Chapter Ten – The Meadow

Chapter Number: Ten

Chapter Name: The Meadow

Page Numbers: 225-251

Date of Chapter: February 23rd – March 4th 2006

Summary: Bella is waiting for Jacob to call but he doesn’t, so instead she calls him.  The first time Bella calls Jacob, Billy answers and tells her they did see a doctor, but for some reason she doesn’t believe him.  She continues to try and reach Jacob, but the following two days there is no answer at the Black residence.

Bella ignores Jacob’s request to call first, but instead heads to their home to find it empty.  She assumes they are at the hospital and that Jake must be very sick.  She stops by the hospital but finds that neither Billy nor Jake have been there.   As soon as Charlie gets home, she makes him phone Harry Clearwater.    Charlie finds out that Harry has been having heart trouble and was at the hospital himself, he also discovers that there had been some phone line problems and that Billy did indeed take Jake to a local doctor and he has mono. 

Charlie is visibly concerned about Harry so instead of pestering him, Bella goes to do her own research and finds that most of the symptoms of mononucleosis do not match Jake’s.  Bella is suspicious of Billy, but can’t pinpoint why.  She is disappointed to find that mono could last a month and decides that since the disease wasn’t infectious she’d wait a week before getting “pushy”.

Bella survives the entire week without Jacob, but only barely.  Her dreams became difficult again and she’s feeling the pain in her chest again, worse than before.  Finally on Saturday morning she calls Jacob.  Billy answers and informs her that Jacob is out with friends and that he didn’t have mono after all.   Bella eventually hangs up with Billy feeling hurt and disappointed.  Bella assumes that Jacob changed his mind about the advice she gave him and that he’s decided to stay away from her after all.  

Before Charlie leaves to go fishing he requests that she stay away from the forest, as he is worried about bear attacks since a hiker went missing recently.   Bella decides that she cannot spend the day at home, and instead chooses to spend the day looking for the meadow.  After hiking for a while suffering the pain of her loss, she unexpectedly walks right into the meadow.  Bella is overcome with feelings of disappointment as she realizes that this place doesn’t hold the same magic it once did.   She is glad that Jacob isn’t with her, as she would have a difficult time explaining why she was on her knees clutching at her sides.

As Bella is about to flee from the meadow, a figure appears out of the trees.  Momentarily she believes it is Edward then realizes that it is another vampire, and then finally she recognizes that it is Laurent.   Bella is irrationally happy to see him, and believes he must have changed his hunting habits since going to live in Alaska with the other “good-vampire” coven.  Laurent tells her about his stay in Alaska and how upon arriving in Forks he has been by the Cullen house only to find it empty.  Bella soon realizes the danger she is in, as Laurent’s eyes indicate his diet hasn’t changed – they are a sinister red. 

Bella hears Edward’s voice in her head telling her to lie so that she can somehow escape from Laurent.   She tries her best to scare Laurent away with the threat that Edward would come after him, but Laurent sees right through Bella’s ruse.  He confesses to her that he liked Tanya and Irina from Alaska, but that the restrictions were difficult for him. 

Laurent reveals that he is here as a favor to Victoria.    He tells her that Victoria is out for revenge and though Laurent doesn’t agree with Victoria’s logic to kill a human, he is thirsty and believes he’s sparing Bella immeasurable pain by killing her now, before Victoria gets to her.  Edward’s voice in Bella’s head continues to coach her, suggesting she threaten him and then finally to beg.   Before Laurent can spring, five wolves prowl out of the forest, and chase down Laurent.

Bella can’t understand why the wolves were able to scare Laurent away, but she composes herself, and flees from the forest.   She finally makes it home, still shaky from the near death experience.  Once at home, Charlie sees her and realizes that something is wrong.  She explains to him how she went hiking and came across the bear that they were looking for, only it wasn’t a bear, but five huge wolves.

Bella reflects on the day and is horrified at the thought that Victoria would eventually come for her, or worse hurt Charlie who was only a room away.  She hopes in her mind that out of some strange luck, the wolves would be able to catch up with the indestructible vampire and destroy him.

Characters Involved:  Bella Swan, Billy Black, Charlie Swan, Harry Clearwater, Laurent

Character Mentioned:  Jacob Black, Jessica Stanley, Edward Cullen, Victoria

Places Visited:  Black Residence, Hospital, the Meadow

Memorable Quotes:

“Hmm,” He murmured. “I’m surprised they left you behind.  Weren’t you sort of a pet of theirs?” 
~Laurent to Bella

“She thought it more appropriate to kill you than Edward – fair turnabout, mate for mate.” 
~Laurent to Bella

“Lie,” the beautiful velvet voice whispered anxiously from my memory. 
~Edward’s “voice” to Bella in her mind

He smiled at me conspiratorially. “Sometimes I cheat.” 
~Laurent to Bella

Important Information learned:
Harry Clearwater has a heart problem and isn’t taking his “condition” seriously.

Victoria is looking for revenge and has sent Laurent to check on Bella.

Five wolves were somehow able to chase away Laurent.

Special Chapter Note:  The dates in New Moon don’t match up with the actual calendar days in reality.  In order for certain events in the book to happen on the dates given, we’ve had to fudge a bit here to make everything work. 

Chapter Prepared By:  ECABS