What Missing Merchchandie Fans Want: Wolf Plushies Anyone?

In this week’s Movies.com column, Laura covers the exciting new Twilight products that are out and some that the fans are dying to see in the future.

“What was entirely unexpected was the avalanche of Tweets that happened when I retweeted one fan who suggested that merchandisers were missing a very important product, a Jacob wolf plushie. “I would kill to have a Stephenie Meyer-designed Jacob plushie that wasn’t just any wolf. I’d want one that she says was her vision of Jacob,” responded one ardent fan. Clearly, there is a huge, untapped market there based on the massive number of retweets and comments back that I received. Who knows, maybe for the final film?”

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  1. I think Jacob-wolf plushies would be awesome! I also wish they would make better t-shirts, like the ones they had for the first movie. Some unisex designs would be awesome, lol.

  2. I am ALL Team Edward and I think the wolf plush animals are a GREAT idea.=)

  3. I like the Team Switzerland idea! T-shirts, bookmarks/bookhooks, and earrings are what I’m collecting. Since I’m letting my hair grow out, the hair comb could be a possiblity. Another item that would be nice are more journals, various sizes maybe, with movie posters or character images for covers. I like the set with the original book covers. My dragons would eat the wolf plushie. Not into chess, but a Twilight Monopoly game might find its way into my home.

    • CafePress has awesome t-shirts of all sorts and varieties for Twilight. Team Switzerland is there! Alos, you can create your own. Really reasonbly price too.

  4. I was hoping for t-shirts, too!

  5. PixieWings36 says:

    When I went to Seattle to visit my sister last year, I bought a brown wolf plushie at the zoo for my daughter (who was 2 1/2 at the time) she still calls it Jacob Wolf to this day! She’s totally team Jacob. lol An official one would be nice!

  6. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    I think you make a very good point. Several years have passed since the creation of Twilight and yet there hasn’t been anything created in regards to the Wolf Pack (as wolves). A lot of people love plushed animals, and they would make great gifts for both adults and kids. It would be even better if part of the said merchandise (wolf related) sales went to wolf conservation santuaries, such as Shy Wolf. I think they should tap Twilight for everything they can, while it is around… because once it is gone…

  7. TeamTaycobHeartsU says:

    If they come out with wolf plushies, I am buying ten of them and naming them after the wolf pack. End of story.

  8. Katie McCort says:

    I always said this! Thank you for bringing this to a larger attention level! My inner child has always wanted a collection of twilight-themed wolf plushies. Maybe a special lion for Edward and a lamb for Bella, too, but let’s not push it…

  9. Kira Morse says:

    A collection of mini car models would be great! I am surprised nobody has mentioned it before…

    • smitten_by_twilight says:

      That would be very cute – a Volvo (book one please), Vanquish, BMW, Mercedes, Porshe, Jeep, maybe even the Ducati! Nice discrete collection for a shelf at work ….

  10. Twilightloverwa says:

    I’m completely Team Edward, but the plush wolf is so cute!!

  11. Heidi Woodruff says:

    ok, that plush wolf looks so cute. I would buy just because.

  12. The plush wolf in the photo is adorable!! Does anyone know where I could buy a similar one?

  13. I want that wolf plush in the picture, does anyone know where to buy it? It’s adorable!

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