What Missing Merchchandie Fans Want: Wolf Plushies Anyone?

In this week’s Movies.com column, Laura covers the exciting new Twilight products that are out and some that the fans are dying to see in the future.

“What was entirely unexpected was the avalanche of Tweets that happened when I retweeted one fan who suggested that merchandisers were missing a very important product, a Jacob wolf plushie. “I would kill to have a Stephenie Meyer-designed Jacob plushie that wasn’t just any wolf. I’d want one that she says was her vision of Jacob,” responded one ardent fan. Clearly, there is a huge, untapped market there based on the massive number of retweets and comments back that I received. Who knows, maybe for the final film?”

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Breaking Dawn Countdown: Sounding Off on the Soundtrack

This week in Laura’s Movies.com column she talks about the soundtrack and how fans are reacting to it: the debates, early favorites, and the Muse controversy. She featured some Lexicon commentary to sum up fan reaction around the Internet.

Here’s how she featured Mia Maestro

What’s also interesting is that Breaking Dawn cast member, Mia Maestro, who plays Carmen of the Denali coven has a track on the CD with the very same name as the Bruno Mars song. The only difference is the title is in Spanish. Lloverá means “It will rain”, so there is a question as to whether it’s an entirely new song, a Spanish cover of the Bruno Mars Song, or perhaps a blend of the Bruno Mars’ song and original material. Regardless, this marks the first time a song in Spanish has been used in a Twilight Saga soundtrack. Maestro is mostly known to American fans for her work on Alias, but she is also a talented vocalist who has fantastic range and an earthy quality to her voice. She has sung at festivals around the world.

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Movies.Com Breaks the Trailer Down: Is It What the Fans Wanted?

On this week’s Movies.com column, Laura looks at the trailer and if it succeeded in the key areas of romance, CGI, and the element of danger. How did the Breaking Dawn trailer stack up against other Twilight Saga trailers in these areas.

The first area, without question, is romance. Above all what attracts fans to The Twilight Saga is the romance factor. It’s classic Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. With all that in mind, stunningly, not since the original Twilight movie has the romance played such a significant part in any trailer. In the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer Bill Condon and company clearly deliver with multiple wedding and honeymoon shots. It leaves fans wanting to see those scenes and wonder what else he has in store.

Next up is CGI. We’ve come a long way from Twilight and its meager budget. Remember the cheesy effects of the fast moving vampires? In Twilight they were smudgy blurs that looked like they were created in iMovie by someone who dropped out of film school. Chris Weitz first raised the bar in the New Moon trailer with the explosive wolves, and David Slade took it up another level in Eclipse with the newborn battle. Now it looks like Bill Condon has improved on both those elements. The Cullens do battle for Bella and Renesmee with Ashley Greene, with Jackson Rathbone clearly seen leading the charge. More importantly is that Condon has created a wolf pack where every wolf is highly distinct in color, bulk, and expression.

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Movies.com: Twilight Stars Cross-over Appeal

In this week’s column for Movies.com, Laura talks about the Twilight actors’ other projects, and perhaps some unreasonable expectations upon the part of Hollywood and movie critics.

“Here’s something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately, “Twilight fans only like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Launter...insert name of whatever actor… in Twilight.” Then, after that, whatever film doesn’t make Twilight proportions at the box office, the blame is laid at the feet of the Twilight Saga actor in question. The point is, is that fair? Are fans really only interested in seeing Twilight Saga actors in Twilight?”

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Movies.Com: Picture Pirates Prosecuted

This week in Laura’s Movies.Com column, she looks at the history of image leaks surrounding The Twilight Saga, and the latest in the court case regarding Breaking Dawn:

“Like many fans I found myself surprised and spoiled earlier this year when someone emailed me and said, “Have you seen the new Breaking Dawn images?” I clicked thinking I was about to see studio stills from scans of EW or People. Instead, I found myself staring at a collection of low-resolution images and video taken from various scenes in The Twilight SagaBreaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2.  Three thoughts entered my head in rapid fire succession: lawsuit, cool, damn. Well…not exactly those words, but that’s the PG-13 version.”

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Comic Con Wrap Up at Movies.com

Laura’s on going feature at Movies.com went up today featuring, yep, you guessed it, the events of Comic Con.  Unlike other journalists covering SDCC, Laura actually camped out with the rest of the fans.  So her perspective is a little different from other reports going out today.

To get the full Comic Con experience when it comes to The Twilight Saga you need to get in the trenches. With that in mind, I camped along with my fellow fans starting Tuesday afternoon for the 11:15 am, Thursday, July 21st panel. I found myself roughly fan number 155 in line. After two nights on lumpy ground, with freight trains going by at 3:00 am, I can honestly say it was worth it to see what Summit Entertainment and director Bill Condon were able to deliver.

By my estimate, there were around 1,000 fans lined up by 5:30 am.The line swelled to near capacity, 6,500 fans, by 10:00 am. The fun started at around 6:30 am, no doubt timed for the literal breaking of dawn. Summit Entertainment staffers came down the line and treated fans to Breaking Dawn coffee tumblers and posters. Next, carts of muffins, fruit, water and juice came down the line to feed hungry and thirsty fans. The best part, or so fans thought, was when cast members Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Booboo Stewart, and Julia Jones came through autographing for fans and posing for pictures with them. Just when actors went off to do their morning press conference, there was one more surprise. Staffers again came down the line with a bag that had tickets in it. If you drew out a marked ticket, you would be able to get autographs with the entire cast after that panel in Hall H. This would include that actors who were outside and Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner.

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Movies.Com: Comic Con History and Advice

Check out Laura’s latest Movies.com column.

“Get out those folding chairs, clean out that cooler, and bring plenty of sunscreen. After a year’s hiatus, The Twilight Saga will be back at Comic-Con. The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 panel will be in the 6,500-seat Hall H at 11:15am a week from today on July 21st. This means fans will start camping out the night before in the plaza that abuts Hall H.

So what exactly is in store for fans this year? So far, Summit Entertainment is pretty tight-lipped, but going on past experience, several things are likely. The top items to look for are footage, a fan event, and the trio, A.K.A Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, and Kristen Stewart.

When it comes to footage, director Bill Condon has some pretty big shoes to fill. Two years ago Chris Wietz, the director of The Twilight Saga: New Moon,  wowed the audience with two clips. The first was the motorbike scene where Taylor Lautner revealed his eight-pack abs, and Kristen Stewart uttered the iconic line, “You’re sort of beautiful.”  The second scene was the race to Volterra in the Porsche featuring Bella running through streets packed with red-cloaked revelers as she tried to beat the clock to save Edward.”

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Movies.Com: Which Twilight Actor is the Most Social on Social Media

Laura’s ( Pel’s) latest column is up on Movies.com. This time out she looks at the Twilight Twitter craze.

“It happened just the other day. I was restless, twitchy, and unable to focus. I thought I was going to lose my mind because I needed my fix and it wasn’t there. No, I didn’t lose my Internet connection. I still had my iPhone. What was the problem? All I could see every time I refreshed my computer screen was what’s commonly known as the “Fail Whale”. Instead of seeing a cute little blue bird, I was looking at a whale smirking at me with the message, “Twitter is over capacity”. Yes my friends, my name is Laura, and I am a Twitter addict. I need to see what’s happening with my favorite news sites and actors hourly, and Twitter is how I do it. Sad but true: if I am deprived, I have a meltdown.”

See what Laura’s favorite Twilight Twitter experiences (hint: think All the Single Ladies and what we dubbed The Agent Orange Incident”) were and more on Movies.com

You can also catch Laura on Twitter here @Laura__BC. Her next column is going to be on revving up for Breaking Dawn at Comic Con.

Breaking Dawn Countdown: A Look at Twilight’s History at the MTV Movie Awards

Hi All,

My next column is up over at Movies.com. This time out I decided to look at the Twilight Saga history when it comes to MTV award shows. We’ve come a long way from the Russell Brand snub of 2008! I cover the franchise history and the trailer!.

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Breaking Dawn Column Debuts at Movies.com

Hi All,

I just wanted to let everyone know about a new feature over at Movies.Com.  Movies.com has made the unique choice of letting the fans of some major franchises write about the movies that they love. It’s really a great concept because fans want insight and perspective that most entertainment sites can’t provide because their reporters have to focus on tons of properties rather than just getting to know one really well. So, I’m happy to report that I’ll be taking on the Breaking Dawn column. It’s also a really cool opportunity for me to editorialized on different angles of the franchise, and to pull in material to create a story that takes in multiple factors, which is a little different than what we do here on a daily basis.

I really hope you’ll like the first column which was assigned as an intro-type item that would talk about the casting of the film. In other columns, I’ll be able to branch out into other areas and discuss what’s on your and other fans’ minds. So please head on over to Movies.com and check out the column. Please leave me some comments over there so I know what you as the fans want to hear about next. I’m leaning towards an MTV Movies Awards column next, but I want to hear your thoughts. Your voice is really important! Check out The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Countdown: The Veterans Meet the Denalis here

Hope you like it!

Laura (AKA Pel)

P.S. Here are the other franchises that they are covering from this angle. Be sure to check them out if you are a fan!

The Hunger Games
The Hobbit–coming out next week
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