The Cullen Family Talks to Parade

Parade magazine has a comical look at some of the thoughts and encounters the actors playing the Cullen family face.  Peter Facinelli had this to say about Edward dating and falling in love with Bella, who smells so very good to him.

“Edward shouldn’t really play with his food though. Romancing Bella is like falling in love with your mashed potatoes. Our family is living on a really strict bloodless diet, and when you’re on a diet you get cranky sometimes. I’ve always said, ‘Why don’t the Cullens have a petting farm, like a little zoo in the backyard, so if we want like a snack, we just go and grab a squirrel. It would be like having a candy bar or something.”

Personally, I don’t know if mashed potatoes really cuts it, Peter. I’m more in line with Stephenie Meyer who once compared the relationship to her falling in love with her cheesecake!  But we still get the picture.

Visit Parade on line to read the whole article.


  1. Mashed potatoes?
    More like a heavenly chocolate cake with sauce and cream and cookies…mmm…its probably more like falling in love with that!

  2. Yeah, it would definitely have to be something way more delicious and harder to resist than mashed potatoes. =)

  3. The link won’t work for me!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I guess it’s a case of “To each her own.” Me? I’m quite fond of mashed potatoes. Might have some for dinner tonight. 🙂


    here is the link I found for the article since it did not work for me either!

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