TMF: Robert Pattinson, Just Where Is the Line In The Sand?

The Movie Fanatic has an in depth piece surrounding the media circus that seems to cover Robert Pattinson wherever he goes. They interviewed the crew over at Pattinson online(shout out to admin Joyce who we met in Atlanta), a fan group that has been following Rob for over three years.

Pattinson Online, who has watched Rob go from relative obscurity to possibly the most known bachelor in Hollywood, has their own take on the madness and has started a campaign called FLANS to combat aggressive bloggers, paparazzi, and overly obsessive fans.

TMF asks:

“What’s on your mind? Should the media (particularly the gossip tabloids and magazines) respect an artist’s right to privacy? Or is it justified for them to speculate and spread rumours and gossip about an actor since he is already aware that all of these are ‘part of the culture’? Is it also justified for a celebrity blogger like Perez Hilton to reveal information about an actor for the sake of ‘entertainment’, security, privacy and health concerns, notwithstanding?”

As usual Jed and company at TMF look at all sides of the issue and go beyond the mere soundbite. Check out the full article.


  1. I feel bad for Rob, the guy can’t do anything on his own now without someone screaming at him or trying to hang all over him. Even before this madness with Rob I thought there should be limits with the paps, they do ANYTHING to get any kind of picture. We don’t need to see someone walking down a street and buying a coffee. They need to give Rob and other celebs a break.

  2. i so glad something is being done to help rob. its crazy, he is a human not public property. these girls have a kind of feverent unhealthy obsession which ultimately could be potentially harmful to him, and to us, the normal fans because he will become reclusive and not attend events like comic con or anything. despite being a public figure he deserves privacy :]

  3. I have to admit that I am guilty of following all of the coverage of Rob on-line and I look at the magazines in the grocery store aisle. When I look at some of the pics/videos taken of him by the paparazzi, my heart just goes out to him. He is a 23 year old kid who has found overnight success and these crazies cannot leave him alone. To be as young as he is, I applaud him for his maturity. The obsession needs to end – we have all seen what overly zealous papparazzi can cause – the death of Princess Diana – (not that Rob’s will be as frenzied, but sometimes I wonder). Although when one enters into a profession that throws them into the public eye, some fan following is to be expected, but the complete invasion of privacy and the inuendo and rumors need to stop. These celebrities are human beings just like the rest of us and we need to stop feeding off of the dirty (or clean) laundry of the rich and the famous. It is because of the crazy, obsessive fanatics that have caused some celebrities to become recluses and what kind of life is that for them? It’s not fair and we need to leave them alone. We need to appreciate them for their talent and what they give to world and we need to appreciate them in the right fashion.
    Let Rob be the 23 year old that he needs to be and let him have as much of a life as he can in the profession that he has chosen. I would hate to see anything horrendous happen to him. He has such talent and promise and so much to offer that he needs to be given that opportunity without feeling smothered!

  4. Okay, there’s also another side to this. For starters
    its fleeting. In a few years he can go back to being just an actor like say, Brad Pitt, or Cruise. This will not last. As an actor, most of them work a lifetime and still don’t have this kind of recognition.
    He’s reached superstardom at a young age, so enjoy it.
    It is a shame he can’t walk down the street, but it comes with being an actor. It will pass.

    • I agree with you. Very often this level of stardom is fleeting. Things will ease off eventually and he will be able to lead a relatively normal life.
      I remember the popularity of the brat pack during the 80’s Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe etc’ go find me a teenage girl now who gives 2 hoots half of them probably don’t even know who they are.
      Go even further back to Beatle mania! This kind of fanaticism will burn itself out. He will get older and so will his fans and before you know it the next teenage sensation will appear.

      • I agree to an extent, however, celebs like Pitt, Cruise, et al didn’t have a machine like the Twilight franchise behind them. So, it may be a little longer for Rob to reap the peace he probably desires at this point. It is a shame that we treat our celebs with such disrespect regarding their private lives —

        • Ellen, exactly, I mean, Robs fame came very early but eventually he will level off to Cruise-Pitt status. Thats what i was trying to say.
          I wish he could enjoy the wonderful ride he’s on right now, but if he can’t then I would just want him to know take heart, its not forever.

      • Shannon says:

        Naomi and Summer you guys are somewhat right. Here’s the thing, while there aren’t teenage girls after those that were in the Brat pack, those that were at that age, still swoon over them and whatnot, they haven’t stopped they just got older and do it differently, some of the stories I’ve heard on interviews of those actors is crazy, women doing some weird stuff.

        Oh and about Brad, yeah um where have you guys been? Women are still throwing themselves at him, but he’s not out in the public as much one b/c he has a family and wife now and that changes things and so he’s not out partying like he use to, if he were women would be throwing themselves at him left and right.

        So while we don’t hear about it all the time about the paparazzi and other things, go look at the pics in the magazines at any store, there are tons of brad pitt and there some of emilio and some of charlie sheen and some of leonardo and others that people thought have died down, it’s just not as headlining b/c well they don’t have something like Twilight out right now. They don’t have the huge following that Twilight has right now.

        So sorry it won’t die down as much as one thinks and all it will take is for him to do another awesome movie after Twilight Saga is all done. And even then its not going to go away b/c Twilight isn’t just some fad that’s going away in the next year or 2, heck it probably won’t be but for another at least 5 years and he will always be associated with Twilight and as you get the younger girls who are getting their licenses and can go places without mommy and daddy or the teens now who turn 18 and don’t have to answer to anyone going out and finding him. It’s not going to end in a short amount of time by any stretch of the imagination.

        He deserves to have some privacy and not have rumors made about him. Also like someone said, we live in an age of technology, some of you (the younger ones even 18 years old and younger) don’t know what it’s like without technology at your ready every second of the day. Heck just in the 13 years since I’ve graduated soo much has come out. The internet has exploded, there are cell phones (when I was in HS we had pagers),everyone has some form of technology at their hand to spread info in a nano second. It wasn’t like that back in the 80’s you had to wait to get the pics developed and then printed, now an hour after it’s taken (most times less) the pics are up, you have a phone with a camera (which most people do) and the pics are up on Twitter or God knows where else or video and it’s up on Youtube in a matter of seconds. So it’s not as easy to get away from and people don’t think about that. You cant’ compare almost 2 decades ago and now, it’s not the same and never will be.

  5. If they wouldn’t take the pics, we all wouldn’t look. And we’d all live and be just fine. I feel so freaking bad for Rob. It has to stop. They need to leave him alone and give him the privacy he deserves. Movie star or not, he doesn’t deserve this and it should not be considered part of the job. It’s just plain RUDE and disrespectful.

    I think one of the big things is trying to get other Twi-sites to commit to not posting the photos and gossip. Tempting or not, it’s a judgment call that I think will benefit everybody in the end.

    Good Job Twilight Lexicon!

    • I didn’t even think of that and you are absolutely right! If sites would stop posting pics & gossip, adding fuel to the fire, if you will, then maybe all of the hype and frenzy would slowly burn out.
      You’re right again, in that everyone would benefit in the end. Twi-fans would have to use their imagination and all of the Twilight stars could have relatively normal lives. Good job!

  6. Back in 97’/98′,it was pretty bad for Leonardo Dicaprio! I cringe when I think how bad it was,but just a few short 10yrs later it is so much worse for poor Rob! In this day in age in the internet,twitter,texting revolution,it has gotten out of hand not just for Rob but for many “trendy” celebrities!
    Maybe its just that I am a few yrs older then most of these young girls who are…..well acting pretty damn crazy,but I wish that they can see how crazy and deranged they look!
    And I sure hope that this all mellows out for poor Rob! I would hate to see all this scare off Rob from this buissness for good or for him to look back with regrets!

    • I agree with you Hilda. With the global communications that we have today it makes everything worse. One image or soundbite can be transferred around the world in seconds. There are cameras in every business, on every street corner and people are sick with their cell phones. And that’s not even considering the paps! (Some of whom appear to be willing to sell their mother to the Huns for the right price.) I also think it will fade in time, and I guess a certain amount of attention goes with this career choice. But there has to be a happy medium.

  7. I think the coverage of Rob is way past too much. It’s a vicious cycle because the media tries to keep the fans buying and the more the fans buy the more the media will cover him. Once the twilight movies are done, it will die down. I get irritated that the media spreads rumors and cut up interviews to make it look like they’re saying something else. I don’t think they should be aloud to twist things and sometimes it not even twisting, it’s just a blatant lie. We really don’t need to know what is going on in his personal life, hence the “personal” part.

  8. We all love RPatts but I agree he needs his privacy. Sure its nice to stand behind the scene of a film shooting to see him do his work but fans can do this by having respect for the actor and his craft. You fans can adore RPatts from a far as I do. As for all those stupid rumors please do you honestly believe that garbage. The magazines only put the rumors out there for you fans to buy them. If you fans really want to show your support for RPatts go to his movies buy the Twilight merchandise show your support instead of trying to attack the poor guy. He desevers the right to walk down the street like any human being without being attack by a pack of screaming girls or the media.

  9. chaskandee says:

    hi,i think somethings come with fame in a way,i dont think its right that people try to follow him and hang on him and do things that are out right rude.even though hes in movies doesent give people the right to invade his own personal space,he should be respected at all times just like it would be for me.when people do things like that it can turn a person into a very hard sure it will make you think is this acting thing really even worth it.u dont want to loose your since of self.people should respect him enuff that hes aperson just like the rest of us and he has a right to live his day to day life without any interference.when people do those things it becomes a very unsafe and thats not right.hes only tring to make the life god has put in his hands work and he should be protected at all times but not to the point where hes a prisoner.thanks for listening,sorry if i sounded stupid.thanks kandee

  10. Yes, all this super-stalking should stop. I mean, come on, “Kristen Stewart Pregnant With Rob’s Love Child”!
    What bugs me is how the likes of Perez Hilton are famous because they make a living out of dishing out insults to people more talented then themselves. I would love for Perez Hilton to be shut down, at least then that would be the biggest douchebag in the paparazzi/blogger circus gone!
    Poor Rob and Kristen 🙁 I’d hate to not be able to walk out my door to get milk without being photographed or some ridiculous article appearing in the tabloids as a result!

    • Julie M. says:

      Perez is horrible. While I would never wish violence on someone, I didn’t feel bad for him when he got hit a while back.

  11. The media should DEFINITELY respect an artist’s right to privacy.

  12. Celebs like RPatts and others deserve what they get. They knew going into this business it would be that way. At least they have their money to keep them safe..

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