Who’s Hollywood’s Next Golden Boy

That’s the question that The Movie Fanatic is asking. Every generation has one. Leo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Pierce Brosnan, Michael Douglas, Harrsion Ford, Robert Redford have all had their moment of being Hollywood’s hot new face in their 20’s or early 30’s. So who is it going to be now?

“This time, we’re doing a poll for Hollywood’s Next Golden Boy – Who do you think fits the bill? Zac Efron, Shia LaBeouf, Emile Hirsch or Rob Pattinson?”

They have all been part of hits and each has new work on the horizon, so who is it going to be? Get over to TMF and vote!

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  1. ROB!

  2. ofcourse himmm

  3. I think they’re gonna have to do another pool to know who can be the golden boy besides Rob, I mean there’s no competition, right now Rob has 84.3% and all the others have 5.2%!
    He’s just in another category, he’s not gold, he’s a sparkly diamond!

  4. can be no other than rob…..no one else could have played edward cullen so well that we are obsessed with him. can’t wait to see him in how to be & remember me. all those fans in nyc keep us posted on him! thank you stephenie meyers, since last sept., i, like many, cannot get over the twisaga, pattinson & stewart. thanks to my 18 yo for begging me to read the novels. waiting patiently for new moon!

  5. OME!! Rob has nearly 90% of the vote!! I almost feel sorry for the rest of those guys.
    Hey I said almost.lol. 🙂
    Well done Rob or should I say Hollywoods next Golden boy!!

  6. Bella.Cullen says:

    Rob is going to win… No doubt about it!

  7. arazcal says:

    Is this poll for real? 😉 How could anyone have to even ask the question,unless they’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months…
    R.Patz has it in the bag. But,I do feel sorry for the other guys placed in the same category. They are each talented in their own right but compared to Rob they lack the sparkle factor.

  8. I’m so getting my butt kicked after this. But…Shia LaBeouf has had more hits than Rob and too me has more potential.

    • i love both of them in different ways
      but i gotta say rob has more charisma not saying shia doesnt but he just has more… i think thats one of the many reasons people seem to like him a lot (includin me 🙂

  9. I love Rob, but Shia would definitely get my vote.

  10. Rob is in the lead.

  11. As far as acting skills Rob and Shia are close, but in looks, no one comes close to Rob.

  12. buttercupdaisy says:

    lol i hope i dont get killed for writing this, but i honestly think rob is a terrible actor compared to some of the others on this list. emile hirsch is soo amazing (ever seen into the wild? that movie makes twilight look like a home video, no offense). lol but i guess this is my personal opinion. also, rob does not look that good, i think people are just going goo goo over him cuz he plays edward! lol (personal opinion again!)

    • The Twilight movie looks like a home video compared to Barney! I personally think Catherine Hardwicke did a HORRID job. I’m looking forward to New Moon because it will actually look like a MOVIE.

  13. How could I ever, ever, ever in a million years choose between Emile Hirsch and Robert Pattinson? That’s like being forced to choose between air and water.

  14. honestly there is no competition!Rob all the way!He is a really sweet guy and he isnt scared 2 b his true self.His shyness is soo sweet and he is just an awsome guy.And 4 his hotness….no competition either!Rob is the hottest man on earth,that is the reason he plays the dreamy Edward Cullen!Zac Efron is soo yesterday!Robs the new 2day!And Zac really need 2 pull up his pants no one wants 2 c that.and as for Shia….EEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!As if!!NO ONE WILL EVER BEAT ROB ON THE BETTER PERSON SCALE OR THE HOTNESS SCALE!!!ROB IS BY FAR THE BEST!AMD EMILE SUCKS!I LOVE YOU 4EVER ROB!TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!

  15. I do NOT agree with Rachel.Twilight was an amazing movie!and yes,catherine could have done better,but atleast it became a movie.lets b happy with what we have!and rob did an amazing job they could not have found a better Edward!I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH ROBERT!YOUR MY IDOL!


  17. I couldnt agree with Kayla anymore;]

  18. You r my idol rob!love ya!

  19. buttercupdaisy says:

    lol….. okay sorry to ruffle feathers again, but if you are that obsessed with rob… its not healthy. lol..maybe you should take a break! (and watch some good acting for a change! haha..) hehe sorry! but i LOVE twilight and all, but i still can not see rob doing all that good with acting in adult films because he just doesnt cut it.


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