Quileute Nation Hires PR Professional

We just received the follwoing press release:

The Quileute Tribe of LaPush, WA has retained the services of Jackie Jacobs of JTalentgroup as Tribal Publicist.  Due to the increasing interest and attention cast on the tribe from the popularity of the Twilight books by Stephanie Meyer, it was necessary to seek the services of a professional Public Relations firm.

“It was important for us to partner with a Native based organization that we feel identifies with and respects our core values of “Respect our land/Protect our culture,” but who also understands that we appreciate and want to make welcome people from all around the world seeking information about our people and land.” We feel we have achieved that partnership with Jackie Jacobs, states Tribal Chairwoman, Carol Hatch.

Jackie Jacobs is the founder and principal of JTalentgroup, a Seattle based Native owned full service entertainment agency specializing in Public Relations, Marketing Consulting and Talent Management services.  Jackie is an enrolled member of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina.

“I am honored to work with the Quileute Nation and look forward to assisting them with sharing their cultural identity and heritage with the world.   The Twilight Saga has put them in the  International spotlight and afforded them the opportunity to share their own stories, dances, food and other traditions passed down from generation to generation” states Jackie Jacobs.

The Quileute Nation lies along the shores of the Pacific coast and the mouth of the Quillayute River in Washington State and tourism to the area and the local town of Forks, WA has increased substantially since the release of the film Twilight and is expected to break tourism records this summer that will continue with the release of the sequel New Moon on November 20, 2009.

All inquiries regarding the Quileute Nation may be directed to Jackie Jacobs at jj@jtalentgroup.com or 206-388-9200.


  1. Just another example of how Stephenie’s books have reached out and touched someone in a positive way.
    In this case alot of someones. My best friend is a teacher and she iis thinking of taking her top students with her to the summer school event. These
    books just keep reaching out in all directions.

  2. Danislytherin( twitter) says

    I THINK IS AMAZING popularize the indigenous culture, they has much to teach us ( being US, or in Brazil/like I do, for real)

  3. Sparkle-chan says

    I think it would be soo cool if Quileute people actually turned into woofs like Jacob!! 😀

    gosh they would need more than a PR person if that was the case!

  4. giggledork says

    I was just there is spring. We stayed in the Whale Motel for two nights. It was off of First Beach. It was neat. We attended the dance and pot luck that they have on Wed. nights, to help promote Drug and Alcohol awareness. They were very welcoming of all the Twilight fans. There is a gas station before you get to La Push that has a sign “No Vampires beyond this point”. Take extra souvanier cash. Every store has something different. We also took the drive up to the Makah reservation,to see their museum. Loved it!! Would like to go back again. Oh yeah. Apparently the Quiluets had the choice of a casino or the new motels and rv slots, they chose to keep it family friendly. They are having a grand opening this summer.
    Sending my love from Texas, Sandra

  5. I really wish to visit LaPush someday.It would be so amazing to be around natives and listen to their stories and legends.

  6. this is fantastic. the native american people in general have for so long been neglected and pushed aside. it’s great that they have another outlet like the twilight saga to use to influence the young people out there. WOO HOO@

  7. James D. Hobucket says

    Woof woof People from all over the world come here, not that they didn’t before, but now wow.

  8. i used to visit LaPush every year with my family. it was an extremely special place to me and i had many memories from it. after twilight, it has become a tourist town and the place we stayed is much too expensive. it will never be the same and i will probably never be able to go back. thanks stephanie meyer.


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