Cliff Diving: Don’t Try This At Home, Kids

We feel really, really stupid saying this, but for the love of Pete, don’t try cliff diving at La Push, or for that matter don’t try to attempt to get to the islands off-shore where there are cliffs.  Jacob and pack are not on hand to save you when it goes bad. For everyone’s sake let’s respect the Quileute lands and use basic common sense. We don’t think there is any kind of mass psychosis that is causing hoards of Twilight fans to lose perspective, but please be aware that the waters off La Push are incredibly rough and unpredictable. check the picture to the left and you can see the waves and current.

Apparently the following occurred at La Push:

“There was a full scale US Coast Guard rescue operation conducted in La Push, WA on Tuesday, July 14, 2009 in La Push, WA.  A Twilight fan visiting Quileute from Georgia was rescued from an Island they surmised could be the location where the main character Bella Swan goes cliff diving in the 2nd book of the Twilight Saga New Moon.

Chairwoman Carol Hatch released the following statement following the incident.

The Quileute Nation has been very welcoming of all visitors to La Push, but does not condone behavior that could result in bodily harm to anyone visiting this beautiful land.   We understand the eagerness of fans to seek out every detail that is part of the story, but please remember this is a work of fiction.

The Quileute Tribe appreciates the professional service of the Coast Guard.”

This was one lucky fan. Thanks God there is a US Coast Guard Station right there, but let’s not field test their rescue skills unnecessarily!

EDITED: It was apparently a 22-year-old man from Georgia. Not that guys aren’t Twilight fans, but is this striking anyone else as odd? We are starting to wonder if there is much more here than meets the eye.


  1. WannaBeMrs.Cullen says:

    Seriously?! Have people lost of sense of perspective? I am a huge Twilight fan, but this is nuts! Bella Sawn is not a REAL person, Stephenie Meyer did not go to La Push and pick out a specific location where this happened in her book-it is FICTION, make believe, NOT real!! All this crazy person did was risk their life unnecesarrily and quite frankly make the rest of fans look like a bunch of lunatics! I am sorry for the rant, but this just leaves me baffled.

  2. Um, wow. Other than the obvious lack of common sense this person displays, you’d think, given their devotion to the book, that they’d remember the part about Bella DROWNING when she jumped off the cliff? What did they think would happen?

  3. ChelseaLee says:

    See….this is the kinda fan stuff that scares the crap outta me! Thats going beyond dedicated fan to obsessed stupidity. Makes me feel embarassed to be from Georgia..I promise….not all Georgia fans are this retarded.

  4. Jesus!! Are you freaking kidding me? That is around the time their parents or friends or SOMEONE would have told them that it was a HORRIBLE idea!! Who are these people. I love the series, so much so, I have read them at least 30 times each, but I would never willfully jump off a cliff or go swimming in the Pacific (freezing) Ocean to go to an island I thought might contain the cliffs she jumped off of. Sheesh people. Get a grip on reality. This is why parents have a hard time letting their kids do ANYTHING nowadays because of these few idiotic people.

  5. Madeline says:

    For the love of Edward!That’s bad.I can’t believe somebody would do something that dangerous!Who in their right mind would want to jump off a cliff into risky waters that are very cold.I can’t believe some people!

  6. WHERE WERE THEIR PARENTS?! (Assuming this was a child , because surely to gosh an adult would know better. I adore these books and would love to visit Forks, but come on, seriously….

  7. All I will say is ….what an idiot! Does the word fiction mean anything? Some peeps are delusional!

  8. Lynndsey says:

    Wow, that was something, something stupid, that’s for darn sure.

  9. Savannah says:

    some people. I mean, COME ON.

  10. kehacakes says:

    What an idiot. It’s scary that people insist that the character’s are real and lose themselves in the story in that way. I mean, being a huge fan is one thing, but being delusional enough to do something so stupid and dangerous is another. completely insane. This person needs help. Seriously. The sad truth is that you have people who do things like this strictly for attention and then they end up suing people like Stephenie for “Making them do it.” Just like years ago when some kid killed himself and then his parents sued Ozzy for his song Suicide Solution. It’s just crazy! Let’s hope nothing like that happens.

  11. Yeah that is crazy fan stuff, but seriously I agree with who posted the article it does seem abit odd.

    Some people get alittle into some things, don’t get me wrong I love Twilight but that’s letting it consume your life way too much.

  12. Whoa i can’t believe this!!! Like really!!! I loveeee twilight like seriously im a huge fan, but i am not going to go jumping off cliffs to be like Bella, that’s just insane. Thankfully the guy was alright but seriously how strange.

  13. I’m glad he is ok cause if he had died I could already see it “Due to the movie Twilight a Fan jumps off cliff and dies!!” …. Arrgg!! what and idiot!!

  14. whoa! freaky what i can say.. obsess much! what is he thinking!! fan or not.. think before you act.. thank god! US coast guard be there in time.. im a huge fan of twilight too.. but i will never do anything extreme like in the book.. this is scary..

  15. cliff diving? they’re insane! thats just stupid. i mean.. yah we all do love about all things Twilight and even obsessed… but to really jump off a cliff? is suicidal! then what? blood-sucking teens on the block? omg!

  16. Rockin'It says:

    …Wow. Perhaps this 22 year old guy was depressed because all his buds thought he was a dork for liking Twilight, so he decided to pull a Bella…? Who know what he was thinking. Probably WASN’T thinking at all!

    The fact that it’s a 22 year old GUY is kinda odd… But at least he’s safe, right? At least he didn’t die!

    “Jacob and pack are not on hand to save you when it goes bad.” Oh Lexicon, I love you… ;D

  17. JessicaLynn says:

    WOW. That’s just…that’s just…wow…

    No comment. O.o

  18. This, this right here, is why non-Twilight fans think Twilight fans are crazy. People like this give us good Twilighters a bad name. Shame on him. Pay for your rescue, douche.

  19. Melissa says:

    a 22 year old man???? Did they even know he was a Twilight fan or was someone just itching to write that story and did so right when the coast guard rescued the person?? I wonder if this was even Twilight related or just an idiot who happened to do this around La Push…

  20. ok, really. did this guy really think at all before jumping off the darn cliff?? some people just don’t use common sense at all…


  21. This is absolutely crazy! Now people will start thinking that Twilighters are some stupid common sense-less fans.

  22. pami11195 says:

    ok…i am obseesed with anything twilight related n i wud jump of a cliff cuz i am SO in love w/ da series, BUT i wouldnt do it in la push!!! hello bella almost drowned remember??i wud go sumwhere else n jump or maybe bunjee but didnt he stop n think about wat he was about to do? n didnt he see how rough da waters were??at first i thought “haha wat a great idea i shud try dat” but then my common sense kicked in wen HIS shud hav

  23. that just makes us Twilight fans look bad. *sigh* Mayeb he was gay, though…

  24. liveinforks says:

    O.K. you guys. I live in Forks and was in La Push at the time of the incident and saw the guy hanging half way up the cliff with my own eyes. It was not Twilight related and people are so eager to believe these days that everything bad happening in Forks or La Push is Twilight related. I have a friend in the La Push coast guard and the guy that was rescued is not even a Twilight fan.

    • Twilight_News says:

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! In other words we are talking garden variety moronic 22-year-old with testosterone for brains!

      Lind of what we thought!

    • Oh thank goodness for clearing things up a little bit. I know twilight fans are devoted to all things Bella and Edward does.. but to really risk your life is something a true Twihards wouldn’t do. Thanks though.. atleast someone should post an official news that the incident was totally not related to twilight..

      • Yes PLEASE post something official…Twilighters are infamous as it is already, we don’t need moronic 22 year olds to make it worse…

  25. dhurd88 says:

    So it was me who climbed up the cliff. I would like to say some things.

    1. I was not in need of rescue. And I did not know the cliff was “dangerous.”
    2. I climbed up the cliff to get a better view of the area. I was halfway back down when I saw the coast guard coming.
    3. They told me not to move, and called in a helicopter.
    4. I have not read the Twilight books. The coast guard joked with me about it, and I found out recently what they were talking about.
    5. Sorry to cause so much controversy. (Although it has been to read all these blogs…just amazing how incredibly skewed these stories get.)
    6. Oh, and I am 21.

    • DANIEL!!! you are now officially my favorite cousin EVER!!!! you have good friends 🙂 lol. this is freakin funny, when aunt alison told me i scared some trick or treaters from falling to the ground laughin! HAVE FUN WITH THIS!

    • and there is someone with my name saying shes ur cuz at the bottom but got the story kinda right i guess 🙂

  26. I am friends with the guy who climbed the cliff..

    he’s a HUGE twi-hard. so dont let him fool you.

  27. SparrowWing says:

    Sorry to extingush the excitement. But I the “22-year-old man” who is acutally 21 happens to be a great friend of mine. What is actually hilarious about this is the fact that he has never read the Twilight books and he didn’t even know he was at the “setting” of the novels. He was just on a road trip with some buddies, in which he happen to start climbing this cliff…which happened to be the cliff Bella climbed in the novel, which the coastgaurds believed he needed to be rescued from…etc. And now apparently he is an obbsessed twilight fan, which if you knew him you would just have to chuckle at the accusation.

  28. alright. THAT ‘GUY’ IS MY COUSIN. and what happened was he was going on a back pack trip with his friends b/c he just graduated college. They were conoeing there, and he thought it would be cool to climb the rocks. there was a coast guard up there that asked if he were in trouble. he thought he ment that he was getting in trouble for climbing the mountain. but actually they thought he was a person replaying twilight. I had to explain to him what twilight was becuase he didnt even know. but his friend video taped it and they were daying what a big fan he is of the books. Apparently THEY HAVE A PROBLEM WITH PEOPLE, THEY COME UP TO THE CLIFF T TRY TO REN-ACT THE SCENE! so yeah its fun to make fun of him now. I <3 him, best cousin ever!

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