Midnight Sun Thursday – what should we discuss next?

We will host Midnight Sun Thursday again this Thursday night at 8 pm EST on YouTube live on our YouTube Channel.  We will be discussing the new information that we have learned about the Cullen family from Midnight Sun. We will be joined by several familiar faces including Kara from twilight Moms, Amy from OhMyCarlisle, Mel from the Ladies of Isle Esme, Kallie from Twilight Series theories, and Savy from all those conventions! 

But the question is… what should we talk about next? We have thought of several possible topics and want your feedback. You can vote for three topics you’d most like for us to cover.  Please share the post with your Twilight friends so we know exactly what you want to hear! 

Thanks for being such a great fandom!


  1. Emmett’s frustration with Edward’s ability to read minds and Alice’s ability to see the outcomes when it comes to playing games or wrestling. He sticks to playing with Jasper or using his food as a wresting opponent. I thought that funny.

    Downtime with the Cullens while the humans are sleeping. Emmett and Jasper’s elaborate chess game. Alice putting together outfits on her computer. Rosalie flipping through channels, and Esme looking at designs for their next home.

    If you didn’t need sleep, then what would you be doing during the hours you would be sleeping?

    • Charlotte Phillips says

      I really enjoy that idea. It would make a good chapter in the first book. You could add drama to the situation by adding insight into Edward’s warring emotions and thoughts, while their family does those things. Edwards sits in his room trying to distract himself from… well, himself by listening to his family’s trivial activities. He could even reflect on how he often wishes he could shutdown and sleep like a human. The whole night would actually be a good summary. Kind of sorting out his emotions for the audience and understanding what exactly he was thinking.

  2. Charlotte Phillips says

    I feel Midnight Sun offers so much insight into both Edward’s character and feelings towards Bella. The Twilight Saga Movies should DEFINITELY be refilmed. PLEASE. Not only does Kristen Stewart play a HORRIBLE, twisted and vague version of Bella, but Robert Pattison is an absolute NO. Stewart plays such a horrible version of “shy” she portrays Bella as almost robotic and generic. Meanwhile, Pattison leaves me questioning my attraction to Edward just because of the poor representation of the character. They portrayed Edward as a creepy, feminine character. Meanwhile, the books compose the exact opposite view. We should even make a TV series. UGH! It would be so good! Each chapter is an episode or 2, and each book is a season!

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