High Resolution Trailer Now on Oprah!

Check it all out and remember to video your reaction and send it to us!

Eclipse Final Trailer on Oprah: We Want Your Reactions!

So the news broke this weekend that the final Eclipse trailer will debut on the Oprah Winfrey Show on April 23rd (and no doubt it will be a viral video soon after). We want to see your live reaction watching it.

So here’s the deal, tape your reaction to the trailer, upload it to YouTube, send us the link, and we will cover the best reactions from people who are preteens, teens, twenties, thirties, fourties…you get the idea. If we have someone’s great grandma watching, we want to see the reaction because Twilight fans come in all ages! You have until Saturday the 24th at noon eastern to get us your clip, so you’ll have enough time to upload and edit. It doesn’t have to be fancy, in fact really raw rough cuts from web cams are often the best stuff. We’ll run the best ones on Sunday morning.

Send the link to your video to [email protected]

Hillywood reacts to the Eclipse trailer

Hannah and Hilly from the Hillywood Show sat down with Clevver TV to discuss the new Eclipse trailer.

10 Interesting Tidbits When You Pause the Trailer

Trailer1So after playing this a few times *cough30cough* we decided to go slowly and write down a few observations.

  • The initial shot of the Summit logo has the early Eclipse treatment ghosted in the background with the Eclipse breaking over the mountain top.
  • Mark .19 Is that a shiny engagement ring we see on Bella’s finger, or did Edward’s sparkles rub off?
  • Mark .25 Enter the four Volturi: Demetri, Alec, Jane, Felix. Here’s to more lines from all of them!
  • Mark.29 Kristen’s “hide the mullet” wig looks pretty good here.
  • Mark .32 Is that a Quileuete tribal design Edward is clutching, or is it a graphic of a vampire found back when Bella looked up vampire myths in Twilight.
  • Mark .35 The Target purple comforter is back. If Target would actually still sell that in wider distribution, they’d make a mint!
  • Mark .40 Welcome back Sarah Clarke as Renee!
  • Mark 1.01 Could this be the site of the battle with the newborns?
  • Mark 1.09 Why hello there Bryce Dallas Howard looking fierce and catlike.
  • Mark 1.20 Is that the same location as 1.01. the geographic features seem right.

At Last, the Eclipse Trailer!

10 sec Eclipse Preview Now On-line!

Tomorrow we will have the full Eclipse trailer for you to view and sigh over.  But for now, we have a ten second glimpse of the trailer. Enjoy!

Teasers, and Trailers, and Eclipse Footage Oh My!

After a lot of back and forth emails late last night to clarify what was going up when, here the full story as explained by our friends over at Imprint Podcast:

“The 10-second Eclipse teaser trailer preview would be released on Wednesday, March 10th at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET. This is still true. It will be distributed via satellite to major media outlets. As soon as it’s online, we’ll share it with you.

What’s new is this: Summit has confirmed that the entire Eclipse teaser trailer WILL be online Thursday, March 11th at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET. It too will be released via satellite, but should be online shortly after that time. The moment is on the internet, we’ll share it with you.”

Shout out to Andrew for being on the westcoast and being functional at 2;30 am eastern to write that up. We will be doing exactly what they are doing.

There is also the same trailer that will be guaranteed to appear in front of Remember Me in USA theaters.  When Remember Me debuts this weekend. It is not guaranteed (but possible) to run in front of the movie outside the USA. The French fans have contacted the French distributor and it seems to be the consensus that it will be there in France.

The Walmart version of the New Moon DVD has other footage.

We thinks that’s everything.

New Moon Goes Viral

Earlier today the official Twilight Saga movie Twitter revealed that the New Moon trailer was the most viral video of 2009. Here’s coverage of the top three.

New Moon Commercial

We’ve more or less seen most of this material before.  Now, it’s in commercial format.

MTV Trailer Preview

MTV has a preview of their version of the trailer that is supposedly more extended than what is currently showing in front of Sorority Row. We’re sure some observant person will correct us if we are wrong, but we don’t remember the picture of shirtless Edward with Bella standing on the steps in the footage that that has leaked all over the Internet.