Twilight Stars Cross-over Appeal

In this week’s column for, Laura talks about the Twilight actors’ other projects, and perhaps some unreasonable expectations upon the part of Hollywood and movie critics.

“Here’s something that I’ve been hearing a lot lately, “Twilight fans only like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Launter...insert name of whatever actor… in Twilight.” Then, after that, whatever film doesn’t make Twilight proportions at the box office, the blame is laid at the feet of the Twilight Saga actor in question. The point is, is that fair? Are fans really only interested in seeing Twilight Saga actors in Twilight?”

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  1. No. I don’t believe that Is a fair comment. I would love to see them all find great success in their careers. I follow their careers and see their movies because I was first introduced to them through the Twilight series. I would hate to see any actors career be stuck in only one project.

  2. I myself was actually a fan of K Stew & Nikki Reed before Twilight. I think all of them are amazing actors and would love to see all of them in other things besides The Twilight saga. In my opinion people picture them way to strongly as Edward, Bella, Jacob, ect. not for the actors they are. Their acting skills is what made the Twilight movies good so why wouldn’t they be good in other movies.

  3. Part of the problem, too, is that some people (like me) are Twilight fans, and see the movies because of the books they’re based on. I couldn’t care less about Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or any of the other actors. So no, I’m not going to run out and see a movie just because someone from Twilight is in it. But it’s not because “I only like those actors in a Twilight movie”, it’s because, with a few exceptions, I choose movies to see based on the story, not who’s in it. Maybe that’s not how most people decide what to spend their $10 on, but it works for me.

    • Not me. Robert Pattinson is the only actor I’ve ever obsessed over in my life. And it’s only partly because he was Edward. I go to see every movie he is in because I adore him. He’s a diamond in the rough and has potential to go on to bigger and better things. It saddens me that he suspects that he’ll never get out of the shadow of “Edward”.

    • I’m there with you on that. Some favorite actors of mine have turned out some movies I wished I hadn’t spent my time and money on, let alone actually see them in that role. Brad Pitt for instance. It took YEARS for me to be able to see anything he was in after I saw “Kalifornia.” But Hollywood needs to remember that the actor isn’t the only one responsible for what we see on screen. Poor direction, editing, writing, etc. How about placing more blame on the creative team who churned out the material. Take the bevy of super hero movies like “Thor,” “Iron Man,” and “Green Lantern.” The first two did very well, and were well reviewed because of the creative team behind it. That last one, while having a great actor in the lead, did very poorly, and they’re blaming the creative team, not the actor. So blaming a “Twilight” alum for a poorly done movie? It isn’t right. You know come to think of it, no one really praised “Twilight” for how well Anna Kendrick did in “Up In The Air.” Wasn’t she nominated for an Oscar? Or was it a Golden Globe?

    • Have to say, I feel the same way. I will not run out and watch their movies just because they were in Twilight. I really love the books and watch Twilight Series of movies because of my love of the books. I wish them well in whatever they decide to do in the future, but with me, its always been about the books. If they do a movie that peaks my interest I’m there, but refuse to go just because of they played a Twi-character. I can still appreciate them and their work.

  4. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    If a movie looks good, I’ll see it. If it has a Twilight star, great. It doesn’t mean I’ll be watching it though. You’d never catch me watching Remember Me or Water For Elephants just because Robert Pattinson is in it.

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      Don’t. See them because they’re great movies. Other great Twi-related: Thirteen, Welcome to the Rileys, Runaways, Night at the Museum … I could keep going. Lots of actors. Long list of good movies. (Also bad. See my post below.)

  5. i am a big Kristen Stewart fan so i have seen all of her movies and can not wait to see SWATH. I am also a Twilight fan

  6. I only watch the Twilight movies, because Rob is in them. I believe he’s a very talented musician and actor and I’ll support him in whatever he decides to do. Some day he’s not just going to be just good, but one of the very best! He’s a beautiful person inside and out and deserves all the success in the world.

  7. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    What is causing these issues is producers, directors, what have you, using an actor’s Twilight connection to pull in sales. Stuff like this has been done countless times. Remember the horrible movie “9”. Tim Burtin, other than a tad bit of producing, had nothing to do with it, but the studio added “Produced m Tim Burtin” in order to garner more sales. The problem with this is, when you bank a film’s performance and a star’s stature, and some have done so with a few Twilight stars, and the movie doesn’t do well, or up to the standars of Twilight, then things look bad. Is it the actor’s fault? No… my heaven’s no, but the producer/ director was depending on their appeal to get them more money.

    This may seem unfair, but you have to remember that actors/actresses’ images have always been used as marketing tools. This is why you see so many big names doing commercials. Their name sells the product.
    Producer’s banking on a Twilight star’s fame to help boost sales, often fail to understand that Twilighters would have watched Twilight no matter who played who. The proof is in the pudding… Despite Chaske taking Solomon’s place for Sam on New Moon, people still went on saw the movie. Despite Rachelle being replaced by Bryce, people still went to see it. While cast changes certainly can tick us off, we never went to the movie just because of any cast member.

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Thanks for addressing this issue in column, this has always seemed like a stupid issue to me. Twifans=Twifans, not indiscriminate moviegoers. We like the movies. On the side, many of us (not all) like some or many, but usually not all of the actors. Certainly we’re not out to donate our $10 – we want to see something we as individuals will enjoy. Plus, there is a negative reaction among non-fans to Twilight, which might actually pull money away from these movies.

    Movies are a huge collaboration and blaming one of many actors, even a lead actor, is just unfair most of the time. Sometimes the movie is not designed to be a blockbuster. Sometimes someone else is at fault, or no one is, and things just don’t gel. I suspect that with the current recession, a lot of people are fingerpointing just to have someone to blame for less-than-stellar earnings, instead of chalking it up to a combination of less discretionary spending, high ticket prices, and the rental market – and sometimes, a movie that’s just not blockbuster-worthy.

  9. If a film is only seen as a limited release,then the larger public is not allowed to view the film and make their own decisions as to whether they like it or not. I had to wait months to see both The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys and it was worth the wait. It depends on how much studio funding is put into the marketing of a film and how big a push the film will get in promotion. I would love to see all of the work the Twilight cast does,because their talent is not limited to one series.

  10. Im a fan of all of the twilight actors. Watching them in other roles is great. You get to see them in all differet genre of movies and play different roles and i think its amazing.

  11. I enjoy seeing Robert Pattinson in other movies because I think he has the chops to morph into characters other than Edward Cullen. Also, when I watch him in movies I don’t feel like I’m watching Robert Pattinson play dress up. I’m watching that character. The same with Anna Kendrick and with Peter Facinelli. I will see anything that they are in just because they are in it, and there are very few actors like that for me (Alan Rickman, Julia Roberts, Tom Hanks…that’s it).

    With Kristen Stewart it’s like I’m watching her pretend to be someone else. I know that technically that’s what acting is. Believe me, I know; I’m a theatre major. But a good actor should be able to make you forget that you’re watching them. Kristen just doesn’t do it for me. I have a little bit of this problem with Taylor Lautner, as well, but not as bad as with Kristen. I thought he was adorable in Valentine’s Day, though.

  12. I think they are good actors, so I like seeing their other work. I live in a small town where I may have to drive an hour or two to find a theater showing some of the smaller films. I did that to see Remember Me. I would’ve had to go out of state to see The Runaways. So all the criticism isn’t fair. The ‘smaller’ projects just aren’t available as widely as the Twilight Saga has been, so of course the box office numbers will be smaller. It doesn’t mean they are bad or we (Twilight fans) didn’t like them, maybe we just couldn’t find them!

  13. Patricia Anthony says:

    They have me behind them 100%. If it weren’t for all the other actors twilight wouldn’t b!! I love em all!

  14. I’ve always hated the double-standard of Hollywood. And that goes across the board. But, specifically where Twilight is concerned, there’s just no way to compare any of the films the actors have done. Remember Me was a very good movie with a fantastic cast. Rob was very good in it. But, it is also a movie that deals with loss, rebuilding and an absolute horrific day in, particularly, American history, one that most Americans still struggle to wrap their minds around in real life. Dealing with it in a fictional drama is just not a place to which most are ready to go. Acknowledging that everyting comes down to box office, if you look at the movie on it’s own, it took just over 16 million to make and grossed half that in it’s opening weekend, almost $20 million total in the US and over $56 million worldwide. Again, I think that the tie in to the tragedies in NY really effected US box office numbers. And, even though I hate most critics with a fiery passion, also take into account that there are MANY MANY critics who reviewed it favorably but said straight out that the 9-11 tie in would kill it’s box office, and/or who have rereviewed it and said it was grossly overlooked because of either the 9-11 tie-in OR because a lot of people blow off Rob because of his Twilight association.

    There was a similar situation with Water for Elephants. I can count off the top of my head, 12 people who I know personally who wanted to see the movie, but could not personally deal with the violence towards “Rosie”. I could make a comment about being able to stomach violence towards humans more so than animals, but it’s besides the point. Again, some of the better, more influential critics (and even some of those lower down the food chain) really acknowledged the talent so evident in Rob, talked about his growth as an actor and how this was very much a break out role. Box office, no, it didn’t break records. But, it did what a movie is supposed to do. It made money. It took $38 million to make, grossed over $56 million domestic and almost $120 million worldwide. Again, not Twilight numbers, but certainly absolutely not a disappointment WHEN VIEWED ON ITS OWN.

    I think, in the end, it will always come back more so to the bias against Twilight, to the fact that the actors are discounted because of their association with Twilight. It’s a double edged sword. Yes, they are expected to draw these huge crowds. But, at the same time, within the Hollywood business, they are skewered regularly because of their association with the “tweenybopper franchise”. Kristen doesn’t face it as much because she has a longer pre-Twilight resume than Rob. Taylor doesn’t face it because, despite Summit’s best efforts, it has been Rob who’s gotten the majority of the “teen hearthrob” bullcrap thrown at him. So, there is automatically a bias that Rob faces from the critics and the wider public about his abilities. Some of the greatest in the industry have said, point blank, that if Rob was given an even playing field, if his performances were viewed independent of Twilight, that he would absolutely bowl people over with his talent. I would add that if people would bother to understand the character that Rob is playing in Twilight, that his performance as Edward would be seen for the absolute brilliance that it is. But, that’s not going to happen. He’s damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. So, all he can do is what he’s doing; work his butt off outside of Twilight understanding that he’s going to have to work twice as hard as anyone else to escape the stigma of the role that gave him the freedom to do what he wants in the first place.

    Kris faces similar kind of issues, but people are much more aware of the indy natures of The Runaways and Welcome to the Rileys. So, she isn’t criticized nearly as much. No one took what was essentially an indy film (like RM) and tried to make it an international blockbuster. Taylor may be the one exception to the rule in that he has been given a vehicle that is almost a guaranteed success. Color me shocked. Taylor has gone the Hollywood buy-in route the entire time, playing the mouthpiece and never deviating from the studio plan. The fact that Rob & Kris have very methodically and intentionally walked away from the Hollywood machine to take roles in independent films will continue to effect them because those indy films will never perform as well as the big budget Hollywood backed formula films. It’s the nature of the business. But, in all honesty, I’m proud of them for doing that, for demonstrating that they truly are serious actors and not just celebrities. And, more so, I think that if you view their projects outside The Saga through that lense, it makes the success those films have found even more impressive.


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