Robert Pattinson Defends Chris Weitz

The video clip above gives a little teaser of teh interview found here. Our favorite part is quoted below:

“A lesson in anger control.
“While we were filming, one of the security guys saw me getting more and more upset with the paparazzi guys. He just sort of came up and was like, ‘Imagine going out there and trying to hit one of them while, let’s say, 40 cameras are clicking away.’ That was enough to kind of calm my frustration. But, at the end of the day, you can’t say, ‘I’m not doing it until these people go away.’ You have to keep acting. So it was definitely way more intense than any of the Twilight films.”
Maybe he skips the reviews.
“I didn’t like the way New Moon was treated by the critics. I think it was reviewed in the context of just being a big franchise movie. When something is so hyped, inevitably, there is a backlash against it. I think Chris Weitz is an amazing director. I really enjoyed the film. So the naysayers kind of annoyed me.”

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  1. Thank you Rob ! I agree ! I know Transformers was hyped but that really was a horrible movie. But I think New Moon get’s a different kind of backlash which isn’t fair.

    • I agree rob. The nay sayers annoy me too. Thought it was a great film and you and Kristen did a great job.

    • Morgaine says:

      Too bad Pattinson didn’t realize that it was Summit and Weitz who were the creating-hype leaders.

      Funny, isn’t it, that the movie Twilight turned out so perfectly, even though it had uber-hype.

      Also, I find it interesting that Summit had to invest so much money on hyping NM before the movie was released, and then actually flew cast members to differnt retail outlets to ensure lots of people would turn up for the DVD sales.

      I think Summit knew that turnout for the movie’s release and the DVD release would be poor (especially the DVD–there just wasn’t the theater-goer seeing the movie multiple times in theaters as there was with Twilight, and I think that mean very poor DVD sales).

      I’d love to see what the Summit’s profit will be on NM.

  2. I think it was a disgrace that the cinematography
    was not recognized. The cliff jump scene, Italy,
    were done beautifully.

  3. i think its a disgrace that at least THE SCORE of New Moon didnt get recognized by the Academy…instead they threw a 4 second clip of NM into a stupid A** catergory about horror? Wth? i thought New Moon was done beautifully and i couldnt be happier! So excited for the dvd!

    • Totally agree with you, Amanda, about the score and the way they put NM into that stoopid clip…shows that the Academy absolutely has NO IDEA what the Twilight Saga is about.

      We, of course, know better.

  4. I am glad he is not embarrassed and proud that he is part of the Twilight Saga. I completely agree along with most of people out there and with him about the nayers.

  5. I agree with everything you have all said. And felt so relieved to hear Rob back it up too. I thought New Moon was done beautifully.

  6. TOTALLY agree. Pretty much everyone I know hates the Twilight Saga. And I’m always hearing negative things about it! I hate it! Although I do join in laughing when people talk about Alice’s vision (A.K.A. Edward and Bella frolicking in the forest) and Chris even admits he wished it wasn’t in the movie either. Other than that I absolutely loved it. And if anyone talks trash about it, well lets just say I will be silently cursing them.

  7. Its really sad that New Moon wasnt takedn more seriosley just because of they hype and the fact that a lot of the fans are screaming teenagers. Twilight I understand not being taken seriosley but New Moon was amazing. The fact that Chris Weitz could take what Catherine Harkwicke did and make so much better is just unbelievable. Well I hope he and all the actors get to movies that are taken seriosley and therefore get the recognition they deserve by people other than the Twilight fans!

  8. Kudos to Rob for having the BALLS to stick up for his (and our) beautiful movie!
    The critics and naysayers totally annoyed us no end with their ill-informed and ill-judged reviews. I simply ignored all of them and watchd the movie five times ‘cos I TOTALLY LOVED IT!
    At the end of the day, you can’t bluff the fanbase….if it really was crap, then the box office would not have reached the heights it did.
    We all recognised the labour of love New Moon was and showed our appreciation accordingly.
    And now of course, we’re waiting with bated breath to storm up the DVD sales!!

  9. Thank you so much Rob! I cried out of joy after watching New Moon, so that ought to mean something. I’m glad with Summit for one thing: they couldn’t have chosen a better director for New Moon. Chris Weitz is the best!

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