The Movie Fanatic: Profile Chris Weitz

The Movie Fanatic, one of the very few websites to clue into the Twilight phenomena early on has a great article addressing the different hurdles that Chris Weitz faces as director. TMF always provides great analysis and more than the brief soundbite commentary.

“In a recent interview, it was noted that “Chris Weitz, who also writes and produces, sometimes with his brother Paul, had done a fantasy adaptation in 2007’s “The Golden Compass” and felt a connection to the material.” Also, there is one particular segment of the moviegoing public that Summit wants to impress – the male audience who have been lukewarm (another word might be hostile) in their reception of Twilight.

In this article, tMF will also attempt to find some answers to three specific questions: Can he make a difference and give the fans what they really want? Can he entice this ‘hostile’ group into watching New Moon? Can Weitz level the playing field between Taylor Lautner and the very popular Robert Pattinson?”
Check out the rest on TMF.

TMF: Robert Pattinson, Just Where Is the Line In The Sand?

The Movie Fanatic has an in depth piece surrounding the media circus that seems to cover Robert Pattinson wherever he goes. They interviewed the crew over at Pattinson online(shout out to admin Joyce who we met in Atlanta), a fan group that has been following Rob for over three years.

Pattinson Online, who has watched Rob go from relative obscurity to possibly the most known bachelor in Hollywood, has their own take on the madness and has started a campaign called FLANS to combat aggressive bloggers, paparazzi, and overly obsessive fans.

TMF asks:

“What’s on your mind? Should the media (particularly the gossip tabloids and magazines) respect an artist’s right to privacy? Or is it justified for them to speculate and spread rumours and gossip about an actor since he is already aware that all of these are ‘part of the culture’? Is it also justified for a celebrity blogger like Perez Hilton to reveal information about an actor for the sake of ‘entertainment’, security, privacy and health concerns, notwithstanding?”

As usual Jed and company at TMF look at all sides of the issue and go beyond the mere soundbite. Check out the full article.

The Movie Fanatic: Best Twilight Sites

The Movie Fanatic is doing their yearly article on the best Twilight sites,

“tMF is also about to begin our third search for the best Twilight fansites, and would like to ask the help of the fans to narrow down the field and enable us to once again pick the sites that are really making a difference.

Aside from those we’ve already mentioned, are there some new kids on the block worthy of a mention? Tell us and we’ll check them out, find out what makes them special and come up with a new top 3 list!”

So check out the sites (we are there) that Jed and crew at tMF have already mentioned and give the tMF crew your opinion.

TMF: Which of Robert Pattison’s Upcoming Movies Will Be A Hit

Without risking the wrath of rabid Rob Pattinson fans, we think we can safely say that though Little Ashes and How To Be were not runaway box office hits. Now granted, they were small indie movie ventures, and we don’t think anyone intended them to be blockbusters.

Let’s flashforward, Rob now has multiple upcoming projects ranging from modern-day, New York City-based love stories to period costume dramas. The Movie Fanatic delves into what we can expect from Rob’s upcoming work, and asks which will rise to the top on the screen.

Check it all out on The Movie Fanatic.

TMF Readers Voice Robert Pattinson Opinions

The Movie Fanatic (the only industry blogger and media source to cover Twilight in the early days besides MTV) just posted the results of its readers’ survey entitled: Is Rob Pattinson Worth All The Hype. Some of the questions that TMF asked its readers to consider in their response were the following:

1. Is Robert Pattinson all hype and no (or little) talent?

2. Do you think Rob has improved his ways in dealing with the media frenzy from the time he was cast in Twilight until now?

3. Which of Rob’s up and coming movies (choose only 1) do you think would further give him the critical acclaim he deserve?

4. Who is Rob’s most important rival as Hollywood’s Next Golden Boy?

5. Name the actress (aside from Kristen Stewart) who would look awesome acting alongside Rob and would generate a lot of buzz?

As usual the crew over at TMF gives a quality article that doesn’t just scratch the surface. Check it all out on The Movie Fanatic.

Who’s Hollywood’s Next Golden Boy

That’s the question that The Movie Fanatic is asking. Every generation has one. Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas, Harrsion Ford, Robert Redford have all had their moment of being Hollywood’s hot new face in their 20’s or early 30’s. So who is it going to be now?

“This time, we’re doing a poll for Hollywood’s Next Golden Boy – Who do you think fits the bill? Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, Emile Hirsch or Rob Pattinson?”

They have all been part of hits and each has new work on the horizon, so who is it going to be? Get over to TMF and vote!

Also add TMF to your Twitter. Site owner Jed gives some of the best coverage to the indie movie scene. He’s not a gossip rag, he covers what other sites only gloss over, and he makes connections that no one else does.