breaking cookie

Breaking Cookie: A Twilight Meets Sesame Street Parody

Twilight meets Sesame Street actually done by the official Sesame Street people. At this point we're just on for the ride, not sure how much more surreal the week can get. We have a feeling it's going to be a month of things we never thought we'd be posting about! Via our friends at That's … [Read More...]


Gif Reaction to More Twilight Short Films

MTV put together a great piece on GIF reactions to the news that there will be more Twilight movies in short film style.  There are nine of the gifs all together each with captions that are pretty funny. … [Read More...]


6 Twilight Stories that have the most promise for #TwilightStories

So clearly this is our subjective and highly biased view, but here are the five stories in no particular order that are found in the The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide. (You can buy the guide from Barnes and Noble or your favorite indie bookstore) that we think have the most promise for … [Read More...]


Stephenie Meyer and Liongate Partner for Twilight Based Film Contest

Hot off the Lionsgate press release:   As part of its ongoing effort to enhance its diverse portfolio of premium content, Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF), a premier next generation global content leader, is teaming with Facebook, the prestigious Women In Film organization, the crowdsourcing platform Tongal … [Read More...]


Rob Pattinson Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Calling all Rob fans!  It's Rob in a very wet t-shirt as he takes on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in his own unique way.     … [Read More...]


Did Twilight Change Comic Con for the Better?

Just after Comic Con 2014, EW ran this story about how the Twilight Fanchise changed SDCC and asked if that change was for the good.  The whole article is wonderful!  Here are some highlights: A few years ago, though, there was a pretty clear narrative on Comic-Con (it’s getting bigger) which … [Read More...]

kristen as a guy

Kristen Stewart in “Just One of the Guys” Music Video

Kristen Stewart is featured in a music video from Jenny Lewis' new album Voyager.  The song is called "Just One of the Guys" and features Kristen along with Ann Hathaway, and Brie Larson  as back up singers and musicians who sometimes dress as guys.      … [Read More...]

Con Quest 3

A contest and a Kickstarter for the Con*Quest Adventure Journal™

Win a Con*Quest Adventure Journal for your next con!   Support their Kickstarter and tell your friends! Twilight has given me so many amazing experiences, meeting people and doing things I could have never even imagined 10 years ago. After traveling across the country, hosting numerous … [Read More...]

nancy kirkpatrick

Nancy Kirkpatrick-A Friend to Twilight-Moving On

Over the years, there were various voices at Summit Entertainment who really "got Twilight" and "got the Fandom". Most of their work was behind the scenes. Probably many, wouldn't even know what they did. One of those who got Twilight out there as Twilight and not some weird story that was barely … [Read More...]

larry carroll

A Twilight Friend Needs Your Help

Back in 2008, just about the only media outlet to take Twilight and Twilight fans seriously was MTV.  Everyone else thought it was going to be just some other vampire movie, or just another teen flick that went quickly to DVD and oblivion. Not MTV. MTV took it seriously, and the person most … [Read More...]