Breaking Dawn Countdown: Sounding Off on the Soundtrack

This week in Laura’s column she talks about the soundtrack and how fans are reacting to it: the debates, early favorites, and the Muse controversy. She featured some Lexicon commentary to sum up fan reaction around the Internet.

Here’s how she featured Mia Maestro

What’s also interesting is that Breaking Dawn cast member, Mia Maestro, who plays Carmen of the Denali coven has a track on the CD with the very same name as the Bruno Mars song. The only difference is the title is in Spanish. Lloverá means “It will rain”, so there is a question as to whether it’s an entirely new song, a Spanish cover of the Bruno Mars Song, or perhaps a blend of the Bruno Mars’ song and original material. Regardless, this marks the first time a song in Spanish has been used in a Twilight Saga soundtrack. Maestro is mostly known to American fans for her work on Alias, but she is also a talented vocalist who has fantastic range and an earthy quality to her voice. She has sung at festivals around the world.

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  1. Spanish? Considering they go to Brazil, one could expect a song in Portuguese. Unless the song is background for a scene with Carmen and Eleazar.

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