The Movie Fanatic: Profile Chris Weitz

The Movie Fanatic, one of the very few websites to clue into the Twilight phenomena early on has a great article addressing the different hurdles that Chris Weitz faces as director. TMF always provides great analysis and more than the brief soundbite commentary.

“In a recent interview, it was noted that “Chris Weitz, who also writes and produces, sometimes with his brother Paul, had done a fantasy adaptation in 2007’s “The Golden Compass” and felt a connection to the material.” Also, there is one particular segment of the moviegoing public that Summit wants to impress – the male audience who have been lukewarm (another word might be hostile) in their reception of Twilight.

In this article, tMF will also attempt to find some answers to three specific questions: Can he make a difference and give the fans what they really want? Can he entice this ‘hostile’ group into watching New Moon? Can Weitz level the playing field between Taylor Lautner and the very popular Robert Pattinson?”
Check out the rest on TMF.


  1. I agree with their positive conclusion:

    Weitz will deliver, if the material that we’ve seen so far in any indication. He has the focus and experience.

  2. you know what I think..forget the male audiance! Why does summit have to have their ok on things? It will either appeal to them or not. You can’t change a mans ideas after he’s already set them…I know!

    • That’s a bit of a generalization, Pinky…

      • Matt, while I’d hardly presume to speak for Pinky, I think I understand where she’s coming from.
        As women, we get tired, very tired of things that we feel very close to being changed or adapted. These things get changed or adapted not because it’s found to be lacking in some way or to better it but because, for whatever reason, it didn’t appeal to a larger audience (men).
        Now I will use the term “men” in a deliberate, broad sense. Here’s an example:
        You’d never see a typical movie skewed generally towards men (think lots of violence, a huge healthy dose of T&A,(female only, of course), mass destruction and gratuitous amounts of swearing) tweaked to see how they can get more women to watch. Why?
        Because they have the audience the movie was intended for already hooked.
        This is why women get angry, perturbed, kinda cranky or down-right pissed-off when we hear that a studio wants to attract “more of” something. We should count. Our opinions, likes and dislikes should count. We(women)are perfectly happy and satisfied with The Twilight Saga series as it is. We don’t want it “tweaked” so that guys may or may not tune in.
        We want it exactly the way it was originally intended to be.
        I hope this gives you a little more insight or a better glimpse inside the female mind. 🙂

    • Nope, I agree with Pinky as far as, who cares about the….Hostiles? is that what they called them? I mean, did Summit not make killer money off the fans?
      I know I didn’t care for Twilight script like alot of others but I still saw it a katrillion times. I would rather they stayed tight with the books than try to reach another audience. I mean they know its gonna be a major hit like the other one so who cares if ‘the Hostiles’ can’t get into it. It shouldn’t all be about the money.

      • Karen, I wasn’t saying that. I was simply disagreeing with her generalization about males, which is simply unfounded and based only on personal experiences. It would be the same as me saying, “All women are radical feminists who can’t change their minds.” It’s a generalization.

        I have no issues with them trying to broaden the appeal of the film. That’s just IMO, of course.

        • Oh yeah, I know not all males are hostiles, thats what I was saying, but who cares about “hostiles’?
          Really….it all comes down to the books. Let the movies follow the books as losely as possible. I know lots of guys (and not all young, as a matter of fact mostly 20-30-40 somethings ) who are crazy about the books, but not so much about the movie. I just wish they would stick to the books, because truth is, thats what most fans as in love with…..

    • Not all males are Hostiles (just like not all Twilight fans are teenage girls). Props to him for trying to appeal to more than just the die hards (and there are twilight guys out there so…) =)

    • I’m with you to a point…
      While I don’t think we should forget about the male audience, I also don’t think we should skew a movie toward either side, male or female.
      If you make a movie that is faithfully, dedicatedly, honestly loyal to a beloved book- you’ll have all the viewers you hope to attract going out to the theatre to see that movie. Chris Weitz came on board fully aware that: 1.the series is beloved, 2.the fans don’t like too much change, 3. if it ain’t broken then why fix it.(tweak it-yes, alter it entirely so that it is hardly recognizable- pack up and leave town, we will find you). 😉
      I believe that New Moon will draw newcomers
      (male and female alike) who have/haven’t seen Twilight or read the series, simply because Mr. Weitz directed.

  3. People should really give him a chance. He’s truly a very nice person. I’m very excited for New Moon.

  4. I have no problem with trying to broaden the appeal as long as it doesn’t mess with the story. Sure, some may give it a second look but others will not give it a chance no matter what. My stepson is one os those “hostiles”. He frequently calls it gay and always has something negative to say. He is jealous because his girlfriend likes it. My problem is the thinking that they NEED to bring in the “boys”. The movie industry already drops tons of money on crap for them (Saw 6 anybody?) Why can’t they do the same for us females and just be happy we are willing to spend like crazy on what we love? They are clueless. Of course, the big execs still think fans are primary tween girls…

    • I think you unearthed the true reason for some men’s hostility toward Twilight when you mentioned your son’s jealousy.

      I read all four books in a week and by the end of it my husband was behaving like I was cheating on him. He kept muttering things like “I hate this Edward guy” because he kept seeing girls with Twilight shirts everywhere he went.

      I’m sure a lot of guys dislike Twilight for different reasons, but I wonder if you did a poll, how many guys would admit that their hostility is just jealousy in disguise?

  5. you know, i think twilight has a bigger male audience than they think. seriously, just do a quick search on youtube, there are tons of guys vlogging – and it isn’t all just about fight scenes and special effects. i routinely discuss everything from romcoms to gilmore girls with my all of my friends, and that’s because i’m a well-adjusted, modern young man who doesn’t give a crap whose trying to get me to buy what. i don’t know what every other male is looking for, but i can say this: personally, the wolf pack is a big part of why i like twilight. jake’s a guy i can really relate to, and edward is like this unattainable idea of perfection that i wouldn’t even want to try to live up to, so yes, i’m very very excited for new moon because of that. but i was excited for twilight too, but for completely different reasons. they can go analyze that to death if that’s what they want to spend their marketing money on.

    as for pinky: not all men are set in our ways. and not all men mind being put into a box, but i certainly do. do you?

    oh, and summit wants our money because they want to make a veritable ton of money. however, one of the reasons to do this is to fuel even more money back into the twilight franchise to make a better product for all the fans. who’s against that?

  6. It’s insulting to men to think that they WOULDN’T see Twilight.

    It’s sad too that basically we have conditioned our young men to be this way. As Jennifer’s example of her teenage stepson.

    We condition boys to be this way and that use it to market to the construction. Sad.

    Guys can and should like romance. The hostiles also shouldn’t write off Twilight Saga series of books or the franchise films as solely romance when it has a lot to offer.

    A lot of people have been criticizing Edward as creepy and stalkerish but look at the men in the news recently – Dave Lettermen, John Edwards and Roman Polanski…that is what men come to in the public eye and their attitudes toward their women.

    Edward wasn’t like that. He had RESPECT for Bella. He wasn’t perfect and could be overprotective but he had self control and struggles but overcame them and put decorum and respect before his “needs.”

    I choose to view it in that way and I think young men should see that side of it instead of calling things “gay” or mocking it.

    And marketers shouldn’t encourage the silliness of teen girls. It’s fun to be young and gush but we shouldn’t be foolish and emptiheaded either.

    They only seem to know how to market to women one way and men another.

    Twilight’s marketing highlights this problem.

  7. Well, what do you know? After my husband caught a glimpse of Paul transforming in front of Bella, he now keeps asking when WE will see New Moon. Score!

  8. The Volturi rule! If you guys just tip the scale in their favor more males will watch it. Make sure to have Caius,Felix and Alice take out the entire la push tribe.

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