Reelz Channel Twilight Tidbit

Attempting to tide fans over while we wait for any new news about Eclipse, Reelz channel has been providing fans with quick tidbits of information from the various cast members.  This week they have an interview with Kristen Stewart about the third film in the saga as well as love and kissing!


  1. To me that would be the most awkward thing about being an actor or actress. Having to perform love scenes in front of cameramen and all the crew that are present on a shoot. It might not be so bad if you halfway like the person you’re making out with, but what if there’s nothing there and you’re just doing your job, like she said. That would be so weird. And much harder than it looks, I would think.

    • I agree. I think doing love scenes in front of people would be so awkward. However, I think it would be even more awkward if it was with someone you’re totally attracted to. I mean at some point, the kissing scene would turn into the real thing & I’m pretty sure the on-lookers would be able to tell once the director shouted “cut”; my face would totally tell the whole story. Now that’s awkward.

      • LOL I forgot about that part! Think about the guy!! LOL I wonder if Rob ever had that “problem” while he was kissing Kristen. Especially for the Eclipse filming. They were probably a couple by then.

  2. I can’t wait for the Eclipse trailer, but I don’t know if I should watch it because I don’t wish to get spoiled.

  3. LOL. Kristen always knows how to crack me up with her interviews. “..And there’s big battles and stuff.” She is very entertaining. 🙂

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