp of wonder as Renesmee catches her up on the day; everything she has seen, including Bella’s attack on Jacob.  Bella isn’t thrilled at the feeling of possession that Renesmee feels toward Jacob, but Edward (who is “listening” on Renesmee’s thoughts) assures Bella it is partially because Jacob tastes the best out of everyone there.

As Renesmee remembers drinking blood from a cup, Edward takes Renesmee away from Bella and Jasper immediately holds Bella back.  Bella, worried, asks what it is she did wrong.  It seems that Edward over reacted, thinking as Renesmee remembers the taste and scent of blood, that Bella may loose control.  However, much to Edward’s surprise, Bella was very much in control, he apologizes and hands Renesemee back to Bella as Jasper lets her go and leaves.  Bella is surprised that Jasper is so upset and leaves, but Edward assures her it isn’t her fault.  Jasper is so surprised by her control that it makes him question his own beliefs and experiences with newborns and his own thirst and control.

Carlisle then proposes that maybe Bella’s control isn’t natural and that it is the manifestation of her gift.  This gives Bella hope in her dealing with the issue of Charlie.  As Edward, Carlisle and Rosalie discuss the ramifications of Bella’s supposed gift, they bring up the existence of the Irish Coven where one member may have a gift that is easily overlooked.

While they discuss, Bella spends the time “listening” to Renesmee telling her all about her day.  As she listens, she realizes that she could stand perfectly still for weeks without moving and be perfectly content.  It is then, watching the others, she realizes the movements they make.  They are used to making these subtle movements to appear human.  Bella realizes she’ll need to pay attention and emulate them.  After about an hour of watching Renesmee’s memories, they began to slow until they got blurry and stopped.  Bella starts to worry when she realizes that her little girl has fallen asleep in her arms.  Then Bella, carefully, takes Renesmee’s hand and places it against her cheek so she can watch her dreams.  In this moment, she realizes why Edward watched her sleep while she was human.

Alice, Esme, Emmett and Jasper finally return from hunting.  Suddenly the Cullens seem very excited about something.  Alice skipped into the room ahead of everyone and presents Bella with a “bronze key with an oversized pink satin bow” around it and wished Bella a very “Happy Birthday!”  Bella informed Alice that birthdays are celebrated by the year not the day, to which Alice replied that they were not celebrating her vampire birthday but her human one.  It was, after all, September 13th, Bella’s nineteenth birthday.

Characters Involved: Bella Cullen, Edward Cullen, Seth Clearwater, Carlisle Cullen, Leah Clearwater, Rosalie Hale, Jacob Black, Renesmee Cullen, Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale, Alice Cullen, Esme Cullen, Emmett Cullen

Characters Mentioned:
Sam Uley, Charlie Swan, Renee Dwyer, Jared, Quil Ateara, Emily Young, Kim, Claire, Siobhan, Maggie, Liam

Places Visited: The Cullen Residence living room.

Memorable Quotes:

“Bella, love, no one is judging you.  You’re doing so well.”~ Edward to Bella – page 453.

“Lucky thing Ness-Renesmee’s not venomous.” ~ Seth to Bella – page 454.

“Well, Seth, I think that’s as much s I can do.  Try not to move for, oh, a few hours, I guess… I wish treating humans were this instantaneously gratifying.”  ~ Carlisle to Seth – page 454.

I felt irritated again, like Jacob was stealing my lines – and delivering them all wrong. ~ Bella to herself – page 462.

“It’s just because he tastes better than the rest of us.” ~ Edward to Bella – page 463.

“It looks like she’s going to give you a rundown of everything you missed.”  ~ Edward to Bella – page 464.

“I can’t understand, I can’t bear this.” ~ Jasper to everyone – page 464.

“We’re not celebrating your vampire birthday.  Yet.  It’s September thirteenth, Bella.  Happy nineteenth birthday!”  ~ Alice to Bella – page 470.

Important Information learned:

Bella only harmed Seth because he jumped in the way of Jacob who wouldn’t phase or defend himself against Bella.

The packs issue is resolved because it is pack law that no one harm the object of a wolf’s imprint.  Since Jacob, the rightful Alpha, gave permission the treaty is still intact.

Renesmee is as eager to be with Bella as Bella is to be with her.

Bella may have a special gift of self control which would explain her very different newborn behavior.

Carlisle is tracking Renesmee’s growth very closely.

Renesmee is not venomous.

Jacob’s overt protectiveness over Renesmee is grating on Bella’s nerves.  Even though she is grateful that they are friends, she feels jealousy at Renesmee’s affection and possessiveness towards Jacob.

We are introduced to the existence of an Irish Coven consisting of Siobhan, Maggie and Liam.  It seems Siobhan and Maggie have special gifts.

Even though she has become a vampire, Bella still cannot escape an Alice sponsored birthday event.

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