Chapter Twenty Nine- Defection

Chapter Number: 29

Chapter Name:

Page Numbers:
554 – 571

Date of Chapter:
Dec. 15, 2006

When Alice and Jasper are gone too long, the Cullen family worries that Aro has launched a preemptive strike and that something bad has happened to Alice.  Leaving Renesmee with Jacob, they take off into the woods.  Following their scent, Alice and Jasper’s trail leads to the edge of the LaPush territory.  Sam meets the Cullens at the treaty border.  He’s flanked by Paul and Jared.  As the head of his pack, he speaks directly to Carlisle, telling him that Alice and Jasper had come the night before, asking permission to travel through their lands to the ocean.  Sam relates that he granted that permission, escorting them to the ocean and watched them go into the water.  He had instructions not to tell Jacob until after he had spoken with Carlisle.  He was to wait at the treaty boundary until Carlisle came and passed along a note, which Sam did not read.  Alice had emphasized the importance of the note.

Alice’s note is written on the copyright page of The Merchant of Venice from Bella’s personal collection.  In the note, Alice urges the Cullens to get a hold of as many nomads as they can and specifically mentions Tanya, Siobhan, Amun, Alistair.  Also that she and Jasper will seek out Peter and Charlotte. Everyone is shocked by the news that Alice and Jasper have left.  When the contents of the note are known, Sam is angry that Alice and Jasper left the coming confrontation with the Volturi and left him to deliver the news.  It’s assumed that she saw the Cullens’ defeat by the Volturi and Alice and Jasper left to distance themselves from the conflict.  Emmett rallies everyone’s spirits, determined to at least go down fighting.  Because of their connection to Jacob and his connection to Renesmee, the LaPush wolf pack agrees to stand with the Cullens.

On the way back to the Cullen’s home, Esme notes a separate trail with only Alice’s scent.  Bella elects to leave the group to follow the separate trail.  Edward chooses to go with Bella, unwilling to be separated from her.  Alice’s trail leads to Bella and Edward’s cottage.  Bella is convinced that Alice was specifically trying to leave her a message so she asks Edward to stay outside while she enters to cottage to investigate.  Bella discovers another note from Alice inside Bella’s copy of The Merchant of Venice with a name, address, and instructions to burn the book.  Because Edward can’t read Bella’s mind, she observes that she is the only person in the world who can lie to Edward, speculating that this is what Alice intended.  Bella suggests to Edward that, perhaps, Alice came here alone because she lied to Jasper to protect him, to make him leave rather than face the Volturi and that perhaps there is still a chance for the Cullens.

After returning to the Cullen house, Bella and Edward find everyone prepared to leave in search of specific vampire allies.  Edward is instructed to stay home with Bella and Renesmee so that she can be carefully observed and introduced when the vampires come.  After the Cullens leave, Bella overhears Jacob answer Renesmee’s questions about what’s happening.  Bella wonders if it’s good to give her so much information or if they should be trying to shield her.

Edward asks Jacob to lay low so that visiting vampires will not be offended by him or the other wolves.  He asks Jacob to warn Sam of the coming vampires.  While Edward and Jacob talk, Bella secretly looks up J. Jenks on the internet and discovers a Jason Jenks is an attorney in Seattle.  Bella takes time to reassure Renesmee about her family and they both miss Alice.  Bella realizes that she only cares about Renesmee’s safety and wonders if Alice knew how she felt before leaving the curious note.  In her grief, Bella discovers what it feels like for a vampire who cannot shed tears to cry.

Characters Involved: Bella Swan Cullen, Carlisle Cullen, Jacob Black, Emmett Cullen, Edward Cullen, Rosalie Hale, Esme Cullen, Renesmee Cullen, Sam Uley, Paul, Jared

Characters Mentioned: Alice Cullen, The LaPush Wolf Pack, Aro, Jasper Whitlock Hale, Tanya, Siobhan, Amun, Alistair, Peter, Charlotte, Eleazar, J. Jenks/Jason Jenks, Renée Dwyer

Places Visited:
The Cullen Home, the border of the LaPush territory marked by their treaty with the Cullens, the woods around Forks, Bella and Edward’s Cottage

Memorable Quotes:
“We’re so sorry we have to leave you this way, with no goodbye or explanations.  It’s the only way for us.” – Note from Alice, pg. 558

“You are bound differently than we are. We each still have our free will.” – Edward to Sam, pg. 559

“Don’t get your family slaughtered for pride.” – Carlisle to Sam, pg. 559

We would fight, they would fight and we all would die. – Bella’s thoughts, pg. 561

“I couldn’t let you walk away from me.  It hurt just to imagine it.” – Edward to Bella, pg. 562

I was the only person in the world that could lie to Edward. – Bella’s thoughts, pg. 564

“People are coming to see you, not the scenery.” – Jacob to Renesmee, pg. 567

“Some friends.  They’d turn on you just because of who you hang out with now?” – Jacob to Eward, pg. 568

“Don’t cry.  It’s going to be okay.  You’re going to be fine.  I will find you a way through this.” – Bella to Renesmee, pg. 571

Important Information learned:

Alice and Jasper appear to have left for good.

In a note, Alice advises the Cullens to recruit as many vampires sympathetic to their cause as possible.

Alice secretly leaves a name and address expressly for Bella.

Bella is determined to protect Renesmee and believes Alice left a way for her to do that.

Chapter Prepared By: nissanmama