Vancouver Set Visit

Alphie and Pel (Lori and Laura) had a fabulous time in Vancouver. A full detailed set report will be out in a few weeks. We have video, audio (the audio is to die for), photos, you name it. It was fabulous!

We can’t really say much more at the moment because we have to wait for an official release date OK from Summit, plus we have a lot of editing to do (did we mention the to die for audio). Summit isn’t being mean or anything, it’s what is known in the industry as an embargo. It’s very standard and this type of relase date in the future thing is imposed on full-time professional journalists on press junkets all the time.

So what we can share at the moment are two photos: one of Alphie and Pel and the other of the scenery where you can tell how Forks-like the terrain is.

Shout out to Mandy who acted as a local guide for us showing us everything Vancity had to offer. We also have to add what a privilege it was to finally meet so many fellow Twilight site ops and assistants. We always talk to each other online, but this was the first time we met everyone in person. Another shout out to Kallie and Kassie of Twilight Series Theories, Matt of Twilight Source, Kimmy of His Golden Eyes, Kara of Twilighters Anonymous, not to be confused with Kara of Twilight Moms.


  1. excited ๐Ÿ™‚ and super jealous lol

  2. Well i’m excited to see what you girls have to share with us. ๐Ÿ™‚
    What date will you be sharing it?

  3. The full report will be out in a few weeks? I can’t wait!

  4. how blessed are you? wow is all i can say, so lucky to be up in the middle of all that is twilight. are we all crazy for being soooo obsessed? i guess i don’t have an answer. i live in mississippi so i don’t get the conventions, and all that other great stuff so yes i am quite jealous. thank you for the lexicon, at least i have that to keep me informed. you do a great job.
    how about a fan made trailer contest. ive been watching them on you tube and they are unbelievable.
    these kids are mega talented. can’t wait to hear about everything, totally jealous….

  5. riddleinside says:

    Can’t wait ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. cant wait girls its looks like you’ve done a great job as always…a big scream of excitement..

  7. NuttyNetty says:

    Am looking forward to that OK date from summit ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. SO COOL

  9. Profit2829 says:

    Oh guy!! Thank you!! Thank you to Summit as well for doing this for the fans too!

    I CAN’T WAIT but I guess I must! HAHA

    Btw did you ask some of the questions we posted here?

  10. FINALMENTE! I didn’t want to say anything, but I had been waiting for this!!! FOR DAYS! I waited to be sure you guys were back, and then it was like whatching paint dry. But I resisted the urge to e-mail because I’ve seen that some people (coughpelcoughalphie) hate it when we try to push it!
    OK, moving on…That is seriously awesome that you guys got to go. Yeah! I can’t (but will- what choice do I have?) for your update on this. I expect to be gobsmacked!
    BTW read about the new challenge/contest. That’s great. But um…Why. OH WHY? is it just for the US. I never get to participate on any of these.=( I feel so left out! Please make one where Puerto Rico is included! I wouldn’t even have to include a prize maybe just a mention of your latin fans. Something, anything, I’ll take it! Por Favor!

  11. looking forward to it.

  12. safina says:

    The pictures look beautiful.I can’t wait to see the videos and to hear the die for audio.I’m really curious about that.

  13. So exciting! I can’t wait for your report.

    ~Kim C

  14. Chela85 says:

    How exciting!!!! Can’t wait to see (and HEAR!!!) everything =) thanks for all your hard work in advance hahahaha, I wish I could have met all the site heads would have been crazy awesome to be amongst so much genius ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Julie M. says:

    You ladies are soooooooo lucky! Can’t wait to see what you have for us. Love you guys!!

  16. Linda Davis says:

    Can you tell me if any filming will be done in Forks for New Moon?

  17. Melissa says:

    I really hope you were able to film a scene or something!
    Plus, you’re killing me with the audio thing!
    Do you know the exact date when you will be able to show it to us?
    You are getting me WAY too excited!

  18. Can you disclose what the date may potentially be for.??????????????????? Caues they have given a guesstimate for Eclipse and I heard BD so what else?

  19. lalala says:

    wait.. what is audio? sorry i do not live in the united states, my english is a bit limited. thank you=]

    ~~Audio is a recorded interview, not a video or a photograph. Like what you hear in a podcast. And we have GREAT audio!!

  20. YAY! Can’t wait!!! ^_^


  22. Was GREAT meeting you and my pleasure to show you around town…. can’t wait to see all your footage compiled and posted ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope to see you again !!!!

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