View Point Inn Catches Fire Again: Possible Total Loss

The View Point Inn is where the prom scene from the first twilight movie was shot. This is the second time the hotel (which filed for bankruptcy) has had a fire in recent memory.

Information on the first fire here.


  1. this is so very sad~

  2. Cindy Dupree says:

    Such a shame but at least no one was hurt

  3. Oh, this just kills me. I was just there last summer and it was so beautiful in June. The View Point Inn has been struggling financially for a while and had been selling bricks in the Twilight walk. I hope that they can rebuild and that the fandom can help somehow.

  4. I was planning to stay there in 17 days. I am bummed. Luckily no one was hurt.

  5. Thank God no one was hurt in the fire. Hopefully they can rebuild and maybe we can send donations somehow. The View Point Inn is very dear to us,because it’s where they shot the prom scene in the first Twilight film.

  6. Im doing a Driving twilight tour Summer 2013 – starting in Oregon going up inot washingtona dn ending in vancouver … was going to stay there for a couple of nights … Tragic … hope they can rebuild .. .

    I hope the twilight fans can get together to help them rebuild somehow … that build will forever be an important part of the twilight world .. .an the fans need to help preserve it .. .

    We have banded together to save Forks High school so why not Columbia Gorge’s View Point Inn??

  7. The Inn owners are my friends and I just want to say that these two have worked so hard to keep the Inn alive..for history and Twilight fans…that this just breaks my heart.

    The Inn is not only very important to those of us who love Twilight, it’s a historic landmark in our Gorge and an absolutely beautiful place to visit. I’ve spent many days there enjoying the view, the food, and the Twilight Walk of Fame.

    This tragic fire, spotted by Twilight fans who rushed in to tell them it was on fire, may have helped saved lives and part of the building.

    Geoff and Angelo have been seeking the support of Twilight fans on their website to replace the roof and do some other much-needed and costly work to this historic Inn. I truly hope their insurance and caring people can help the Inn to survive so it’s there for all of you Twilight fans who have yet to visit.

    In the meantime, enjoy some pictures..

    • If you or your friends set up a donation fund I would more then gladly help out.

    • My daughter is one of the brides to be. Her dream wedding is less than a month away. Why have the owners not contacted her? She is calling them daily, she has gone up twice and can’t get a hold of anyone. They have $5,000.00 of our money. What do we need to do to get them to contact us? We understand that they are going through a hard time. At least let us know if we need to start planning for a new location or venue, so we can move forward or are you planning on running awary with these 50 brides money?

  8. “Save The Inn” yes the Inn but not the irresponsable owners. They have ripped off many people from employees to contractors to Brides who gave $ to get married there. Thank God no one was hurt.. he let his insurance lapse, filed for bankrupcy and this is the seacond fire. IF YOU SEND $$$ IT WILL GO IN HIS POCKET NOT TO REBUILD! The state wants to take over and make it a historical land mark. Then it would be presurved for ever.

  9. There is an account at USBank, where you can make a donation to help the owners rebuild. If we all just donated $5, can you imagine how quickly they would have enough to fix it? We cannot let this historical (and wonderful Twilight)place just fall.

  10. This is tragic event but has anyone heard of carma?? These owners owe so many past/present employess and their food vendors brides lodgers etc!! My 2 kids worked there and are part of the bankrusy!! PLEASE DO NOT DONATE TO THESE PEOPLE!! they wont use the money to fix it up. They cant even pay their insurance. It all comes down to poor business practices!! By the way the news here in Portland just announced the owners lost the Inn in bankrupsy court!! So there Jeff and Angelo carma bit you in the beehind!!!


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