Two Words: Yellow Porsche

This in from Twilighters Italia 2.0

“Today our forum mods were in Montepulciano and look what they’ve found:

Alice’s Yellow Posche!

At the beginning our loved racing car was covered by a grey robe, but our
indefatigable facilitator/ moderator, suspicious of the dimensions and by
the chromed wheels, have began questioning people around.

Mauro Pellegrini the owner of the tow truck, had orders by the production
not to uncover the car, but after explaining him who they were to his boss,
our heroines have even been invited to remain till the end of the

The big man youcan see in some pictures is one of the stuntmen. He had an
Alice wig, a bandana, a couple of elbow high red gloves, and seemingly from
far he actually looked like our loved little vampire/pixie

Mauro secretly told us that there are two yellow porsche in Montepulciano,
placed in different places of the town. As they were not exactly identical,
one had yellow brake pad cover and another had them red, Production was
willing to spend to the incredible amount of €5800 PER PIECE to have them
all red!!!

Luckily they found out a way to paint them, but this episode says a lot on
how high is this movie’s budget!!!

The helicopter we told you about ealier, has kept low-flying whole day long
filming aerial of the main square.. The fountain is not finished yet, so
probably this was a rehearsal or shooting for the DVD’s extra-contents .

It also flown over where the porsche was, so probably we’ll see some
Twilighters on the big screen : our Marghe’s car has been filmed by Alice’s

We are honoured!!”

There’s also some great footage taken of the square looking down from the clocktower.

Montepulciano: Preparations Continue

This just in from Shire, of

Today we’ve got a couple of very interesting news/rumors from Montepulciano!

A friend of ours had the chance to record a video and take some pictures (of the fountain, the Mayor and road signs), that we included  in this article in Twilightitalia , written in Italian, whose title translates in “Report from Montepulciano: the fountain is being built, various pictures and mysterious calls!”

Essentially, in this article we say that yesterday, the Mayor of Montepulciano was in the town square (where the fountain is being built) in person and it seems like they were working on security.

The most interesting (and strange) fact is that our friend found a lot of road signs around town saying that some streets will be closed on friday, May 22nd, from 6:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Could this mean that the filming of some scenes has been preempted? (The official communication from Montepulciano Municipality reported the filming from May 25 to May 29).

You can find all the pictures embedded in the video that we report on Twilightitalia.

Some rumors state that Robert will be here in Italy on Friday.

Montepulciano Watch

This just in from Twilighters Italia:

“Apparently the body double of Robert Pattinson for the Italian shootings in Montepulciano was finally chosen (the guy posting in the indicated blog is a journalist) and you’ll find a youtube video of the guy (whose name is Alan Cappelli), who is the protagonist of an Italian TV commercial running on most TV channels these days.

We’ve posted a news about it (in Italian), in which you can find a youtube video of the guy that will play Edward’s body double in the filming, at this link: Alan Cappelli/Robert Pattinson

One guy of our staff was also chosen as a walk-on actor for the shootings, we’re thrilled!

And a hearsay from Italy: it seems like they’re going to shoot one scene inside a building, and probably it’s going to be the one when some tourists get trapped (and killed) into the Volturi palace.

For the square scene, it’s also rumored that there’s going to be something like 1500 walk-on actors involved. Initially, the company that’s managing the casting decided to choose just 500 people, later increasing that number to 800: now, rumors are indicating 1500 people as the final recruiting number.

Here’s the link (in italian): Montepulciano,punto della situazione

Equipment Arrives in Montepulciano

This just in from Twilighters Italia.

“Today there were in Montepulciano some trucks unloading benches and fake gothic statues in the main square, piazza grande. Then all the stuff was carried in the municipality hall.

It is said that the crew took also a red flag and some spears from a near building (since in Montepulciano most of the buildings have colorful flags hanged on the doors).”

Italian Twilighters Prepare!

Montepulciano is holding its breath waiting for the arrival of the Twilight cast and crew.

Twilighters Italia reports to us that “… this week…there were some suspicious signs and, in the city, were spotted Kristen’s and Robert’s double!”

You can check out the their photos here.

Now if you happen to be in Italy, don’t forget that they are holding a Twilighters meet up in Montepulciano with the complete blessing of the town’s tourism bureau.

You can catch the details in English here.

This is the same group that planned the bus trip to meet Stephenie Meyer in Volterra two years ago.

Twilighters Meeting in Italy

The Italian counterpart of The Twilight Lexicon is hosting a get-together for Twilighters from around the world who are Italy bound this May. This is the same group that organized a bus tour to see Stephenie in Volterra two years ago. The group was also able to interview Stephenie at that time.

According to their site:

With approval from the Municipality of Montepulciano and a partnership with the tourism association and the city press office, we’ll be glad to invite all of you  on

Saturday May 30th in Montepulciano

for an unforgettable day among fellow twilighters!

The group has info on hotels and transportation. Check them out!