Movies.Com Breaks the Trailer Down: Is It What the Fans Wanted?

On this week’s column, Laura looks at the trailer and if it succeeded in the key areas of romance, CGI, and the element of danger. How did the Breaking Dawn trailer stack up against other Twilight Saga trailers in these areas.

The first area, without question, is romance. Above all what attracts fans to The Twilight Saga is the romance factor. It’s classic Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. With all that in mind, stunningly, not since the original Twilight movie has the romance played such a significant part in any trailer. In the Breaking Dawn Part 1 trailer Bill Condon and company clearly deliver with multiple wedding and honeymoon shots. It leaves fans wanting to see those scenes and wonder what else he has in store.

Next up is CGI. We’ve come a long way from Twilight and its meager budget. Remember the cheesy effects of the fast moving vampires? In Twilight they were smudgy blurs that looked like they were created in iMovie by someone who dropped out of film school. Chris Weitz first raised the bar in the New Moon trailer with the explosive wolves, and David Slade took it up another level in Eclipse with the newborn battle. Now it looks like Bill Condon has improved on both those elements. The Cullens do battle for Bella and Renesmee with Ashley Greene, with Jackson Rathbone clearly seen leading the charge. More importantly is that Condon has created a wolf pack where every wolf is highly distinct in color, bulk, and expression.

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  1. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    This trailer was what I wanted and more.
    However, I’m sorry, but Breaking Dawn is not mainly about romance. Especially Part 1. Yes, Bella got knocked up in an act of romance, but that’s not it. This movie focuses on the tension of the pregnancy and also the tension of the wolf pack since Jacob decided to protect Bella (like he had a choice). This movie is going to be the most intense Twilight movie yet, I think. The wedding was totally cute and the never-before-scene honeymoon stuff was nice, but the trailer didn’t really get good until a little bit past 1:10 (when Bella is discovering she’s preggo), in my opinion. And then the CGI. It was lame in Twilight, but ever since then, it’s been getting better and better. I LOVE the fact that the wolves are more distinct. They are characters, not irrelevant little props there for decoration that all look the same. Well done, Bill. Well done.

  2. @leah clearwater says:

    I completey agree , i love this trailer

  3. The trailer was beautiful and hit all the important points of the novel. After seeing it I’m really looking forward to witnessing the wedding and the honeymoon scenes. The conflct between the wolf pack and the Cullens is going to be some of the most intense scenes in the film,as it was in the novel. I’m really interested to see how they show Jacob becoming his own leader and standing up to Sam and his pack. The most heartstopping moment(pun intended) will be the pregnancy scene. It leads into part 2 and Bella’s transformation. So it should leave us with a good cliffhanger until next November.

    • Evie Louise Cronin says:

      I’m with someone who posted on another entry that when Jacob says, “If you kill her, you kill me” he just might be talking about Renesmee… meaning that we’re going to get further in this movie than any of the fans has been led to believe – which would be REALLY REALLY cool.

      I’m really hoping that would be the case – we’ll get through the birth & the imprinting. If you notice at 1:58 in the trailer, neither Rosalie nor Jacob are there as the wolves come to attack (got this from the other comment that I referred to above). This would make sense IF Jacob is imprinting on Renesmee (Rosalie would be inside with the baby and Bella would be in transformation).

      Just a thought…

  4. I loved the trailer just like everyone else. And some of the scenes really blew me away and the props, costumes, setting, and the wolves (CGI stuff) looks fantastic! The only thing I would change is Carlisle’s hair and most of the vampire’s makeup and Edward’s HAIR! but besides that i’m sooo excited for november

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