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This just in from Twilighters Italia:

“Apparently the body double of Robert Pattinson for the Italian shootings in Montepulciano was finally chosen (the guy posting in the indicated blog is a journalist) and you’ll find a youtube video of the guy (whose name is Alan Cappelli), who is the protagonist of an Italian TV commercial running on most TV channels these days.

We’ve posted a news about it (in Italian), in which you can find a youtube video of the guy that will play Edward’s body double in the filming, at this link: Alan Cappelli/Robert Pattinson

One guy of our staff was also chosen as a walk-on actor for the shootings, we’re thrilled!

And a hearsay from Italy: it seems like they’re going to shoot one scene inside a building, and probably it’s going to be the one when some tourists get trapped (and killed) into the Volturi palace.

For the square scene, it’s also rumored that there’s going to be something like 1500 walk-on actors involved. Initially, the company that’s managing the casting decided to choose just 500 people, later increasing that number to 800: now, rumors are indicating 1500 people as the final recruiting number.

Here’s the link (in italian): Montepulciano,punto della situazione


  1. Wonder why he needs a body double in Italy. I thought all he had to do there were the outdoor scenes…and those weren’t dangerous in the book…

  2. Julie M. says:

    Yes, I was wondering the same thing.

  3. they use the body doubles to set up other scenes, check positions, layout, all that good stuff so they’ll be more prepared when the main actors get there. one team could be doing this while the main crew is actually filming the other stuff. def saves time! so the doubles aren’t just for stunts. I imagine the body doubles and stunt doubles are often two different folks. exciting progess, tho. yippee!

  4. 1500 walk ons?! they easily could’ve used 500 and made it seem like more…but with 1500 that is going to be seriously authentic! brilliant.

  5. I just hope they don’t use the body double for the actual scenes:)

  6. Cecilia says:

    I think it would be really pathetic if Rob didn’t workout at all this past year… considering the fact that both Bella and readers (chicks) are obsessed with his body… AND that Taylor is so buff in this upcoming movie… I hope Rob did something about it, other wise the competition will be really unrealistic between them. The shirtless scene in New Moon is just as important as the one in Twilight (which got the “what? is that it? Is that what Edward’s greek-god-sculpture-body suppose to look like??!!,” reaction from everyone) I hope he has been hitting the gym for our sake…

    • Of course no one can be sure, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Rob doesn’t pretend to have a major interest in that area. CGI is probably his best friend.

    • Julie M. says:

      I read somewhere, maybe on Twicrack, that he has been working out while in Vancouver.

  7. Well, I hope-whatever they do-they make it good.

  8. wouldn’t they need a double for when they jump into the sewer thing when they go 2 see the rest of the volturi?

  9. kehacakes says:

    so if vampires are not supposed to change… then if Rob buffs up… wouldn’t that be a change.

    • Cecilia says:

      Well, no in the sense that Twilight was a little on the independent cheap side of things…. and they only showed Rob shirtless for 4 secs. People will think it as part of being a cheap film, soo now that it’s ‘better off” People are going to expect more. Same thing with the change of hair and makeup now. It gets better with the money, so it’ll look better… When there’s a big budget film and the actors need to change physically for it, they do it! Taylor did it! There’s no reason why Rob shouldn’t try to make his character the best and closes adaption it can be!! He shouldn’t rely on the fame to try to get away from it… So he better get some pecks up in there and satisfy the image Stephanie gave Edward!

  10. I also heard that Rob has been going to the gym everyday and working really hard. Don’t worry ladies he is prepared; also Jackson said they all go to the gym together including Rob. They asked him who bench press the most and he said Kellan, then he said he really is Emmett.

  11. julie m, you’re very welcome! I must admit, what I do know about film making has mostly come from my shameless devouring of any tidbit related to twilight, esp all that behind the scenes stuff. it’s educational, yeah, thaaaaaat’s the reason I spend so much time here! 😉

  12. GetaTwilife says:

    You know, my son and his friend have been participating in a special body building program for months. They are both the same height and both are athletes. My son has been able to bulk up considerably with muscle, even though he is still quite slender. The other lad has a different body composition – more like a model’s than an athlete’s, and though he tries, he has not been able to build as much muscle.

    Face facts… Rob can strive to be physically fit, but this guy looks like he doesn’t have the type of body that is going to be super muscular. He could lift weights until the cows come home, but he is never going to look like an NFL Football player. And that is fine with me.

  13. Alot of times, body doubles are used by actor and actresses to represent a certain part of them they are unhappy with (ahem, chest/abdominal area). My only concern is that is what this guy is for. Does the director really expect us to see a close up of rock hard abs and expect us to believe it’s Rob Pattinson? We all know Rob is a skinny guy and that’s fine. We love him regardless. But don’t try to fool us. We’ll know it if they do.

  14. Julie M. says:

    I just have to say kudos to Summit for filming in Italy. They could’ve have used some look alike backdrop and been cheap about it, but they are actually filming in Italy to make this authentic. That is just awesome!!!

  15. GetaTwilife says:

    I would rather see Rob with his top two buttons unbuttoned than a photoshopped in torso. Whatever they show of Rob, it really should just be him – a healthy, 23 year old dude. We all cherish him for who he is, not for what he isn’t. There are so many other actors out there that are body-perfect, but they don’t have the talent that Rob has in his little piano playing-guitar strumming finger. Besides, it’s not like we all have not seen swimming scenes in Little Ashes. Salvadore said…”No limits.” I say, “No substitutes.” Give us the real deal – and pass the Kobe meatballs and cheeseburgers.


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