Equipment Arrives in Montepulciano

This just in from Twilighters Italia.

“Today there were in Montepulciano some trucks unloading benches and fake gothic statues in the main square, piazza grande. Then all the stuff was carried in the municipality hall.

It is said that the crew took also a red flag and some spears from a near building (since in Montepulciano most of the buildings have colorful flags hanged on the doors).”


  1. So wish I was in Italy!!

  2. Jeannaly says

    how cool is that , the filming is moving forward.

  3. lol! I so love the inventiveness of the Italians…Piazza Grande literally means Big Place. 😛 Should be good! Shame it won’t be in Volterra though, coz then I would recognize everywhere! Woop! Volterra for the past 5 years has been awesome.

  4. err doesnt piazza grande mean big square? like square not the shape but u know…the place…
    i thought thats what piazza meant…like plaza in spanish
    oh well

    • Yes, piazza grande means litterally big square. Many of the most ancient cities here in Italy have squares called like that.

      yeah, they were’t really all that creative in the past ^.^

  5. Yay! I love watching things happen. 🙂

  6. don’t you wish we were there, i do. how exciting, they will also be there soon- how absolutely cool is
    that. what a fan trip that would make. to be so young, and beautiful, and talented, get to travel the world-did i mention young? i’ve been to maybe 6 states (all close by) yesh, what an awesome life. oh,
    did i mention and get paid millions to do it? lol

  7. I really do wish I were there.I can’t wait until they start shooting in Italy.

  8. So wish I was in Italy!!

  9. To quote micheal sheen “To ITALY and don’t spare the horses” I want to be there! 🙁
    I live in England and they mostly film in america, now they are closer to me and I still can’t see them! *cry*

  10. HELP!!
    I’m planning to go vancouver the next week (may 22 to 30) ¿do you think I’ll have enough time to see robert pattinson there?!! I friend there told me he is very accesible guy with the fans!!!
    should I go or not!?!?

  11. Julie M. says

    Kudos to Summit for filming in Italy. They could’ve have used some look alike backdrop and been cheap about it, but they are actually filming in Italy to make this authentic. That is just awesome!!!


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