Movies.Com: Picture Pirates Prosecuted

This week in Laura’s Movies.Com column, she looks at the history of image leaks surrounding The Twilight Saga, and the latest in the court case regarding Breaking Dawn:

“Like many fans I found myself surprised and spoiled earlier this year when someone emailed me and said, “Have you seen the new Breaking Dawn images?” I clicked thinking I was about to see studio stills from scans of EW or People. Instead, I found myself staring at a collection of low-resolution images and video taken from various scenes in The Twilight SagaBreaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2.  Three thoughts entered my head in rapid fire succession: lawsuit, cool, damn. Well…not exactly those words, but that’s the PG-13 version.”

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  1. AliceKikiCullen says:

    Lol. That was about the same things I thought lol. Only it was PG. OME!, rob no shirt, and crap. 😉

  2. The right thing to do is that all the sites (true) who have not posted images stolen from BD, citassero sites and blogs that have done so. Report them to the Summit.

  3. Luckily they were of poor quality. So they did not have ruined the film to me. …my comment was wow!

  4. My thoughts were pretty much the same as the first comment posted…but it won’t be ruined for me. Now, if God forbid, anything else come up…my eyes will not see it. There is too much left that I want to be surprised about and experience it with everyone else in the theater.

  5. I tried to leave comment on the site and computer went crazy. To answer your questions posed in the article. A crime was committed. The people should be punished. Currently our technology isn’t able to give an appropriate punishment for computer hackers – deny any and all computer access for a period of time. Currently I don’t know what we can do, heavy monetary fines along with some jail time I guess is the best. or something to include a lack of privacy beyond the lack one has in jail.

    Security can not prevent all possible invaders. Summitt certainly took precautions with the acutal physically filming locations. They likely took suitable digital precautions. If they didn’t, then some partial blame could be laid at their door.

    I visit two Twilight related web site on regular basis – TL and TwilightMoms. They both are very good about making sure info is legal and let readers know about possible spoiler info ahead. And that is very much appreciated here. There are some things I do not want to see/hear about until the actual movie in a theatre. I think too much official footage was released prior to Eclipse. I am glad I did not see the stolen images.

    On a slightly side note: it would be nice if they released to general public the footage shown at ComiCon now that CC is over. Maybe for only a period of time, couple days, a week.

  6. Lynne Stringer says:

    I think the Comic Con clips should be released. They wouldn’t have shown them at Comic Con if they didn’t think they were good enough quality to view, and if they release them for all fans we can give them feedback that they can use to guage editing, etc, for the rest of the film. Clips of an upcoming film are usually released prior to it, at the MTV movie awards and such. These clips should fall under that category.

  7. Thankfully I didn’t see too many. Only a few I saw (not wanting to!) on tumblr.

  8. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Totally topical, Laura, even better column than usual. Hearing what was pirated and available makes me even more glad that my RL kept me away from the Internet on those days, so that by the time I returned, the images were unavailable. In response to pam I gotta say – the burden is not on Summit to secure their property, any more than it is on an individual to lock their front door – it is merely prudent and sensible. Even if the door is wide open, when someone takes something of mine away, it is still theft. It’s not that the court should (necessarily) lock the jailhouse door on the Breaking Dawn pirates and throw away the key, but we have to call theft what it is – even when it’s just electrons, even when it’s done by a fan. Sorry – rant over.

    • Twilight_News says:

      I have to say that I wrote the column on Wednesday evening before I was aware of the press conference or the Summit response. I was originally going to be talking about the changing images of the cast over the course of the movies, but when Summit’s first press release came out I changed my mind and switched topics. It seemed like it would be a fresher topic..little did I know how fresh it was about to be!

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