Peter Facinelli Shares His Favorite YouTube Videos

You can find Peter’s favorites here. The list includes both Hillywood’s New Moon and Eclipse parodies as well as the infamous bikini dance.

Peter also just did a bunch of behind the scenes videos on the Nurse Jackie set.

Behind the Scenes With Hillywood’s New Moon Parody

The Hillywood Show just posted a bunch of unofficial behind the scenes looks at their New Moon Parody shoot that took place in Forks Washington and in Las Vegas in early spring 2010. The videos are rough cuts shot by fans who were present. The Hillywood Show will eventually have it’s own version online. They have about half a dozen of the fan shot videos up, but the one below is our favorite featuring Hilly Hindi (Bella) and Kyle (Jacob) suffering for their art. The air temp was approximately 30 degrees when the footage was shot.

Jen from our staff was fortunate enough to be present for part of the Hillywood Show’s upcoming Eclipse parody shoot. Once they launch their new parody in 2011, we will bring you some really cool behind the scenes glimpses.

Check out the rest of the New Moon and Twilight outtakes here.

Edward’s Meadow: Hillywood Interview Part Two

Hillywood Releases Eclipse Parody Teaser

Edward’s Meadow Interviews Hillywood

If you love the Hillywood parodies as much as we do, be sure to check out this interview.

Tammy Twizzle Interviews Hillywood

The Tammy Twizzle show covers the Official Twilight Convention and interviews Hillywood at the 5:30 mark.

The Hillywood Show Discusses the Eclipse Parody

Last night Hannah and Hilly Hindi, the sisters behind The Hillywood Show, appeared on Blog Talk Radio’s Artists on Demand show. The Episode was recorded so you can hear what the girls did for their recent Runaways parody(see below) and what they are planning for their upcoming Eclipse parody.

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The Hillywood Show cast is next appearing at the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Tour in Indianpolis (they just slashed prices to $10 for a day pass) this weekend. Lori, Jen, and Shelley(Alphie, Be My Escape, Something Blue) of the Lexicon will be there too. In fact, Indy, happens to be the hometown of both Shelley and Lori!

The Hillywood Show: The Runaways Parody

We are big fans of Hannah and Hilly Hindi, the two sisters better known as Hillywood. They just filmed their parody to the Runaways that has a few Twilight related mentions in it. The group’s next project is their Eclipse parody that the girls told us will be out in the fall.

The Hillywood Show Reveals New Parody Pictures

We all know that The Hillywood Show does some of the very best Twilight parodies out there.  They also branch into other things like The Dark Knight and Pirates of the Caribbean. Their next parody does have a bit of a Twilight connection as they are spoofing two Twilight stars, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning in The Runaways! Check out the latest photos that the girls put up. The parody is coming out on an unnamed date in June.


Don’t forget to see The Hillywood Show total cast: Hannah, Hilly, Drew, Jake, and Kyle on the official Twilight Tour run by Creation Entertainment. What really sets Hillywood apart from other parody groups out there is that they are super Twilight fans.

The Hillywood Show Watches the Eclipse Trailer

So we were backstage waiting for the Official Twilight Convention in VA to start and we realized that Oprah had the trailer on her site. So, we showed it to Hannah, Hillary, Drew, Jacob, and Kyle of the Hillywood Show who were about to go on stage to open the convention. We recorded it on a Flip and the editing software was being EVIL it wouldn’t let us name the file so it ended up as being “video 41” by default…go figure.

Make sure you stop by the Hillywood site and let them know what you think! Also the girls are fundraising for their next parody. If you enjoy their stuff consider giving them a donation.