1. Is Joe Anderson (Alistair) on Twitter or Facebook? I’m really enjoying him in ABC’s The River.

    Also, I don’t think your link for Cameron Bright is correct. Do you have a correct link to his real Twitter account?

    • I got this toy as a joke for my friend, as she ABHORS ahtyning involving Twilight. The actual toy seems like it is pretty high quality, but the packaging is cheap and obviously catered to fans who can’t spell. On the back of the package it has Edward’s statistics (btw, WHO knew that his full name was Edward mason something Cullen? Because I sure didn’t know that and I read the books). One of the statistics is labed MING READING. MING. Yeah. Not MIND . I just have to say that unless this is a gag present for someone, I would highly recommend getting a life size poster of this not-so-cuddly vampire instead of shelling out the money for an action figure. (There’s more of him anyway in a poster than there is in this figure, anyway.)

  2. Imdb says Ben Jeran McGinnis is a stand in for Peter facinelli