Melissa Rosenberg Talks Eclipse With Reelz Channel

Melissa gives some hints of what is to come when Eclipse hits screens in June.


  1. alice cullen fan says:

    i have that poster in the backround xD

    cant wait for eclipse!

  2. MrsLautner09 says:

    I just saw New Moon total awesomeness, even though some scenes were just TOTALLY cheesy it was wonderful!

  3. So glad to hear that the “tent” scene will be in the Eclipse movie. It’s my favorite part in the book!!

  4. I´m so excited about eclipse!! but
    i heard that Chris W. will be the director in Breaking Down and I DON´T WANT HIM!!!!!!!!
    honestly i don´t like new moon.
    please nooo!!!!

  5. sorry!!!! but is the truth..

  6. im so glad to hear that the tent scene will be in da movie it was one of my favorite parts =]

  7. Absolutely ecstatic to hear that the tent scene has been included in the screen version of Eclipse. One of my FAVORITE moments from the book. I’m also looking forward to the fight scene. Hope it’s good!

    YAY! Can’t wait.

  8. I’m glad they are putting in the tent scene. I hope they put the scene in where Edward holds Bella through the night and comforts her.

  9. I hope Melissa did a better job with the E/B relationship in Eclipse, NM was really lacking in that respect. She left out a lot of the most important scenes after the reunion and replaced them with cheesy dialogue. If I’m going to feel that Bella should’ve chosen Jacob after watching Eclipse, I’m gonna be seriously pissed off. As Melissa said, the movies should take us on the same emotional journey as the books. I really hope that they finally in Eclipse took the time to develop and show how great a relationship Edward and Bella have. It’s a bit worrying to hear that they’ve expanded the Victoria/Riley storyline, then there are the backstories of the Cullens, the wolves… I’m afraid all the key scenes are rushed again.

    • I agree…I am Team Edward but after New Moon I really could not see what Bella saw in Edward. Half the time Edward was not even looking at Bella. Melissa has not developed the passion between them. In Twilight, she went for the action and fighting scenes instead. I love the part in the Twilight book, when Edward is taking Bella to play baseball and he has her up against the jeep slowly kissing her – passion! In New Moon, there are so many tender moments with Bella and Edward that were not depicted. When the came back from Italy, Edward was able to be more passionate, laying in bed extremely close and really able to kiss her like he hadn’t before. We are supposed to see how strong the attraction is between them, that there is no choice for her but Edward.

      • hey i havent seen the movie yet,goin this week but interesting comments kate and maelina….

      • I agree. I absolutely am Team Edward but I feel bad for Jacob after seeing New Moon especially at the end where Bella says to Jacob “please don’t make me choose because it will be him”. I cried when I saw this the second time. Of course I cried really hard when Edward left Bella. I think there could have been more passion between Bella and Edward after Italy..

    • Agree, she also did a crap job in Twilight, we only come back for more because we love the books and get to see our characters. I hate her script writing.

    • I know what you mean, Maelina. I couldn’t agree more. I almost had a stroke when I heard about Riley and Victoria. Seriously, who cares about them? The story is about the love triangle and the consolidation of Bella and Edward’s love. Not the fight. Really, Melissa really doesn’t get the books, does she?

  10. Oh man, I CANNOT WAIT!!! I’m anticipating this movie the MOST out of all the books since it’s my favorite!!! I hope she also wrote the final bedroom scene between Jacob and Bella. That conversation they had in that scene in Jake’s bedroom was so touching, it’s the part (out of the entire) series that made me cry the most!!!

  11. Wow I cannot wait Fire and Ice is my favorite Chapter ever!! Of every scene the tent scene is my absolute favorite it was so amazing.

  12. It is not been said that Chris Weis will direct BD…things are not worked out yet on some things..please get info straight before saying things #4 Alma.

  13. I hope the bedroom/marriage proposal scene between Edward and Bella is depicted the way it should be.

  14. please please PLEASE I hope they put the story of the third wife in there. I have a bad feeling it’s been left out. I hope they realize Eclipse has too many important scenes to cut and at up the run time to 2 and a half hours. I really hope they don’t do like Harry Potter and butcher the hell out of Eclipse.

    • I’m hoping to see the story of the third wife too. I feel like it’s a very important element of Eclipse. And I love the wolves’ legends. The campfire scene has to be in Eclipse. I just really hope.

  15. Yisel_Cullen says:

    Eclipse is my favorite book of the series and my expectations are so high that I’m frightened to be disappointed. I agree with some of the comments above that Edward and Bella’s relationships needs to be more passionate in the movies…and as much as I loved New Moon I didn’t feel at the end that Bella should be back to Edward…in the book that bedroom part after they’re back from Italy is so beautiful that you have to be insane to let Edward go but I didn’t feel that in the movie…plus Jacob rudeness needs to be portrayed in Eclipse as well…because he is rude with her several times and immature and that is something that sets Edward apart. Edward is gentleman…always polite and wonderful.
    Talking about a scene I really want to see in Eclipse and that probably didn’t make it….Glorious Rosalie in her wedding dress killing the rapist…OMG…it’s violent and dark I know…but that’s something that could be one hell of scene!

  16. this is why the screen writer should be like a REALLLLL twilight fan cuz she / he would know what to do to make US the BUYERS of the movie… THAT helps make MILLIONS….happy 🙂

  17. I don’t have much hope for Eclipse if TW and NM are any indication. Melissa does not seem to get or appreciate E&B’s relationship. Even in this interview her focus in on Jacob and on how the other characters interact with Jacob. She hardly ever talks about Edward and Bella as a couple. And their relationship is the cornerstone of this entire series!

    At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if the BD movie has Bella running off with Jacob leaving Nessie with Edward. It’s not like she hasn’t already changed the tone of the story.

  18. Yisel, you took the words right out of my mouth. Couldn’t agree with you more about bella and edward’s relationship in new moon.

  19. SingingMoon84 says:

    I was extremely disappointed when Bella told Jacob she loved him at the end of New Moon. Why add that?! I thought it was pointless. I disliked Jacob up until BD but this movie made me dislike him more. I was so sad they left out the flight back from Italy & the night after. I also wanted to see Edward carry Bella on his back to the Cullen house then she has her epiphany of how much he loves her before they arrive.
    I did like the reunion of her jumping into his arms, but it felt way too short. I am hoping the marriage proposal scene is longer & that scene is longer than Bella & Jacob’s kiss…which is the worst part of Eclipse.

  20. The real problem with Twilight: New Moon says:

    It’s not the screenplay (and Melissa did the best she could). The screenplay is as direct an adaptation as any could possibly get.

    If you have a problem with the script, then I’m sorry, but you’re really just realizing how terrible the books are. Without the hours of boring “You are my reason to live even though we have nothing in common and you aren’t very interesting” lovey-dovey talk or the quoting of Shakespeare to make it appear more intelligent than it is, the books are nothing. They have nothing to contribute to the vampire mythos, nothing to add to the thousands of other love stories except cliches, and nothing to appeal to anyone except horny pre-teens and old woman.

    If 40 year old men were screaming for a 17 year old girl, someone would call the police. The double standard is hilarious and sad.

    I have nothing against Chris Weitz or Melissa, however in 5 years when this fad is dead, if they don’t apologize for being a part of the worst vampire movie(s) of all time then I will be ignoring their future work.

    I’m interested to see if my opposing viewpoint will be ridiculed or deleted. If it is, even more reason to dislike Twilight and its fans. Oh well, this comment (and this blog) will be forgotten soon anyway.

    • Ofcourse you are entitled to have your own opinion, but don’t talk like what you are saying are straight facts. Keep it in your own opinion please.
      I think it’s pretty sad that you dislike the books and movies, yet come to a Twilight site and comment on something you don’t even care about. And that’s my opinion. See what i did there? I added ‘I think’. You should try it sometimes.

    • sillygirl says:

      “Oh well, this comment (and this blog) will be forgotten soon anyway.”

      As will you…

    • Yisel_Cullen says:

      I couldn’t agree more with my fellow twifans here. You are entitled to an opinion..well..guess what?…so am I. If you don’t like and hate so much Twilight and its fans…why are you coming to one of the biggest fan sites to talk trash about it?! That’s something that only a really dumb and unoccupied person would do!
      I don’t like a lot of movies, books, tv-series that many people like…and I’m not going around wasting my time typing hate comments on fan sites and insulting the people that like those things. It is a matter or taste…. The fact that you don’t like it doesn’t mean is bad…you are not the owner of the absolute truth….and about Chris and Melissa apologizing?….wait for it in seated in a very comfortable chair…lol…no director ever apologizes for making a movie beloved by some many people that breaks box office records….they are proud of it and they have every right to be…so…have a nice life and invest your time in something more productive!

    • dancermommy says:

      Wow, that’s an awful lot of time to spend typing a response to a fan site of something you don’t care about. Sorry you have nothing better to do.

  21. It is becoming increasingly amazing to me how many haters are coming out of the woodwork to put down something that obviously millions of people love!! I agree with Maya. What the hell are you even doing on a Twilight site when it’s obvious you care nothing for the saga??

    I’ve never seen such rabidity in Twilight haters as I am increasingly seeing! My God…I don’t bother Star Wars people, Trekkies, or Lord of the Rings fanatics. I don’t see the draw to Transformers, and I could go on and on. But I don’t go out of my way to denegrade the people who like these things! Live and let live honey!

  22. OH Dear!
    for someone who hates twilight it seems that you spend a lot of time and energy on the subjec.

    Maya and Donna I agree with you both, however, we should really feel sorry for this person. He/she is not a twilight hater he/she is simply just a hater.

    My suggestion is that you-who ever you are- go back to your dracular and mills and boon and your sad acid mouth self. (Maybe it’s the smutty hillbilly trash like True Blood you prefer)

    Each to their own but I personally think Stephanie Myere is a classy inteligent writer. If you don’t like her stuff then don’t read the books, don’t watch the movies and stop wasting your time and ours on Twilight sites.

    I am sure that chris Weitz and melissa rosenberg won’t miss you watching their movies in 5yrs time when they don’t appoligise and as for you and your comments you will be forgotten in less than 5 seconds after i post this blog.

    Have a lovely day!
    Oh and try saying something nice to someone it really is a good thing.

  23. sillygirl says:

    I can’t beleive the stuff that I have been reading this morning. Between the comments on IMDb and here, I’m surprised a director would even want the job of making these movies! So yah, I was disappointed in Twilight. It was sketchy and the most important parts weren’t in any specific order, just randomly thrown through out the movie. But at least it was made. And I can appreciate it for the parts I do like. New Moon was ten times better than Twilight! Of course scenes were missing people, if you don’t expect that by now, you should save yourselves the disappointment and never see a film made from a book again. It would be so easy to tear apart every line every missing scene every detail from any of the movies, but why? What’s the point in doing that, it doesn’t change anything, they won’t go back and make a three hour film just so they can fit every word that Edward spoke to Bella in it. How about trying to enjoy the film for what it is and not for what it isn’t. New Moon did NOT suck, it was different from the book of course, how can you not expect that by now? But it did not suck. Enough with the cry babies, you ruin it for those who actually see it for it’s beauty.

    • I agree that NM didn’t suck, it was a pretty good movie, so much better than Twilight. I like it more everytime I see it and it is, for the most part, very faithful to the book. Chris did a great job with it! However, I feel, and apparently many others do as well, that the Edward/Bella relationship wasn’t portrayed as it is in the book. I have a feeling that Melissa doesn’t really understand E/B. I don’t care that not every scene from the book made it to the movie, trust me, I’ve used to it as I’m a fan of many books that have been turned into movies. What annoys me is that the movie IMO didn’t convey the same emotions I felt reading the book. They should’ve given more time to Edward and Bella, I don’t feel like they really talked things through after the reunion. I felt more connected with Jacob than Edward in the end, which didn’t happen while reading the book. I constantly have to fill things in from the book when I’m watching NM. If this continues in Eclipse, Melissa and David have seriously failed to stay true to the book.

      • sillygirl says:

        Maelina, I respect your opinion (and I like your name), but try looking at it from a different angle. Of course the movie doesn’t have the same feeling. Books are more personal, they stay with you long after you read them. And while you read them, you are contributing to the story with your own interpretation of it. Movie’s can only show one person’s view, they are not able to take into account all the different ideas each of us have, and I think thats why it loses some of it’s luster. When reading it, we make it ours, when watching it, we are watching what someone else envisioned. Take Alice’s frolicking vision for example. If we would have read that part in the book, we would have loved to imagine Edward and Bella alone in the forest together holding hands being all vampiry. But when you put it in a movie, we all busted out laughing and it was almost embarressing to watch. It wasn’t personal any more. I think it’s good that you have to go back to the books to get that “feeling”. If movies were a perfect impression of their novels… how many of us would still read?

        • Yeah, I get what your saying. It’s really difficult to make these movies and not everyone is going to be pleased with them no matter what they’d do. I think I come across more negative than I mean to, I thought New Moon was pretty good, but they could’ve tweaked the script a bit to make the ending longer. I know I’m gonna get used to it, but I still think it would’ve been possible to make the movie better. It’s nice that you like my name, BTW! 🙂

  24. Amaranthine Moon says:

    Sillygirl, You are my hero! I always thought the same thing, but I was just to lazy to actually write it out. Thank you!

  25. I am soooo looking forward to Eclipse! It’s my favorite book in the series. I will appreciate and enjoy it for what it is when it comes out. Even though I absolutely love all the books, NM was last place in my list, but I absolutely love the movie.

    I have seen 30 Days of Night and it will be interesting to see David Slade interpretation of Eclipse. His style looks very dark and more graphic, but I think it will really translate well in the war scenes. Just a bit concerned that the focus will be on elements that weren’t too important in the book, like the Newborns. The focus should be on covering the back stories of Jasper, Rosalie and the Quiluetes, the vampire war, bella’s conflict of hanging out with Jacob while edward is trying to keep her safe, and of course the way that edward is more comfortable with being close to bella. So far the movies haven’t really shown how it’s easier and easier for Edward to be around bella and how passionate and romantic he is (the kissing scene after bella’s b day was quite awkward imo). Glad the tent scene is in! Really hoping that the proposal on edwards bed makes it into the movie too!

    • I agree with you Talya. I hope to see more of Edward and Bella and how easy it is for him to be with her. New Moon was not my favorite book but I loved the movie. My 15 and 10 year old girls have seen it with me twice already and they want to see it again this weekend!

  26. I thought NM the movie was amazing – much better than the book and much better than TW the movie!!!

  27. As unpopular as this opinion is gonna be, I’m gonna say it anyway: movie!NM kicked the pants off of book!NM.

    I like the book, but I’m rereading it after seeing the movie, and I gotta say, I’m BORED through whole sections of it. I get tired of seeing “glistening” and “beautiful” and “perfect” and “godlike” etc etc etc. And it’s really tiresome reading from the perspective of someone who really should just Put On Her Big Girl Panties and DEAL.

    Do I like the stories? Heck, yes. I enjoy the entire series. I enjoy the love that Edward and Bella share, the near-obsessive quality that we are all familiar with when we start a new relationship.

    However, I have to agree with Robert Pattinson when he was commenting on reading ‘Twilight’: “When you read the book, it’s like, ‘Edward Cullen was so beautiful I creamed myself.’ I mean, every line is like that.” And not just ‘Twilight;’ all the books are like that. It’s really almost boring, reading over and over how perfect someone is.

    Movie!NM cuts through all that empty verbosity and gets right down to the details: something bad happens to Bella, Edward leaves her because he thinks it’s the Right Thing to Do, Jacob steps in to fill the void, Bella leaves Jacob hanging to run off and save Edward.

    So, honestly? I have hope for movie!Eclipse.

    And please don’t tell me I’m not a ‘real’ fan. Because that is just trite and tiresome. I like the books. I like the movies. I check the Lex daily to get my Twifix on news. So I don’t accept every single piece of the Twilight universe as godlike and perfect… and? I enjoy the series for its good points and admit to its bad points, without tossing up my hands and leaving it behind. Kind of like a mature, adult relationship (because, sad but true, no one is perfect. not even edward cullen. perhaps especially not edward cullen).

    – E

  28. I have seen New Moon 4 times just to try and scrape together what little intimacey scene they gave us in New Moon between Edward and Bella. In this regard I was left TEASED and UNSATISFIED wanting more. Chris Weitz and Melissa so dropped the ball on this. Catherine Harwick might not have shot the most beautiful looking movie but she SOOO understood the importance of the love story and showing it on film.

    I LOVE the Twilight Saga as written by Stephenie Meyers. Twilight is a 21 century Love Story…please respect the character dynamics from the book and reflect it in the screen play and in the movie direction. It’s Bella and Edward’s love story and what they overcome to be together against all odds because it is their destiny, . IT’S BELLA AND EDWARD, NOT Bella and Jacob. You wouldn’t try and change Romeo and Juliet to Paris and Juliet, or Cathy and Heathcliff to Cathy and Edgar (Wuthering Heights), or Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth and Mr. Fitzwilliam (Pride and Prejudice) great love stories. GIVE US THE EMOTIONAL connection between Bella and Edward again.

    I felt cheated in New Moon. It was beautifully shot and grand but Bella and Edward’s reconciliation story (which is what I could’nt wait to see on film) was almost an after thought at the end of the movie; and in the book it was clearly one third of the story. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO FEELS THIS WAY.

    You gave us the BREAK-UP scenes but you DIDN’T GIVE US THE MAKE-UP scenes, (with all the beautiful dialogue between Bella and Edward 3 chapters), and you know what they say about MAKING UP AFTER BREAKING UP THERE IS NOTHING LIKE IT. It clearly explains why Edward left and sets up Eclipse. SUMMIT please pay attention.

  29. Debra you are SOOOO right! So right that i´m writting english comments first time in my life (sorry for mistakes girls) The magical love stoty between Edward amd Belle is the reason why we go 2-3-4 time to watsch the movie, not fights or shirt-less-wolf-guys SO PLEASE KEEP THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE STORY AUTENTIC and GIVE BD TO A OTHER SCRIPT WRITTER!!!

  30. Oh my. This is not good at all. What is wrong with her. When she confess that she wrote for the movie “step up” i knew the Twilight Saga was doomed. That was a horrible movie and real cheesey with bad acting. Are they going to even include the part where Alice show Bella her wedding dress? I hope to GOD she does not write the script for BD!

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