Fandom Chat on Fan Camp!

We had our Midnight Sun Monday night chat this week about fan camp! If you missed it, you can watch it on our YouTube channel. We were joined by several new faces this week including Yara from Twilight Moms,  Heather from the PopSugar contest interview with Kristin Stewart, and Savy from all the conventions and fan camps you can imagine.  We will host another chat next Monday night.  If you have a topic suggestion, drop it below! 


  1. Hi !

    My name is Jess and I’m a big fan from the U.K. I absolutely love these! Unfortunately cannot comment live due to time zone differences.

    I have a Q. for everyone next week or another week!!

    Who has visited Forks or any filming locations in Oregon/British Columbia etc.?

    For anyone who has visited Forks where would you recommend staying and what is Forks annual Twilight festival like?

    I actually visited Montepulciano a couple of years back which is the filming location for the Volterra scenes. it is absolutely beautiful and scarily like you are on the film set its all exactly how you vision it to be from New Moon. If any of you are ever visiting Europe/Italy I highly recommend!!


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