More Photos of Piazza Scene Via Twifans

Again we are only going to link so people aren’t spoiled if they don’t want to be.

Note that the make-up dept made sure that Kristen has a scar on her arm from James.

Photos on Twifans.


  1. Kate :] says:

    first comment:]

  2. OMG Kristens face makes me want to cry, this scene is going to be so good! The look on her face is so perfect…like even from pictures you can see the desperation of Bella to get to Edward…ugh I love it

  3. oh my lordy! (and im atheist) the pictures are soooo good!
    even if it is stewart, it makes me drool as much as the pictures of RPatz! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!
    oh and…

    ~~~~did anyone else notice the big tear in RPatz’s shirt pocket?

  4. emmett4everrr says:

    omg those pictures are flippin amazinggggg!!!!!

  5. So vivid…its going to be awesome!

  6. bigbluecheer08 says:

    omg the pictures are awsome, i can’t wait untill it comes out to see the finish product!

  7. Twilight9009 says:

    My computer freezes every time i try to look at them!!! 🙁

  8. omj his eyes r soooooo pretty!!! wats with the tare? in his shirt?

  9. mrsmkeyman says:

    yo did anyone else notice bella’s vamp bite?

  10. shareenmy says:

    Robert looks so creepy..totally like a vampire.But I thought his eyes should be more black than golden

  11. I noticed the bite mark too!!! Hopefully it looks a lot better on the big screen than it does in the photos.

  12. Julie M. says:

    These pictures, along with the other from earlier today, are just flipping awesome. I got butterflies when I was looking at them. Did anyone notice that Chris was wearing red also? Kristen looked gorgeous, you could see the determination in her face to get to Edward. Just love it!!!

  13. Rob is so beautiful … this moon will be ten times better than Twilight, if only because of the makeup. He looks so much more vampiric.

  14. Thanks so much for not posting the pictures directly on the website… I’m doing quite well in my quest to not spoil the movie for myself. From everyone’s comments, I’m guessing the scene looks pretty good.

  15. Katelyn says:

    does anyone else think kristen’s shirt is a little idk low?

    other thn tht i love the pix, cant wait til new moon!

  16. kehacakes says:

    I love these pics! His eyes are so cool and her facial expressions are awesome. I seem to remember a few people seeing some of Kristens earlier pics and saying she couldn’t pull off the facial expressions,and that she didn’t look upset enough. I just hope they see these pics.Go Kristen! Can’t wait till November!

  17. twilighter says:


  18. I love how Robert looks so pale, very much like I imagined! Can’t wait!

  19. Oh man, Rob looks so creepy in some of those pics! He looks like he’s gone crazed, which is completely appropriate, except they weren’t filming in those shots. LoL Anyways, these are great, November can’t come soon enough!

  20. Jennifer L. says:

    so hot. obviously, Rob doesn’t want to disappoint the fans, so he’s been in the gymn just like Taylor. so close to the rippin’ 8 abs. <33

  21. Is it just me? These photos are too HUGE to see!

  22. I love the pics, thanks! Makes me wish I were there. I did notice the ones of the girl running in the fountain, and if you look closely, isn’t not Kristen. The one right after she gets out of the fountain, you can tell by her face that it’s not Kristen. Then you see Kristen standing in the spot to shoot from there where she just got out of the fountain, but it was the stunt double…

  23. Edwardlover1901 says:

    Omg! i was in my english class when i first saw these pictures. i had to cover my mouth because i sqeeled when i saw them. everyone still looked at me all weird though. But oh my gawd! Edward is looking so yummy! I want him for myself now! gah, i wish i was bella!


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