Teasers, and Trailers, and Eclipse Footage Oh My!

After a lot of back and forth emails late last night to clarify what was going up when, here the full story as explained by our friends over at Imprint Podcast:

“The 10-second Eclipse teaser trailer preview would be released on Wednesday, March 10th at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET. This is still true. It will be distributed via satellite to major media outlets. As soon as it’s online, we’ll share it with you.

What’s new is this: Summit has confirmed that the entire Eclipse teaser trailer WILL be online Thursday, March 11th at 6 AM PT/9 AM ET. It too will be released via satellite, but should be online shortly after that time. The moment is on the internet, we’ll share it with you.”

Shout out to Andrew for being on the westcoast and being functional at 2;30 am eastern to write that up. We will be doing exactly what they are doing.

There is also the same trailer that will be guaranteed to appear in front of Remember Me in USA theaters.  When Remember Me debuts this weekend. It is not guaranteed (but possible) to run in front of the movie outside the USA. The French fans have contacted the French distributor and it seems to be the consensus that it will be there in France.

The Walmart version of the New Moon DVD has other footage.

We thinks that’s everything.


  1. shannonh08 says

    bouncing up and down! YIPPEEEEE!

  2. im waiting very impatiently.. and im sick so time is going by VERY slowly. i need something to make me happy.. THIS better make me happy. or fits gonna hit the shan, peoples.

  3. Finally! Yay!

  4. I’m waiting also haha .. I CAN’T WAIT !!!

  5. I can’t wait! If I had a tail it will wag right now! LOL

  6. RunsWithWolves says

    I’d love to say i cant wait to see it but to be honest im really nervous about this trailer.
    I couldnt wait to see the New Moon trailer but with Eclipse its like a bad taste in my mouth thinking about it.
    I just really, really hope its gonna be alright.

    Im gonna throw a hissy fit if it wont 🙁

  7. can’t wait.

  8. counting the seconds!!

  9. OMG,I cant freakin’ WAIT!!! This is so awesome!

  10. I am on pins and needles. I have to see just a touch of whats coming in June !!!

  11. Can’t wait for it!

  12. SQUEE! Just 20 more minutes!

  13. Thanks so much for the info…*sitting on the edge of my seat*…can’t wait for the teaser and the trailer and to see more of Rob in Remember Me on Friday!!! Exciting week for Twi-Fans! Oh, by the way, you guys were simply wonderful at the Twilight Convention in ATL this past weekend! It was really cool to hear all of your inside information first-hand! Thanks for being there and doing what you do!

  14. Anyone know what time in UK time it will be out?
    Im so excited!!!

    • Hello Lora! I’m in Italy, here it’s 2:50 p.m right now and if I’ve well understood it will be shown at 9 am USA (east cost) which means 3 pm here and 2pm in UK…Right?

  15. I’m freaking out. Soooo excited guys. It feels like its been forever.

  16. I can’t wair for it…really….. I’m so curious!

  17. im just sat here refreshing the twilight lexicon page haha! waiting for it..

  18. oh gosh im so excited for only 10 seconds of footage…..is that wrong? 🙂

  19. oh wow…..I’m speechless…

  20. It’s online:

  21. I’m sitting here shaking like Jake…Trying to hold myself together…am so excited yet nervous as hell. Slade has to get this right, it has to be done just so. If it deviates from the flavor of the book or focuses on one aspect too much emphasizing one element while ignoring others-he’ll kill all the layers that make it so special

  22. Its online NOW!!!!

  23. yea i can’t wait tomorow on thursday when they release the whole teaser trailer for eclispe but i won’t be able to see it til after i get out from work. but i the ten min of what they had today and it still makes excited to see the movie. and we don’t have to wait as long for this one to come out we only have to wait till the end of june. in usa

  24. AliceKikiCullen says

    OMEOMEOMEOMEOMEOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!

  25. HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!!! I’m soo excited!! 🙂

  26. What a birthday treat…if only for 10 seconds!

  27. Angelique says

    I am not complaining about the wig but why couldn’t they put extensions in her hair instead?

  28. I’m surprised they are doing the whole trailer tomorrow since that may impact how many people go to see Remember Me simply for the exclusive Eclipse preview.

  29. 12:12 am on the 11th. I’m on the east cost so: EIGHT HOURSs AND FOURTY EIGHT MINIUTES!!!! eeeep!!!!!!

  30. Olympic Coven says

    June 30th can’t come fast enough and yet we’re talking in the office about Breaking Dawn. Hope it is two movies so they can get as much from the book as possible.

  31. You want to know something? I completely forgot about her wig until I read the comments here!!! Please, enough with the wig business..its the story as a whole…not Bella’s hair that we love!!!!