Parade Magazine: Taylor Lautner on Tearful Good -Byes With Extra Motivation

Parade magazine is continuing it’s series of Breaking Dawn interviews today. If you missed the Kristen Stewart or the Robert Pattinson ones check them out!

On his tearful goodbye to Twilight.
“In my last scene in Breaking Dawn, Bella has just died and I run outside and crumple to the ground and just lose it. I’m bawling. That was my last scene of Twilight ever and I definitely had some extra motivation.”

On the encounter with fans that he’ll never forget.

“Kristen and I were doing interviews in a hotel in Brazil and all of a sudden our security barges in and locks the door. We’re like, ‘What’s going on?’ And they said, ‘Remain calm, but about 2,000 girls just broke through the hotel lobby and they’re on their way up the stairs to get to this room.’ Then they went, ‘But it’s OK because we have the National Guard on their way.’ And the National Guard actually did show up and everything was fine.”

He’s looking forward to some downtime.

“When you’re working so hard, the number-one thing you want to do is wake up in your own bed and do absolutely nothing. You just want to sit on the couch all day. I have not been on vacation I think in, like, four years.”

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Kristen Stewart Talks the Legacy of Twilight Fans to Parade

In an interview with Parade, Kristen Stewart covered some things that we have seen before this week, but one item really stuck out.

The legacy.
“Twilight has made people realize that there’s a huge desire, a huge hunger, for more female-targeted projects. Other than that, I think fans will look back and probably still hold on to the story. I can’t imagine that the fans that we see show up at Comic-Con in 10 years aren’t going to be fans. They’ll still definitely remember why they loved it.”

Preach it Kristen, preach it!

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The Cullen Family Talks to Parade

Parade magazine has a comical look at some of the thoughts and encounters the actors playing the Cullen family face.  Peter Facinelli had this to say about Edward dating and falling in love with Bella, who smells so very good to him.

“Edward shouldn’t really play with his food though. Romancing Bella is like falling in love with your mashed potatoes. Our family is living on a really strict bloodless diet, and when you’re on a diet you get cranky sometimes. I’ve always said, ‘Why don’t the Cullens have a petting farm, like a little zoo in the backyard, so if we want like a snack, we just go and grab a squirrel. It would be like having a candy bar or something.”

Personally, I don’t know if mashed potatoes really cuts it, Peter. I’m more in line with Stephenie Meyer who once compared the relationship to her falling in love with her cheesecake!  But we still get the picture.

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Robert Pattinson Defends Chris Weitz

The video clip above gives a little teaser of teh interview found here. Our favorite part is quoted below:

“A lesson in anger control.
“While we were filming, one of the security guys saw me getting more and more upset with the paparazzi guys. He just sort of came up and was like, ‘Imagine going out there and trying to hit one of them while, let’s say, 40 cameras are clicking away.’ That was enough to kind of calm my frustration. But, at the end of the day, you can’t say, ‘I’m not doing it until these people go away.’ You have to keep acting. So it was definitely way more intense than any of the Twilight films.”
Maybe he skips the reviews.
“I didn’t like the way New Moon was treated by the critics. I think it was reviewed in the context of just being a big franchise movie. When something is so hyped, inevitably, there is a backlash against it. I think Chris Weitz is an amazing director. I really enjoyed the film. So the naysayers kind of annoyed me.”

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