Hillywood reacts to the Eclipse trailer

Hannah and Hilly from the Hillywood Show sat down with Clevver TV to discuss the new Eclipse trailer.


  1. shannonh08 says:

    Have they seen the Exclusive Behind the Scenes footage yet? Like to hear Drew’s thoughts on Jasper’s new ‘do!

  2. KSmithGray says:

    All I heard in that interview was “I knooooow!” “Yahhhhhhh” “Oh yahhhhh” “I knooooow!”

    Valley girls… >.<

  3. Yeah… I gotta agree with KSmithGray. That was painful to watch.

  4. We Love Hillywood!

  5. Very interesting to see how they are watching for and pick up on the little details, and after only 2 or 3 viewings of the trailer. But it’s also because they’re looking to pick up on what elements they can incorporate in their parody.

  6. They are really annoying. I couldnt even watch all of it. They obviosley havent read the books and dont have respect for the story.

  7. I say no to the jacob in kakis! i’m not really feelin it to be honest. i was kind of thrown off by them when i first saw it. i know its trivial but i’m glad they noticed the change.
    ps. can’t waittt for june 30 <3

  8. Twilight9009 says:

    I agree that they are annoying. I couldn’t stand to watch this. I thought they were fans, but this makes me question whether they are fans or just doing the parodies for fame. I will not be watching their Eclipse parody.

    • I’d really like to know what the definition of a “real Twilight fan” is. Everyone loves the books, movies and actors in their own unique way, everyone has others things they value the most about the books and movies, so what makes you the one to decide who’s a fan and who’s not?
      I just don’t get it, in order to be a true fan, did they have to sit there and not laugh or giggle about anything? Did they have to defend the books and movies of everything, not give them critique in any way? That’s not being a fan, if that’s the way you feel, that is being overobsessed of something imo. They are sweet girls that make parodies of something they love and they do an amazing job at it. They are supertalented and intelligent girls. Sure they may sound a bit annoying, but that is just the way their voices are and the way they talk. Look past it.
      If you don’t want to watch the Eclipse parody, that’s your choice and that’s just fine, but i still really think you will. Sorry.

      • Twilight9009 says:

        I think you are looking too much into my comment. I don’t think people have to love every single thing about the movies and the books, they just don’t seem to know a lot about what they are talking about. And I didn’t say they were NOT fans. I just said I question whether they are fans or not. Also, I am not the only one that got annoyed by them.

  9. The Hillywood Show girlies are fans! They said so in interviews before! If they didn’t like twilight why would they put so much effort into the parodies? I’ve heard they are non funded too and put they’re own money from their jobs into the parody and they are still in the red from their New Moon Parody! If they didn’t like twilight, they wouldn’t be putting so much time in effort into the parodies for us fans! Let’s support hilly & hannah, rather than bash them. They said nothing mean in this interview about Eclipse. It looks like they’re just having fun! I love Hillywood and I look forward to their eclipse parody! 😀 Who’s with me? Team Hillywood!

  10. These girls are super annoying. I have never seen their parodies and I doubt I ever will. This is a prime example of what happens when anyone can just post crap on the internet. To me and yes this is MY OPINION. But this just seems like they are riding the coattails of the series book and movies alike. I would much rather watch parodies that poke fun at it. Because as a fan I can laugh a little at myself for being a dork and not a complete loser.

    • Ashleigh says:

      Jeremy though a lot of their other stuff isn’t that good, the Twilight parodies are surprisingly good. At first I wasn’t even going to watch it cause like you I thought it was just another group of people posting crap on the internet.

      Until you’ve actually watched the parodies you can’t actually say whether they are crap too or not because all you have to base that off is what they have already done, not what they are currently doing.

      An artist for example isn’t going to be great from the start but they learn and get better. I think it is the same case here.

  11. excited much? by the way, i think kristen’s wearing Adriano Goldschmied jeans, or at least they look very much alike

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