Parade Magazine: Taylor Lautner on Tearful Good -Byes With Extra Motivation

Parade magazine is continuing it’s series of Breaking Dawn interviews today. If you missed the Kristen Stewart or the Robert Pattinson ones check them out!

On his tearful goodbye to Twilight.
“In my last scene in Breaking Dawn, Bella has just died and I run outside and crumple to the ground and just lose it. I’m bawling. That was my last scene of Twilight ever and I definitely had some extra motivation.”

On the encounter with fans that he’ll never forget.

“Kristen and I were doing interviews in a hotel in Brazil and all of a sudden our security barges in and locks the door. We’re like, ‘What’s going on?’ And they said, ‘Remain calm, but about 2,000 girls just broke through the hotel lobby and they’re on their way up the stairs to get to this room.’ Then they went, ‘But it’s OK because we have the National Guard on their way.’ And the National Guard actually did show up and everything was fine.”

He’s looking forward to some downtime.

“When you’re working so hard, the number-one thing you want to do is wake up in your own bed and do absolutely nothing. You just want to sit on the couch all day. I have not been on vacation I think in, like, four years.”

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  1. I’ve heard him say many times and in every other interview that his last scene was dancing with Kristen at the wedding and very emotional…just wondering which it is.

  2. The dance with Bella is the last scene he filmed. His last scene in the movie is when Bella dies & he goes running out crying.

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