Fire at View Point Inn Officially Ruled as Accidental

The View Point Inn, where the prom scene from Twilight was filmed, suffered a devastating fire yesterday. ( See previous coverage )It was the second fire to befall the landmark, the first in 2008. The owners had filed for bankruptcy earlier in the month and they expressed concern in news reports that  people might think the fire was deliberate. Investigators have now ruled it a tragic accident:

“A two-alarm fire Sunday afternoon that heavily damaged the historic View Point Inn started with sparks from the fireplace igniting the cedar shakes on the roof, according to Tom Layton of Multnomah County Fire District 14.

Crews called in a second alarm to battle a fire at the View Point Inn, in Corbett, Sunday afternoon.

The fire broke out at the popular hotel and restaurant, at 40301 E. Larch Mountain Road, around 12:15 p.m., according to dispatchers.

Witnesses told KGW a couple eating at the restaurant spotted the fire and alerted the owner. When initial attempts to extinguish it failed, crews were called in.”

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  1. I recently received some very bad news by e-mail from my friends who own the Inn. They will announce this afternoon at a press conference that they had NO insurance to cover the losses in this fire and they need to raise $3M to re-build the second floor.

    Geoff and Angelo (owners) started a campaign a while back to try to raise funds for necessary repairs to the historic Inn.

    PLEASE…Twilight fans…if you can help save the Inn…go to their site and scroll down to the bottom of the page to donate.

    Thank you.

  2. YES! I agree with Teb!! I had the chance to visit the Inn last October and feel so fortunate to see such an amazing place. The owner and staff are second to none. However, they are in need of donations. As a fan, it’s easy to say that we come to see a great location like this, snap a few photos and be on to the next place. As it is a Historical landmark, I felt moved and compelled to purchase items, sign the guestbook and leave a donation. Maybe we, as a mass Twilght Community can ban together and donate. Let’s get the ball rolling to help save such a place! Donate at the link above, spread the news to our Twilight actors/actress….they’re gona need all the help they can get. We’ve moved mountains before, Twihards, let’s rally! XO

  3. once again twilight fans to the rescue!! Come on guys lets donate!! 😀

  4. What goes around comes around…Thompson is no stranger to the municipal and federal court systems..instant karma!

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