The Movie Fanatic: Best Twilight Sites

The Movie Fanatic is doing their yearly article on the best Twilight sites,

“tMF is also about to begin our third search for the best Twilight fansites, and would like to ask the help of the fans to narrow down the field and enable us to once again pick the sites that are really making a difference.

Aside from those we’ve already mentioned, are there some new kids on the block worthy of a mention? Tell us and we’ll check them out, find out what makes them special and come up with a new top 3 list!”

So check out the sites (we are there) that Jed and crew at tMF have already mentioned and give the tMF crew your opinion.


  1. i like you ( twilight lexicon) and

  2. My favorite Robsten webs :]


  4. ‘Robsten Lovers’ and ‘Spunk Ransom’

    ‘Alice’s Aunt’

  5. ‘Robsten Lovers’! :]

  6. jada morris says:

    i think that twilight lexicon is it for me. And because it tells the character they play bios and the actors bios.

  7. edwardcullenismyhomeboy says:

    Well I Love twilight lexicon the best but other then that I really love THE CULLEN CLOSET from

  8. Brenda C says:

    Lex is the best.

  9. This is the most accurate and uptodate information and opinions on the net. Photos, videos, and topics to converse on. We love our Robsten.


  11. The Twilight Lexicon all the way!

  12. Twilight is a thousand times better than Harry Potter. I really love this movie, it is the best movie i have ever watched.

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