Chapter Thirty Six- Bloodlust

Chapter Number: 36

Chapter Name: Bloodlust

Page Numbers: pg. 679 through pg.700

Date of Chapter: Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Cullens and their allies have been waiting in the clearing. The chapter opens with the arrival of the Volturi and their full guard. Their arrival is one of pageantry and grace, characterized by dark shades of gray and black. They are not hurried, but advance with deliberate slowness and confidence. As they move into position in front of the Cullens and their allies, additional vampires appear behind the Volturi to witness the show of force. Bella realizes these additional vampires are outraged and want to see her punished for creating what they believe is an immortal child. Many appear to Bella to want more than just to be a witness.

Bella and the others despair as they begin to internalize that they are desperately out-numbered. Edward reads the minds of the advancing force and relates that they have several layers of strategy in place; all of which are designed to “destroy and acquire.”

The Volturi halt their advance when the werewolves move to show their whole numbers. Even Bella did not know there were so many, seventeen including Jacob, but then she realizes that with so many vampires in the same place, the werewolf population would explode as a result. She notes that several of the new wolves are very, very young. The Quileutes have risked their entire existence on this confrontation by standing with the Cullens. With these realizations, Bella’s despair turns to anger. Bella allows a low growl to vent her emotions.

As the two armies assess each other, Edward reports that the Volturi does not count the extra witness vampires among its force, that Aro just enjoys an audience. The Volturi hesitate never having seen so many massed against them. Carlisle, with Edward’s encouragement, decides to take advantage of the Volturi’s hesitation by speaking with them. Carlisle addresses Aro directly who continues to hesitate and plot before returning dialog.

With 100 yards still between them, Aro finally substantiates that they have come to punish the Cullens for Irina’s accusations that they have created an immortal child. Anxious for action, Caius joins the conversation. He demands that Irina come forward as the informant to testify against Renesmee and the Cullens. Hesitant to come forward, Irina is prodded out of the crowd and Caius slaps her across the face. Irina’s sisters, Tanya and Kate, hisses in response the degrading action even though it couldn’t have physically hurt. Caius is angry when Irina cannot confirm that Renesmee is the child she saw because Renesmee has changed, has grown, something an immortal child cannot do.

Aro asks Edward to come forward under the guise of clearing up the discrepancy. Edward walks forward toward Carlisle and Bella notes the smile on Jane’s face. That smile sets off Bella’s anger even more and she throws up her mental shield around those on her side of the field. As she gives in to her power, she discovers a flexibility and control she did not experience in practice. Only Bella is aware of the force she’s putting out to protect Edward and those she cares about. Bella realizes that Aro needs to be able to read Edward and Carlisle to know the validity of their claims regarding Renesmee and so she pulls her shield back, ready to reach it forward at the first sign of attack.

Everyone on both sides of the clearing grows tenser as Aro reads Edward’s memories, all of them, for the last month. Understanding that Renesmee is not an immortal child, Aro asks to meet her and Caius is upset that the fight appears to have gone out of Aro. Many of the guard seem upset that a fight isn’t forthcoming.

Renesmee is brought forward by Bella, Jacob and Emmett so Aro can meet her after being joined by Felix and Demetri from his own guard. After touching, smelling and hearing her, Renesmee is pronounced half human and half mortal, not one of the forbidden. Renesmee touches Aro and pleads for him to leave her loved ones alone. Aro promises her that he will. Aro is intrigued by the idea of having werewolves as part of his guard when he sees Jacob’s loyalty and love for Renesmee and Bella. This idea was not well received by the Quileute pack. Sam orders the pack back into acquiescence and Aro returns to his guard to confer with his brothers.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan Cullen, Garrett, Kate, Vladimir, Stefan, Demetri, Jacob Black, Irina, Edward Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Tanya, Caius, Aro, Renata, Zaferina, Senna, Marcus, Alec, Jane, Felix, Renesmee Cullen

Character Mentioned: Volturi Guard, 32 in total, the Volturi Wives, more than 40 “witness” vampires, Alistair, Seven new werewolves, Eleazar, Alice Cullen, Esme Cullen

Places Visited: The entire chapter takes place in the forest clearing as seen in Alice’s vision as the site where the Cullens would meet the Volturi. This is the same forest clearing where the Cullens and Quileutes fought against Victoria and her newborn army in Eclipse.

Memorable Quotes:
“They don’t count their witnesses,” Edward breathed. “They are nonentities, meaningless to the guard. Aro just enjoys and audience.” – Edward, pg. 685

“I have not committed the crime you are here to punish me for.” – Carlisle to Aro, pg.686

Raw as I was, I knew that if this were between her and me, I would obliterate her. – Bella assessing Renata, Aro’s personal shield, pg.693

“I doubt whether any two among gods or mortals have ever seen quite so clearly.” – Aro to Edward after reading his thoughts, pg. 693

“Interesting company you keep.” – Demetri to Edward when Jacob comes forward to stand by him, pg. 696

“You look good. Immortality suits you.” – Felix to Bella, pg. 696

Important Information learned:
The Volturi have come to destroy those who are against them and acquire vampires with talents into their service. They do not care if there is truth to the allegation that an immortal child has been created.

Bella learns not to be afraid of her talent and finds the ability to flex and expand her shield, farther than anyone suspects, with her will.

It is verified that Renesmee is not an immortal child, but something new that the Volturi were not aware existed or was possible.

There are almost twice the number of werewolves than Bella was aware of before this chapter began.

Chapter Prepared By: nissanmama