Twilight Monte Carlo Sign Up For Auction

As Twilight trivia fans know, the prom in the movie version of Twilight had a Monte Carlo theme and it was shot at The View Point Inn in Corbett, Oregon.

The View Point In was severely damaged by fire last year. There has been a lot of press coverage coming out of the Portland area that chronicle everything from allegations of owner mismanagement, negligence regarding unpaid insurance, to issues with the former owner erecting a poster of himself semi-naked in a Christ-like pose blaming the government for no one wanting to help a rebuild under his leadership. In any case the historic building went in to bankruptcy proceedings, has now been removed from the former owners’ hands, and is now in the hands of a trustee.

At the time of the time of the fire the inn had a significant number of props/set pieces that were left over from the filming. As they don’t really have historic significance as far a a building commission would be concerned, it’s not surprising to see them cropping up at auction.

The Monte Carlo sign is now up on EBay. TY to Jack Morrissey for the tip.

As our astute commenters have pointed out, it pays to read the fine print! Apparently they are auctioning a single light bulb and not the sign itself!