Twilight Info Poll

This was put together by our friend Alison over at Twifans. We’re fairly sure we know the answer to this one, but please feel free to expand on the reason for your choice in the comments section.


  1. Judy Bradley says

    I visit lots of Twi sites daily!! Gotta have my “fix”!

  2. FebruaryFilly says

    Twilight fan sites via Twitter so I can one stop shop from everybody.

  3. They need a twitter option.

  4. I guess technically its still the fansite if its from a fansite’s twitter. (Although the FB is up there too!)

    I almost never sign into myspace.
    I am on Yahoo even less.

    I am more likely to get news on Twitter whether its from a Fansite or the FB.

  5. Does the Lex over Facebook count as fansites or facebook?

  6. Fansites via FB

  7. C’mon twitter makes everything so much easier when you want the 365 on what’s goin’ on

  8. I say both twi sites and twitter lol cuz I’m always on twifans and pretty much my whole twitter is fansites twitter

  9. Kelly Ray says

    I’d be lost without twitter for all my Twilight goss

  10. Fan sites via Twitter for me as well.

  11. Yep I’m a Twitter-Twi too!

  12. Fansites because they are the most reliable and the lexicon rocks!

  13. I on fansites daliy, if not more, I could imagine getting my news from those others when fansites are the most reliable and dedicated fans like myself and others.

  14. This site and a couple others websites who link through Twitter.

  15. this poll is somewhat biased because it’s being posted on a twilight fansite…if it were posted on facebook maybe more people would vote for that, etc. people who generally go to the lexicon will put “fansites” when they see this poll.
    but it is somewhat true as well; i get most of my news from fansites.

  16. I always visit this website everyday. I don’t know, i just do it. But actually, the first time I’ve heard of Twilight was from Perez hilton dot com

  17. I agree with pretty much everyone else. Twilight fan sites (lots of them=]) and Twitter.

  18. i.had.a.dream.last.night says

    I have the lex on my My Yahoo page.

  19. Does anyone else get info from Tumblr also?

  20. Definitely Twilight fansites. Actually, one site in particular: The Twilight Lexicon! I do visit other sites occasionally, but mostly I get my Twilight news from here.

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