Chapter Nine – Third Wheel

Chapter Number: Nine

Chapter Name: Third Wheel

Page Numbers: 201-224

Date of Chapter: February 14-19, 2007

Summary: Bella enjoys her time with Jacob so much that she realizes she’s no longer miserable. As Bella’s riding skills improve the danger level decreases, and Edward’s voice disappears. In order to hear it again, Bella becomes more obsessed with finding the meadow.

On Valentines Day, Jacob offers Bella a box of conversation hearts and asks her to be his Valentine. Feeling uncomfortable, she uses humor to reassert the ever-blurry boundary of their relationship. Bella invites Jacob to a movie and makes sure he knows it’s a group activity.  The next day, Bella begins to assemble a group for the movie. Mike is excited to go until he realizes it’s not a date. Lauren and Jessica refuse to go and manage to convince everyone but Ben and Angela to stay away as well.

On the day of the movie Bella gets home from school and finds Jacob in her driveway with his Rabbit finished. She gives him a congratulatory high five, and Jacob uses the moment to hold her hand.  When Mike pulls into the driveway, Jacob recognizes him from First Beach as the guy who thought Bella was his girlfriend. He asked Bella if Mike is still under the same delusion and Bella points out that some people are slow to take a hint. Jacob counters that sometimes it’s good to not give up.

The group dwindles to three since Angela has the stomach flu and Ben won’t go without her. Bella becomes upset when she realizes she’s now alone with Mike and Jacob.  Her fears are confirmed when, during the movie, both boys position their hands so they can hold hers if it comes down on the armrest. Bella and Jacob are laughing at how terrible the movie is when Mike runs out to the bathroom. Jacob begrudgingly checks on him and realizes it wasn’t the blood in the movie; Mike is actually sick.

As they wait for Mike to emerge, Jacob sits by Bella and begins to flirt, but Bella shoots him down. Jacob presses the issue of her feeling for him. Bella confesses that she likes him better then anyone, and with this ray of hope Jacob tells Bella that he won’t give up.
Mike finally emerges from the bathroom and looks awful. Jacob agrees to drive them home but grabs a popcorn bucket in case Mike feels sick again. When they get outside Bella is freezing but Jacob isn’t bothered at all. She feels his forehead and says he feels really feverish. He informs Bella that he feels fine and puts his arm around her to keep her warm.

During the ride home, Bella has an internal debate. She wants Jacob to stay clear of her romantically, but he is so comforting to her that she is afraid to push the issue so far that he leaves her.  Jacob drops Mike off at home and confesses he isn’t feeling well himself. He promises to call as soon as he gets home; then, in a sudden display of emotion, he promises Bella that he will always be there for and she can always count on him. She assures Jacob that she knows and already counts on him a lot. His reaction makes her feel even guiltier. He leaves with an odd look on his face.

Bella debates with herself again. She wishes that Jacob were her brother so they could have a close friendship without having to worry about him wanting more. She also realizes that she will never be able to love him romantically; part of her will always love Edward.

Bella waits for Jacob’s call but it never comes. She finally calls his house and is informed by Billy that he is sick and to not visit. The next morning Bella has the flu and she spends the day on the bathroom floor. By the time she wakes up the next morning she is fine.  Bella figures Jacob must be feeling better too, and calls to see how he’s doing; he isn’t any better. She apologizes for exposing him to the flu; he informs her he was glad to go and it isn’t her fault he‘s sick. Jacob tells her he doesn’t think he has the same thing she did. Bella offers to bring him something; however, just like Billy he briskly tells her not to come. He agrees to call her when he feels better. She says he’ll see her soon and he tells her to wait for his call. Before he hangs up Jacob whispers her name.
Characters Involved: Bella Swan, Jacob Black, Mike Newton, Charlie Swan, and Billy Black.

Character Mentioned: Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Angela Webber, Ben Cheney, Eric Yorkie, Katie, Jessica Stanley, Tyler Crowley, Conner, Lauren Mallory, Austin

Places Visited:
Forks High School, Charlie’s House, Movie theater

Memorable Quotes:
I was like a lost moon—my planet destroyed in some cataclysmic, disaster-movie scenario of desolation—that continued, nevertheless, to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space left behind, ignoring the laws of gravity.
~Bella considering her own behavior

“I told him you were planning to corrupt my youthful innocence.”
~Jacob to Bella

Both of their hands rested lightly, palms up, in an unnatural looking position. Like steel bear traps, open and ready.
~Bella in the movies with Jacob and Mike

I’d been broken beyond compare.

How much I wished Jacob Black had been born my brother, my flesh-and-blood brother, so that I would have some legitimate claim on him that still left me free of any blame now.
~Bella thinking about how much she needs Jacob

He was my best friend. I would always love him, and it would never, ever be enough.
~Bella about Jacob

Important Information learned:
Bella is trying to move on in her life by making friends.

She realizes that she is leading Jacob on because she would never be able to love him as he loves her.

Jacob is wiling to wait for Bella promises to never hurt her.

Jacob gets sick after the movie.

Chapter Prepared By: Twix