Italian Twilighters Prepare!

Montepulciano is holding its breath waiting for the arrival of the Twilight cast and crew.

Twilighters Italia reports to us that “… this week…there were some suspicious signs and, in the city, were spotted Kristen’s and Robert’s double!”

You can check out the their photos here.

Now if you happen to be in Italy, don’t forget that they are holding a Twilighters meet up in Montepulciano with the complete blessing of the town’s tourism bureau.

You can catch the details in English here.

This is the same group that planned the bus trip to meet Stephenie Meyer in Volterra two years ago.


  1. Peace.Love.Twilight. says

    This city looks perfect for Volterra! So stoked to see it in the movie!


  2. so when are the cast a crew going to Italy? do we know dates? or are they already there?

    • It seems they’ll arrive on may 23 but they’ll begin shooting on may 25th!

      We’re all pretty excited here!

      • hi ale! i’m going to be in italy the week they are filming and would love to stop by montepulciano while filming. is it confirmed that filming will take place on the 25th???

  3. This is exciting! 🙂 I love how smoothly things seem to be moving along. Now if November would just get here already.

  4. I see two photos, one of the door and a close up of the door… is this it?

  5. icant find the pictures!! can some one please tell me how to find them???

  6., welcome to New Moon in Spain

  7. That is sooo cool! I’ve always wanted to go Italy. Too bad I can’t go now & be able to do something Twilight related with it.


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