New Moon Commercial

We’ve more or less seen most of this material before.ย  Now, it’s in commercial format.


  1. how funny is the dubbing of ‘vampire’ over alice’s line instead of ‘us’

    • Technically I don’t think they did dub over Alice’s voice. It would have been an alternate version of the line.

      Also, she says that line when she is in the car with Bella. The scene they show in this clip is when she is telling Bella that Edward thinks she’s dead. If you look at her mouth she is definitely saying the word “human” but it’s a different line. So, basically what they did is take a different version of that line and then used it over the top of another scene where she says the word “human”.

      Still agree it was poorly done.

  2. HAHA i noticed that too! It’s not her voice. Because in the very first trailer, she says “You know way to much about US.” bahah.

    I love itt!!!
    ahhhhh 24 days!!

  3. creepy voice.

    can’t wait!!!

  4. SnoWhite11120 says:

    Jacob: “I’ve got a vampire to kill.”

  5. i was thinking the same thing! the dubbing sounds awful!

  6. “ive got a vampire to kill” he said that just like jacob:]

  7. TwilightFreak says:

    LOL wtf is with the ‘vampire’ being stuck in there? haha they could have at least done a better job in making it sound more like Ashley. HAHA.

  8. i love it but the narrator is kinda weird….

  9. BELLA risks everything for Edward not the other way around

    • That can be debated. I believe that they risk everything for each other.

      Loved the trailer with the movie guy voice.

  10. I LOVE IT when taylor/jacob says, “i’ve got a vampire to kill.” LOVE IT!!!! that’s exactly how i pictured jacob saying it!!! :] <3 team jacob

  11. I really hate how the dude says that only one(Edward) will risk everything for her because Edward thinks that Bella is dead so what is he risking??? He just wants help in committing suicide. And it seems like their saying that Jacob would never risk everything for her when he ends up doing just that in BD. This thing really pissed me off.

    • LOL. I do agree, but I’m not gonna get upset. We on Team Jacob know the real deal. We know he never “tricked” Bella into anything and we also know that he never ever hurt Bella the way Edward did when he left her. That was the defining moment for me in NM. When Edward left it broke my heart too. Jake was there and he’d do anything for that girl. Yes sir!!

      • Jacob did manipulate Bella into kissing him in “Eclipse”. He told her he was going to get himself killed in the fight so she’d ask him to come back and kiss her. Also, Edward was doing the right thing in many ways when he left Bella in NM. If she were any other girl, she’d have no business being involved w/ a vampire. I would’ve thought less of him if he hadn’t had the courage to leave her so that she could have a chance at a normal life.

    • I know! Thank YOU!!

    • They are just talking about this movie. I understand what you are saying, but you can’t look at it in the perspective of BD. They are talking about at this stage in the series. And he does risk everything to save her once he finds she’s alive…

    • I’va always been team Edward, but I totally agree that this narration doesn’t apply. He didn’t really risk everything for her, he messed up immensely, tried to kill himself, and when he realized what really happened, sure, he did what he could THEN to fix it. Billie ^ was right, SHE knowingly risks everything to save HIM.
      You could argue that his leaving in the first place, for what he thought was her own good was him risking everything for her, but that’s kind of a weak defense. You fail, trailer-voice guy.

      • I think it’s true that Edward risks everything for Bella. He would give her up if it meant that Bella would stay safe and human. He leaves because he thinks it’s best for Bella, and that, in my opinion, is risking everything because at that point Edward can’t really live without Bella anymore. When I read the books I always get the feeling that Jake wouldn’t go as far as Edward when Bella’s well-being is concerned, he’s more selfish than Edward. So I think it’s justifiable to say that Edward is the only one that risks everything for Bella, especially when we’re talking about New Moon.

  12. i saw this last night
    needless to say I sorta freaked out ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. TeamSwitz4life says:

    omg i saw this commercial on tv last night!! ah can’t wait to see the whole movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I love it.

    “I’ve got a vampire to kill”

    Love you Jacob so much.

  15. stephanie says:

    why did they double it? Whats wrong with us instead of vampire?

  16. Although I’m on team Edward. I could just eat up Jacob Black when he says he has a vampire to kill. The dubbing on Ashley’s line is ridiculous. You can’t fool a Twilight fan.

  17. Mary Alice Cullen says:

    I love it.

  18. I’m sorry, that was just … corny.

  19. love the commercial.REALLY hate the freakin announcer’s voice.

  20. The new clips are good, but i really don’t like this trailer. It is misleading of the movie plot, and that “vampire” over-dub is just akward.

    • Yeah I was wondering why they dubbed over the ‘us’ with ‘vampire’..most people who see the commercial will already know that they’re vampires.

  21. YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS…November 20th is finally within reach. OMJB xo ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. papermoon says:

    i saw a commercial last night but it wasn’t this one! it was a different one that showed Laurent being attacked by the wolves. i nearly choked on my food.

  23. I am REALLY impressed with that wig on Kristin S. I was worried when I heard they’d be using them in this movie but I think they look awesome in all the clips.

    • I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure it’s Kristen’s real hair in New Moon. She didn’t cut it off until she was about to start The Runaways.

    • yeah, she didnt cut her hair till she was finished with new moon, thats when she started runaways. she won’t have the wig until eclipse, which by now is already done!!!! cant wait for nov. 20th ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. FilDeCuivre says:

    I loved the first tv spot they released but this.. Well, I don’t hate it but I don’t love it either. When I heard that dubbing I wanted to laugh for its stupidity! Seriously. The voice who says “vampire” kind of sounds a bit Esme-ish, anyone else think the same..?

    Anyway I loved the Jacob part where he tells he’s got a vampire to kill! New Moon will rock because of him! And because of the better effects + a lot of things ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. I just saw this a few minutes ago! So exciting!

  26. Pause at 0:23-0:24 seconds and you will see a cushion they used for Felix! Ahaha!

  27. Is it me or does Edward’s eyes always looks bloodshot through the whole clip? I know in the Volturi scenes he’s at his saddest and weakest so i get it there but even when he was about to push Jacob.

  28. uh, this is nothing compared to the spot that just played during jay leno. somebody upload that, yo! i’m pretty sure it was brand-spanking new. it had bella saying to jacob “you’ve killed people” and then he says something like “only when we were trying to protect you” – crazy!

    oh and yes. the dubbing was awful. silly, summit, dubbings for kung fu!

    • FilDeCuivre says:

      It’s on YouTube at Official Twilight Channel, it was the first tv spot they released if I’m not wrong. At least it had Jacob and Bella say those lines and it was way better than this one..

    • Yes, That is the one I saw last night during Heros. Ok, I’m not going crazy. Someone is holding out on us. Hmmmmmmmm

  29. Yes I agree.That commercial was absolutly ghoulish. Jake was completly unsheathed at 00:16. I hope the next one has more big ones in it.

  30. I think they are just hyping up the movie rather than accurately portraying jacob. Lets all calm down Jacob Lovers (I’m with ya) they are trying to appeal to all the edward obsessed people (I respect you guys too) in this commercial. Doesn’t mean its true but it will sure make them money.

  31. Nymphadora_Cullen says:

    haha…. Saw the cushion under Felix’s head!

    “I’ve got a vampire to kill.” SOOOOO Jake!!!!

    And yes, Edward’s eyes look bloodshot…. But at 0:18…. Is he wearing…. PJ’s? I mean, they look like PJ’s but they probably aren’t…. But I just assumed they were PJ’s. Don’t yell at me, I know vampires don’t sleep.

    Can’t wait for Nov 20! Can it come any faster?

  32. I sooo can’t wait for this movie!!! I have seen to many clips because I am noticing all of the differences too!!!

  33. I’m sorry, but the voice-over killed it. I can smell the camembert from here.

    Okay, I was excited the first time I saw it, I will admit I squeeed like the overgrown fangirl that I am, but the more I see the ad, the more misleading it comes off…I really don’t like the bit about how Edward is risking everything to save her…he’s the one who got her into this mess in the first place with his selfish and misguided decision to leave her.

    But we shan’t get into semantics. I’m still REALLY excited to see the movie, even after seeing that cheesy trailer. NM is my favourite book in the series, hands down, so I’m excited to see it on the big screen.

  34. Last night 10/26 during Heros there was a trailer for New Moon. Is this new? I’ve not seen it before.

  35. There was a new one last night during Monday Night Football too (yes, during FOOTBALL).

  36. something about that was wrong, off. I dunno, it felt like it was dragging it’s feet in the mud and the movie voice guy felt forced. blah blah blah, for some reason I wasn’t diggin’ it…

  37. This might be silly but I was excited to see that the film has the budget and clout for them to hire “the movie trailer guy”… he does all the good flicks! It’s going to be a blockbuster!

  38. novelista20 says:

    Umm…can someone tell me what trailer you guys are talking about with the voice over. Cause the trailer I saw was when they show jacob morphing into wolf form while bella is in between him and edward. They also show victoria running trying to get away. Anyways.. Kristen s is wearing a wig in new moon. She actually wore one in twilight. You can tell by looking at wear her part starts in her hair. Its like her real hair is combed back to a point than you can see a part way in the middle just starting (that’s the wig) just watch the scene in the extended trailer when she is about to jump off the cliff. The camera angle rises above her head and you can clearly tell its a wig.

  39. weaaaak. i can’t wait to see the movie, but if i wasn’t a fan, this trailer would not excite me.
    infact, i am a fan and this trailer does not excite me.

    what’s with the creepy narrator voice?
    i don’t think this movie is so intense that it requires the action voiceover guy.

    tsk tsk, summit…
    slippin on your game, dudes.

  40. haha wow…the dubbing is terribleeeee. and the narration was super lame. but the Jacob line was sooooo Jabcob:)

  41. oops… JABCOB… hahah:)

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