Kiowa Gordon Hometown Hero

Kiowa Gordon is incredibly popular in his local Phoenix area as Twifans reports. Pel met Kiowa when he unexpectedly stopped by the Phoenix TwiTour and he is just the nicest person ever!

According to TwiFans

“Kiowa Gordon wasn’t at TwiTour Phoenix signing autographs but he had his own signing event just miles away from the event. Fans showed up via fliers to Kiowa’s event which was held at Tang’s restaurant in Goodyear, AZ. Kiowa is a Arizona local resident and his presence was helping Tang’s sell some amazing smelling food. He had a table full of very HOT poses. I was having trouble picking one for myself and for the site. Kiowa signed a special photo for a giveaway for”


  1. I’m from Phoenix & I ADORE Kiowa!

    I could go to that or the signing he had at a comic book store. They were literally on opposite sides of the city from me.
    & Anyone who’s read Twilight knows – Phoenix is a HUGE place. Bella never shuts up about it.

    I’m not bothered I missed all these chances to meet him, I’m just proud he’s representing the Phoenix area. <3

  2. I met him at Tang’s what a sweetheart he was.

  3. tammy smith says:

    He also did a signing at a comic book store on Saturday in Phoenix. He was great!! So sweet!!

  4. I was at TwiTour this past weekend & was so surprised when Alex & Chaske invited Kiowa. It was very sweet of him to dance w/ one of the trivia winners. I’ll never forget dancing w/ Kiowa & Chaske to ”Billie Jean.”

  5. I saw him at a resturaunt in tennessee when he was filming ‘into the darkness’.

    he seemed pretty cool. he was only a couple of tables away

  6. I met him. He’s really nice. His agent or mom was very uptight or wanting attention. A bit like I would imagine David from American Idols dad is.

  7. I met Ki at Tang’s. He was so sweet and so was his mom! She was awesome! It was great that they had it at a restaurant because I hadn’t eaten much that day and I was really hungry. Ki’s mom invited me to sit with the family so I had fun chatting with them. They’re all so awesome! I’m just proud that Ki is reporesenting the Valley. Go, Ki!!!

  8. hes just adorable!! HES MY OBSESSION!! he looks so sweet and hes so baby cute..(hes hot too lol) i love him

  9. He seems so sweet. I’d love to meet him.

  10. Aww! He’s awesome! I loved watching him dance at the Vampire Ball over the weekend. 😀 Wish I had known about the autograph signings; I definitely would have gone to see him. He seems like a really sweet guy.

    Also, we Phoenix residents are very lucky to have two hot members of the wolf pack living in our area. 😉 (Along with Stephenie Meyer herself, of course!)

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