RIP-John Henson-Twilight Costume Collector

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Many of you may remember John Henson. He had a wonderful collection of both some original Twilight costumes as well as replicas with off the charts detailing.

John also designed many of the costumes for the Hillywood Twilight Parody videos (he’s got a cameo in several of the videos see screen caps below), as well as for some of the Olympic Coven that have appeared at Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks.

He had a love of all things Twilight. Here is a snippet from a 2010 interview we did with John:

Which of the original costumes that you have is your favorite and why?
By far it’s Cam Gigandet’s “James” costume. I remember Stephenie saying that she was surprised that people were fans of James. “Team James” and all. How can you not be after you see Cam portray him?! It’s just such a neat story behind the costume, too. The jacket is an old 1940’s motorcycle jacket that belonged to Catherine Hardwicke. There was only one. They had to film all of Wayland’s scenes in it before it was distressed for James. And if you look carefully on his jacket and jeans, there are momento’s from all of his kills. The creeper even stole wedding bands and engagement rings to wear as trophies! SICK! The jeans still have mud caked on the bottom of them. I find that kind of stuff really cool!

John passed away this weekend and he will be missed. Of my many encounters with John, the one about Jacob’s arm is my favorite. As I was setting up my camera gear to cover the Remember Me red carpet in New York City in pouring rain after a big snowfall (think the slush from hell) I get a call from John. John is all ramped up, yelling that the arm is all wrong (those of you that knew John will have no trouble understanding this). Actually it came out more like this , “Arms, arms, details, just unreal, eye for details”, and I had to decode that over screaming fans and the NYC traffic in Grand Army Plaza.

The long and short of it is, I finally got John to talk in full sentences in English and discovered that he noticed the tattoo on the Jacob Barbie was all wrong, and that dolls with the “bad arm” might be collectors items. He asked if I would post the information. I said sure, that I would do it when I got home…after I ran across the street to FAO Schwartz and bought the last Jacob Barbie they had.

Anyway here is the original Jacob’s arm story, and here is a link to our other encounters with John.

You will be missed John!


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Bill Condon Enjoyed Twilight Experience

Bill Condon just did an interview about his upcoming Sherlock Holmes movie and he referenced his Twilight experience.


Did you have a good experience making the “Twilight” films?

I did enjoy it. There were so many things I enjoyed about it. It was tricky but I liked the contract with the audience that was involved in making those movies. I like the fact that there were these expectations with how things would be done. And then you change them and then they get upset. It’s very satisfying to win them over and convince them that it was worth doing. But, more than anything, I do think we live in this culture that’s so busy, cluttered. It’s such a luxury to know that there are people who are waiting with obsession and love for something. I have to say I sort of feel that about “Mr. Holmes” too. We also live in a movie world or entertainment world for good or for bad — in many ways for bad — where people demand a certain familiarly walking into the theater. They want to feel like they know something [laughs]. And that’s sort of what was so useful about “Holmes,” that there’s a sense of purity, that there’s a shared knowledge you can play off of.


Check out the full interview on IndieWire

Aside from the Mr. Holmes, Condon’s next project is a live action Beauty and the Beast movie for Disney

Forever Twilight in Forks Announces Schedule #forevertwilightinForks

Forever Twilight in Forks (Formerly Stephenie Meyer Day) has just released their schedule for the 2015, 10th anniversary of Twilight event. According to the group’s official Facebook Page:


FOREVER TWILIGHT IN FORKS is proud to present the introductory schedule for our Fall 2015 festival celebrating ten years of Stephenie Meyer‘s love story, The Twilight Saga.

Please join your fandom family, actor Erik Odom (the Southern nomad Peter in Breaking Dawn) and acting troupe The Olympic Coven from September 10th through 13th, here in the town that Stephenie chose as home for her vampire family and her lonely high school girl who we followed into their world.

Tickets go on sale Monday February 9th when our site goes live

Additional festival guests, events, and specific event times will continue to be announced here, as well as in our Facebook group and across our channels…




Planning group:

Pinterest: forever_forks

Twitter: forever_forks

Instagram: forevertwilightinForks

Tumblr: forevertwilightinForks

We look forward to seeing you here in Forks this September!





Olympic Coven to Attend Stephenie Meyer Day

This just in from the organizers of Stephenie Meyer Day in Forks. It looks like the 10th anniversary celebration of Twilight is shaping up to be quite the event.



Volvo Sweepstakes for Twilight Fans to go With #TwilightStories


As a proud partner, Volvo Cars is presenting the winning Twilight Stories filmmaker with the all new VOLVO XC90 HYBRID SUV and launching the Volvo Cars “The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Series Drive to Dream Sweepstakes,” where by voting in the contest, fans can enter to win a new VOLVO XC60 CROSSOVER.

Additionally, up to thirteen (13) monthly prize winners will have a chance to receive a Twilight swag bag and Harman Kardon Soho Wireless Headphones or Soundsticks Wireless Home Speakers.

Visit for more details and ways to enter.

Directors needed for #TwilightStories

The next stage of the Twilight Stories contest involves directors making their pitch to direct one or more of the winning entries.

According to the official Tongal website this is what is needed of the directors, but see their site for full rules/details:

PHASE 4: DIRECTOR PITCH – (Open to Female Filmmakers) Submit your Pitch (What Is a Pitch Phase?) convincing the judges why you should be selected to execute a Short Film based on one of the winning Screenplays from the previous Phase. The Director Pitch must present a clear vision for the proposed short film. For further Submission Requirements, please see below:

  • Text (REQUIRED): 500 characters or less synopsizing how you plan to approach and execute this Short Film.
  • Portfolio of Existing Work (REQUIRED): Each Director Pitch must include an existing portfolio of work that clearly demonstrates the director’s ability to execute on the proposed Winning Screenplay. Please link to your previous video work and specify your role (producer, director, etc.).
  • Director Bio (REQUIRED): Tell us a little about yourself in 500 characters or less.
  • Screenplay (REQUIRED): Select a winning Screenplay you want to work with from the previous phase via the dropdown menu.
  • Storyboards (OPTIONAL): Additional concept art, storyboards, shot list, anything that helps get your point across.
  • Headshots/Casting Boards (OPTIONAL): Casting notes or concepts, headshots of actors, etc.
  • Pitch Video (REQUIRED): Create and upload a video explaining why you should direct a film based on one (1) of the Winning Screenplays from Phase 2. Each Director Pitch should be no longer than three (3) minutes and should include the director’s vision for the cast, crew and location options.    



#TwilightStories Winners Announced

EW has the details of those who made it to the top five in the Twilight Stories contest.  Details for directors should release later today.

[Read more…]

Announcement of #TwilightStories Finalists Delayed

According to the official Twilight Saga Twitter account the five winning entries that directors will then bid on is postponed.

Stephenie Meyer Day 2015 Announces Guests and Details

forver in forksYou can find the the Stephenie Meyer Day official website here on the Forks Washington official page.

You can also catch up with the group on various social media sites:



Planning group:


Pinterest: forever_forks

Twitter: forever_forks

Instagram: forevertwilightinForks

Tumblr: forevertwilightinForks

Official Hashtags



Update on #TwilightStories

According to Lionsgate:

“Yesterday marked the end of phase 2 of The Storytellers: New Voices of the Twilight Saga project, and we couldn’t be more excited about the 20 screenplays that were submitted from over 1,200 Story submissions!

After thorough review from our esteemed panel of judges over the next week, we will announce the top five screenplays on Friday, January 30.

We wanted to take a moment to thank you for helping to make this project such a success by sharing some very exciting stats about the project thus far! 

 Since launch, our project has received over half a million views and now holds the record for the most participation EVER for a single project on the Tongal platform (which is a big deal considering there have been competitions for Star Wars, Bob Marley, The LEGO Movie, and Interstellar). This accomplishment feels even more noteworthy when you consider that all project submissions came from women. “